Noizi Ito Wallpaper: LET IT SPROUT

Noizi Ito Wallpaper
Noizi Ito Mangaka

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Yo everyone! an old newbie citizen is here! not sure if someone knows me and my co-wallers back then are gone now forever i think -_- Well it's been a while ever since i made a new wallpaper >_< m... i think its been 2-3 years since i wasn't able to create a new wallie ^_^'

well anyway i'm sure my walling skills are kinda rusty and i'm back with noob skills ehehe so i'm sorry if you expect something new and much better than my previous walls.

Well enough of those things, lets go to my crappy wallie nyahaha! As i observed in this generation all i can see are VECTORS and vectors..
and there are now few wallies created with painting and even abstract bgs if you guys dont know what i'm saying try looking the past 2-3 years wallpapers.. but anyway thats what is "IN" right now are VECTORED scans and wallies and i really hate myself how come i still dont know how to VECTOR dammit! T_T

here is the original image if you want to see the difference btw thanks for Black-Avalon who scanned this image to hi-res ;)
- Noizi Itoh Artwork II KA-E-N- 07

I've used 2 softwares to make the reconstruct & re-painted the bg, first i used Photoshop CS and then shifted to Painter.
- Photoshop CS IMAGE: click me
- Painter IMAGE: click me

actually i've done this December 2008 & almost forgot to submit it here ^_^' but anyway its here! I reconstruct some parts and started to paint the sides of the scan, as you can see i'm still not good in painting clouds and i dont know who to make some puffy and swirly clouds *checks the tutorial how to make one* followed the color combinations of the sky and clouds to fit with the scan, I've used some smudges and some blurs. I painted some look alike islands below and you can see the totally and out of place islands ahaha ^_^'
Next is painted the yellow glowy orbs since the scan has few of it & you may see the difference coz of its grainness. The layers are kinda many and most of them i merged it. As you can see there are still grainess from the scan and i've tried to make the scan sharper to remove it though i guess there are still some left from the scan ehehe ^_^'

Well I'm still not good in painting clouds and stuffs but since i have some cool painting softwares i'll do my bestto make and create painted walls ^^,
Damn, i'm not really good in explaining stuffs since i haven't submitted for so long, I hope i could still create walliesoften just like the old times but being on a waller's block for a long time i'm not sure if i can create another one, but anyway Comments and such are really appreciated for an old noob ^_^'

Thats all and thanks for reading a loooooong description :)
EDIT: More Resolutions on AP: CLICK ME

Check this groups out! ;)

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  1. aqiaqua Apr 12, 2009

    Zaiiraaaa-samaaa! I've missed you and your fabulous walls! I love the "freshness" and energy of this one, and the swirling clouds behind her look gorgeous! I know what you mean about the whole new vector generation, hahaha. I wouldn't mind doing an old style wall again as well, I kind of miss seeing these kinds around MT. +fave, hope to see more :3

  2. soulreaverheat Apr 12, 2009

    vivid colors and nice art from noizo ito. This is a great wall :D

  3. Leena Apr 12, 2009

    hi ~~~

    not sure you remember me though :P

    anyway, lovely wallie as always. even after 2 or 3 years XD

    dont worry, you are not the only who doesnt know how to vector TAT but i agree, its all vector nowadays.

    anyway, nice to see you after so long *hugz*

  4. miriambr Apr 12, 2009

    This is really nice! I like how you extended the clouds. Great choice of scan too ^^

  5. Kitaan Retired Moderator Apr 12, 2009

    Wow, your alive! Great to have you back.
    I love the clouds, very cool how you extented them.
    And don't worry about not knowing how to vector,
    theres nothing wrong with extracting thats how we all use to do it. :3
    Great Job Zai, nice to see something from you <3

  6. melymay Apr 12, 2009

    GASP. Someone's made a comeback XD I'm liking this wall. I really like how it emits happiness with all those bright, happy colours :) You're clouds are a lot better than I could ever do. Great work. It's nice to see some of your walls again :D

  7. blackberry Apr 12, 2009

    Wow! So nice and happy!

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. CaMiLi Apr 12, 2009

    woah amazingly cool! great idea =)

  9. ShanaFlare Apr 13, 2009

    the wall is brilliant! nice colours really^^
    thanks for sharing^^

  10. Hanede Apr 13, 2009

    WONDERFUL wallie~!
    I really LOVE the sky and the cloud that you paint. It's smooth, bright and dreamy.
    I feel fresh and like I'm flying in the sky~
    All of effects and painting are match the scan perfectly!
    Great job Zaira-san! ^^

    Thanks for sharing wonderful wallie =^^=

  11. DarthTofu Apr 13, 2009

    Wow. Never knew you, but I have this vague recollection of seeing you before. Heh. :p
    Love the painting in this, and the bright colors. :) yay clouds!

  12. AngelKate Apr 14, 2009

    I remember you. :) I'm still around, kinda. XD
    This is really pretty! You painted and extended the clouds really well!
    Glad you see you back. :)

  13. kuryuki Apr 15, 2009

    good job on the extensions!

  14. animelover901120 Apr 15, 2009

    ah, this is really lovely,
    thanks for sharing this lovely artwork

  15. dokukamedesu Apr 15, 2009

    so cute ^^

  16. vitaamin Apr 15, 2009

    lol theres no need to vector scans, its only necessary if you want to change something about the scan itself
    but that being said i havent seen a good extraction paper made in a very long time and well, this is just gorgeous!

    the incorporation is seamless and i prefer it so much to stock manip bgs. the only complaint i have is the bottom right hand corner the mountain/w.e seems like you spent a little less time on that haha

    but anyways this is great work and deserves all the attention its getting!

  17. starcraft2 Apr 17, 2009

    nice wallpaper and I think the girl is quite identical to Shana for me.

  18. Yamaro Apr 21, 2009

    Wow, this is really hard work. Scan fits bg very good. I don't think using scan instead vectoring is old thing)) I used it lot.. Even now i know how to vector I continue use scans. I like how you edit the scan and draw all that sky. Btw. did you use tablet or mouse?


  19. candy-chan Retired Moderator Apr 23, 2009


  20. CuteSherry Apr 23, 2009

    Amazing painting skills!
    I can feel the hard work behind this wall, and your efforts gave a beautiful result ^^
    Keep up the good work!

  21. beep13 Apr 25, 2009

    wonderful wallpaper
    like the background

  22. selemental Banned Member May 02, 2009

    gorgeously creative~! =D vegetables = awesomeness

    Seeing the book in her hand I'm guessing this is something based on
    Jack and the Giant Beanstalk x D or is it "beanstock"? well it's about a bean that grows past the clouds with jack on it and then he meets a giant =D

    *favs!* plz make more fairy-tale-like wallpapers x D i luv em!

  23. Isinha May 07, 2009

    OMG *-----------*~ *drools all over the wallie* so beautiful ;_; and so sweet e refreshing!
    I really like Noizi Ito's works ^^-
    Delicious delicious <3

  24. baka007 May 12, 2009

    I like this very much! I've used this as my desktop wallpaper at one time ehehe :)

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