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I'll give a candy to who actually remembers me ~~

Homfg hot a$$ bishie <3
Original art by skye, clickity click click.

Our story began with love at first sight and the first eps of Pandora Hearts XD
I took a super bad ass background from here and butchered it among with the doujin.

I have no idea how skye would want the guy colored so I made him a cat eyed prince. The only thing I changed a little is the chin, I made it smaller and added a bit of hair and a finger XD

Anyways, you can get the png from EDD!.

lol @ textured nails O.o

Aaaand... kyaa, Vitaamin-shama got her Insomnia wallie highlighted on AP that's my betch <3 Love ya! Clickity click click


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  1. Chloe Retired Moderator Apr 11, 2009

    I remember you!
    Wallie hotties... I love you <3

  2. kuryuki Apr 11, 2009

    <3 it's being so long since ur last work =D
    <3333333333 bishie! i love that oaa

  3. YoruAngel866 Apr 11, 2009

    Me loves you ?
    anyway i found my new perfect desktop :D
    it seems most people love those picture frames with roses from that scan
    i used them because they were so beautiful :D
    vector is perfect, i love his hair :D awesome job :D
    i just see the color leaks around the glass of frames, especially on one down :(
    i wanna you to submit it to ap as well *stares*

  4. jns Apr 11, 2009

    One always has to love the presence of bishies :D
    That really was a pretty OAA and u did a great job with it
    I love roses (but they are a big pain in the a**) so i always love when people have the patience to vector them

  5. Tina18 Apr 11, 2009

    Me me, gimme candy!
    Bine ai revenit =D
    Whoooa, super schita! Tipul e incredibil *drool* Imi place cum i-ai facut ochiul, seamana cu Ikuto<3 si e mai bine cu barbia asa, in schita eram cam ascutita. Fundalul e bine ales, se potriveste, am si eu texturile acelea XD
    Imi plac trandafirii. Buna treaba!

  6. vitaamin Apr 11, 2009

    but i have to comment later 8d

    merged: 04-11-2009 ~ 07:09pm
    .. LOL i just read your description, I LOVE YOU :D :D
    when are you going to be on msn so we can talk [shit]

    scratch that i'll comment quickly NAO
    fuck i love this, that is a BEAUTIFUL dj as expected from skye <333 (skye if you are reading this please draw more KHR SHIPS >D)
    but your use of textures and your unique vectoring/coloring is just love. i see NO mistakes--ok i look closer and maybe the faded side is a little too unsaturated but who the fuck cares
    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh bishietastic

    [so this is what you have been working on instead of REPLYING TO OUR COLLAB >D haha its ok i'm supposed to be studying anyways >_>]

  7. sailorchiron Apr 11, 2009

    How could I ever forget you? This is amazing! I love it!

  8. Fran Retired Moderator Apr 11, 2009

    Quote by vitaaminskye if you are reading this please draw more KHR SHIPS >D

    Quoted, because I feel the same

    Who in the world could forget you
    You are not dead! *glomps*
    This is so damn amazing, seriously. The textured nails are such a nice touch. lol.
    Love the background too, but I'm suffering by the fact there's no widescreen. D':

  9. melymay Apr 11, 2009

    Yuummmy <3

    I remember you too :)

    This has to be my favourite wall from you so far :D Great job on this. I love what you've done with the nails. It's an overall well made wallpaper, nice work!

  10. ShanaFlare Apr 12, 2009

    the wall is just amazing^^
    i love the vector and bg :)
    thanks for sharing :D

  11. sfabsplibej88 Apr 12, 2009

    OMG who is he XD
    <333 it awesome
    faved it

  12. YENESIS Apr 12, 2009

    Look me eyes!
    really this boy say im so handsome!,is fabulous this work the little detail are soo special effects!

  13. Sinever Apr 12, 2009

    who would dare to forget you honey XD
    amazing is all what I can say right now.....I mean you kinda gave life to that awesome sketch :3
    well done & its fav....also a highlight ;)

    merged: 04-12-2009 ~ 06:00am
    I forgot to tell you that I want a widescreen version T___T

  14. Myaje Apr 12, 2009

    Totally, completely, utterly beautiful!

    Oh, and I agree with Sinever, a widesreen version is much needed.

    Do more hot bishies! :P Definately a fave!

  15. skye Apr 13, 2009

    woah - u did an excellent edit - XD - kinda jealous how fast and well you did it. give me tips please?

  16. louise02 Apr 14, 2009

    yes you are right! he is so hot!

    ustsukushii bishounen! nice vector!

    love it xxx

  17. misstyque Apr 14, 2009

    Whyyyyy must he have long + painted nails X((. :(

  18. animelover901120 Apr 15, 2009

    this really look like a painted wallie,
    it's really are beautiful artwork.
    it's really awesome, thanks for the share

  19. Thellochaansz Apr 17, 2009

    I love it! And OMG the prince is too sexy xD

  20. rinoa586 Apr 19, 2009

    absolutely great!awesome wallpaper!

  21. LinkAlchemist Jun 28, 2009

    Nice wallpaper! Thank you very much for sharing ^^

  22. darkout123 Sep 04, 2009

    wow i love it thanks for sharing

  23. Justkawaii Nov 15, 2009

    I dont know who this is but he is damn SEXY!

  24. YamiNoTenshi16 Nov 28, 2009

    OMG, totally LOVE it! ?_?

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