Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru Wallpaper: Till Death do Us Apart

Hotaru Odagiri, Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru, Yuki Giou, Luka Crosszeria Wallpaper

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

OMG! I can't believe it! When I saw this splash scans from Story 28, I actually SCREAMED! I mean, I've been wanting to vector Luka & Yuki in this position. Seriously.. so much that I even went to look for any scans that had this kind of position, so that I can change it into Luka & Yuki. In fact, I already found one! But, when I saw this scans... I feel like Odagiri-sensei read my mind! Thank you sensei! For making my dreams comes true! >.< (It's even better if they actually hold hands *kyaaaa*).

Vector #106

About Vector:
Layer's: Yuki (51), Luka (30), background (46)
Time: I forgot ^_^'
Duration: February 22 - 28 (outlines), March 16 - April 4, April 14-16 (coloring)
Funnest Part: Yuki's eyes
Annoying Part: Painting Luka clothes ;_;
Tools: Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop CS3, and my loyal mouse ^^
Original Image: HERE

Tee-hee.. finally decided to post this! >.< Actually, I've already finish vectoring this one before continuing with "Grace Again", but.. I hate the painting on their clothes. And since I found a new tool (that works like charm) while making "Grace Again", I decided to re-do it (thank god I ALWAYS keep the original shape layers!) And mind you, I don't have any tablet.. so I paint them using mouse! >.<

Anyways... vectoring this scans is not easy. Trust me. I almost went crazy with almost everything! For starters, the scans wasn't in good quality. When I use eyedropper tool, different color comes out instead (how the heck that brown-ish color got shocking PINK!?). And then, those chains.. oh gawd! I can't believe I vector chains AGAIN! *cries* Oh yeah.. my favorite part is actually Yuki eyes. His piercing eyes actually draws me to vector this scans. It's very rare to see Yuki eyes like that! And I tried my best to make his eyes just like in the original scans...
For their hair, I didn't have much problem (although, I do struggle a little on Yuki's). Besides, I decided to left their hair unpainted ^^ Hmm... Yuki's clothes is a fun to paint (to the point that some part I overdid them! ^^), but not Luka's! I actually had to redid them 4 times! (Yuki's only twice!) Gaaaahhh! This is why I HATE BLACK! It's really hard to work on them with my dark monitor *stab black to death* And Luka, oh Luka! Why did you ALWAYS wear black? Wear other color will you? But anyways, the roses petals wasn't as had as I first thought.. It's just a little annoying.
For the chains and cross, I'm not really happy with it, as I become lazy by the time I got there (it's the last part I colored!). Hmm.. but Yuki's is a bit better than Luka's though. Sorry 'bout that. My eyes REALLY hurt looking at those chains >.< But I might redo them someday ^^
Ah! I know the background is a bit empty.. but I decided to leave it just like that. And the fact the.. what is that called? "perspective?" for the floor look a bit weird. Sorry 'bout that ^^

Oh yeah! As for the title, "Till death do us apart" just came out when I saw the scans. I thought it's quite fitting... after all, this Yuki is the 2nd Yuki Luka met ^^ (although the previous one is a girl *laugh*).

Last words, I actually made it dark (even on my dark monitor). So, hopefully... it won't look bright (for those who had bright monitor). And ENJOY!

vectory celestial-luminesse vector-wallers dark-wallies fangirl-mode-on chamber-of-kings

EDIT: Oh gawd! I had a bunch of UraBoku scans to vector! Guess I won't be able to do anything else :nya:

Other resolution @ ETERNAL RAIN

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Browse Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Tina18 Apr 16, 2009

    Whoa, sexy.
    When I saw the title I was thinking at the manga, and I was like, but...where's the girl. AND then I saw it wasn't it :sweat:
    Awesome job on the shadings on their clothes it looks gorgeous, the hair as well, and the eyes are pure win. The colors are great and I'm most likely in love now. And I have to have it on my desk.
    Plus, the chains are greatly done and I can't believe it turned out this good seeing how gay&small the original is. Great job.
    I just browsed the gallery, hotness, and I found a scan that was on my list, lol.

  2. kahoko Apr 16, 2009

    I loooove this manga <3
    You did an awesome job! :D

  3. Pulver15 Apr 16, 2009

    I really love this series!
    and both of them are looking hot here!
    Especially love the hair ;)
    Great wall!

  4. Kairi-Hearts Apr 16, 2009

    YES YES it's hereeeeee ~ I was dying to see it!
    can't properly comment right now but...omg, I'm so happy you submitted it!
    everything looks so neat *o* it's awesome! :nya:
    you did great! <33
    (..omg, such crappy comment! D8)

  5. Straawbeeryy Apr 16, 2009

    *-* I was waiting for this. Yay!
    I love the colors. It`s just right. :3 And come on! I think guys in black are hott. Any dark color in general would work though...
    Haha, I understand you pain about chain (ooh, looky, it rhymes!). Chains should be stabbed and sent to a bad and scary place where it`ll never come out. D<
    Your shading is also really well done. The floors are also pretty. And rose petals. <33
    Beautiful job, Reina! (:

  6. vitaamin Apr 17, 2009

    -clicks fullview-
    why arent you doing mroe uraboku scans? D<
    anyways about the eyedropper thing lol colors look different depending on the colors around them so if something looks too saturated, go towards gray, if it looks too one color, go towards another hue, thats the best advice i can give ^^;
    but either way i think this is gorgeous and the colors are graet =]

  7. Sinever Apr 17, 2009

    whaaaa :o this is something to look at for eternity :3
    its very beautiful, I really love your neat outlines *mines are really horrible if you take a good look at them*
    I liked that guy's eyes, they look so damn sexy XD
    anyways well done & its a fav

  8. ShanaFlare Apr 17, 2009

    wow,i have to say the wall is brilliant^^
    the bg is quite nice and overall it's awesome!

  9. ShiningSpirit Apr 17, 2009

    Wahh! Very very beautiful! I love UraBoku! <3

  10. yoyojoe11 Apr 17, 2009

    so nice i like no i love it ^_^

  11. chrisp Apr 17, 2009

    ahh i cant believe!my day is getting better with every moment! i love it +_+ i love the series and also love how you did it really an awesome piece!
    thanks for making my day so great <3

  12. skylliner Apr 17, 2009

    Awesome theme.... thx a lot

  13. epsilon86 Apr 18, 2009

    Great Wallpaper! Very beautiful indeed!

  14. sailorchiron Apr 19, 2009

    Amazing. I love it. I really want to check out this manga! I love Hotaru Odagiri.

  15. YoruAngel866 Apr 19, 2009

    Yay you finished it :D kyaaaaaaaaaaaa ;D
    i love the floor and vector is awesome :D
    me loves it so much ? faved

  16. selyork Apr 19, 2009

    es una imagen muy buena!



  17. RikoRiko Apr 19, 2009

    ????? ??????????????

  18. Raidex Apr 20, 2009

    such beautiful work,^^ love the overall calm and sad feelings in it~^^

  19. animelover901120 Apr 22, 2009

    OMG....Lovely.....................kyaaaaaaa(...) ne

  20. akeedacrest Apr 22, 2009

    Eeva-chan! Gosh! I'm so late to comment I just could kill myself! Anothe great work from you?! All I could say is WOW. Even the cut by the thorns are so detailed. :)

    Maybe a touch of shadows? Hm.. *thinking...* Nah, this is fascinating as it is! Great job. Love the texture, love the details and love the wallpaper. XD

    Into my fav gallery it goes... ;) 81th fav. X-P

  21. Galtrann Apr 24, 2009

    Really well done, congrats! *-*

  22. yen420 May 09, 2009

    Definitely going to my fave list :D VERY VERY NICE!

  23. uffy-chan Jun 05, 2009

    You're really skilled, your work is stylish and clear^^
    Reflexes on metals are gorgeous

  24. Princekt Jun 05, 2009

    this is nice!
    love so much

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