Hanayoi Romanesque Wallpaper: ~Grace Again~

Marvelous Entertainment, Hanayoi Romanesque, Tomoe Shirosaki, Sumire Houshou Wallpaper

1920x1200 Wallpaper

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Vector #105

About Vector:
Layer's: Su-chan (38), Tomo-chan (41), background (18)
Time: I forgot ^_^'
Easiest Part: All
Hardest Part: None
Original Image: HERE
The Songs: @E-Snipe

Title: Hanayoi Romanesque (Game for cellphone, PC & PS2 and drama CD's)
Character: Houshou Sumire & Shirosaki Tomoe
Company: TOYSWalker/Xavel
Official Site: HERE
PS2 Game Trailer: HERE

Happy Birthday, Su-chan & Tomo-chan! OX (Well, more like Happy Belated Birthday ^_^') And somehow, this is the 2nd time I made a birthday wall for twins! Last time I made Kira/Cagalli wall :nya: Which twins should I do next? X-P
Anyways, I was supposed to post this on the twins birthday on Feb.7, but.. I had my PC breakdown on Feb.6 (while working on THIS wall, no less! T_T). Oh well, I've finished it now. I might as well post it, despite the fact not many know about Hanayoi Romanesque OX
Well, a little about these two. Yes, they're twins. But their parents has divorce, and Tomoe (the younger twins with red hair) was taken out of Houshou, and use their mother family name instead ;) And no, they're both boys. And no, this is NOT YAOI.
I fall in love with the twins because of their 1st single, ~Grace Again~ (that's how I got the title for this wall. Besides.. this image were also used for the single cover which were released a day after their birthday in 2006). For Sumire, his seiyuu is Suzumura Kenichi (Shinn in GSD) while for Tomoe is Hoshi Souichirou (Kira in GS/GSD). Finally realize WHY I'm obsessed with them? X-P

Anyways, about the vector, I actually found a new tool and decided to experiment it on them. I like how the shading turn out... but since it's my first time using them.. I think it's a bit rough (can be seen on Tomoe coat), but yeah. It's a good experience.. and I think I knew how to use them more accurately OX. Oh, I decided not to paint their hair.. for a various reasons ;)
And actually, for the wall, I wanna make a camera effect or something. Well, in the original scans, it look like Sumire were holding a camera (or cellphone), so I really want to make that effect.. but, it's a huge failure! :sweat: Oh well!

vectory celestial-luminesse vector-wallers fangirl-mode-on

Oh yeah... List of seiyuu for this game/Drama CD's:
Midorikawa Hikaru - Houshou Ayame (the twins cousin)
Suzumura Kenichi - Houshou Sumire
Hoshi Souichirou - Shirosaki Tomoe
Suwabe Junichi - Houshou Kikyou (the twins uncle)
Yusa Kouji - Houshou Aoi (the twins uncle)
Hiroaki Hirata - Houshou Shiyo (the twins papa)
Ono Daisuke - Houshou Rentarou (the twins.. great grandparents?)

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  1. erikamirou Apr 13, 2009

    haha first comment? XD
    Why didn't anyone commented? o.o it's great! ^^
    Got to love the hair *__* and eyes! *__* soo pweety >w<
    It's awsome >w< Great job ^^

  2. Sinever Apr 14, 2009

    do kiryuu twins from VK next or the twins from ouran high school host club XD
    anyways your wall is very lovely & I like it ^^
    well done.

  3. animelover901120 Apr 15, 2009

    awww...they look lovely

    Beautiful artwork..thanks for the share

  4. anju27 Jun 15, 2011

    Red head's my fav.
    They both look sooo cuuute >.<
    Thanx for sharing :)

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