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Matsuri Hino, Vampire Knight, Haruka Kuran, Juuri Kuran, Vector Art Wallpaper
Matsuri Hino Mangaka Vampire Knight Series Haruka Kuran Character Juuri Kuran Character Vector Art Source

1920x1200 Wallpaper

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honey may your life be filled with joy & happiness......may all your dreams come true & hope you have lots of presents XD *hugs*

sin-chan is back again with another VK wallie :nya: after submitting a non-vk wallie I just realized that Im only good at making VK wallies & I only feel excited whenever Im vectoring VK scans ^^' so I think from now on Im gonna vector VK scans only XD

about the wall Haruka & Juri are my second fav couple, they look so cute & adorable together when I saw the Kuran extra chapter I fell in love with this picture....btw if you havent read the chapter then please go & read it here ^^
I really enjoyed vectoring & painting that beautiful picture & I liked how Haruka's skin turn out XD I couldnt stop staring at it :3 I didnt face any difficulties when I was vectoring the picture ^^
moving on to the background I vectored/painted the umbrella & the bg using a scan I found here but unfortunately I dont now where exactly ^^" *sorry*
well thats it :nya:
please enjoy it ;)

Next wallie:
my next wallie is another VK wallie & Im going to vector a very difficult zero scan but since its one of my favorite VK scans I decided to vector it so everyone I really need your support here >...< please wish me a good luck ^^

all favs & comments are appreciated & Sin-chan loves you all ;)


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  1. Tina18 Apr 03, 2009

    Very beautiful. Love her lips. And Love THEM also XD There's no advice to give you cause I wouldn't want to change anything about it.

    This should get highlighted at vector waller.

    All your works are beautiful and unique in their way not just the vk ones, people just apreciate vk more cause it's very popular.

  2. Cris25 Apr 03, 2009

    So beautiful Sin-san! ^^
    I loved this extra chapter~
    Your painting skill are awesome!

  3. trofikabinet Apr 03, 2009

    Oh Sin-chan, this is so wonderful :D I just can't say how much I love it :)
    Juuri&Haruka are so sweet :) And I really love this chapter.
    You're so fast and as usual, this is so damn good, actually super gorgeous :D
    I really can't get enough of your vk wallies. :D

    merged: 04-03-2009 ~ 05:26pm
    And good luck with your Zero's vector. I can't wait to be finished ^^

  4. monster33 Apr 03, 2009

    Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa XD
    So beautiful wallie of Vampire knight XD
    Awsome vector and painting nothing to say just PERFECT XD
    Another one of yours on my desktop :D
    Good luck with the next one XD and I'm waiting for ...

  5. vitaamin Apr 03, 2009

    haruka and juri are my fav couple :D :D
    the colors are gorgeous, although i think i kind of wish you extended the scan just a little to show more of them, but thats probably too much to ask T_T
    i love you and i cant wait for the zero scan *_* i will die when i see it i know it!

  6. kuryuki Apr 03, 2009

    i thought it might b ur work
    XD i just read the chapter yesterday

    merged: 04-03-2009 ~ 06:18pm
    *O* cant wait till ur next wallie =D

  7. EevaLeena Apr 03, 2009

    Wai! it's so beautiful! >.< Love those painting you did! Look awesome.. and I love Haruka & Juri too! (Shiki & Rima still my #1 OTP though ^^)

  8. uffy-chan Apr 03, 2009

    It's really lovely and stylish ^^ your work is really precise, neat and sooo sweet!

  9. garnetyuna Apr 03, 2009

    very very good, although I don't know who they are ^^ I don't read the manga neither I watch the anime, I just saw the first two episodes ^^;

  10. ShichiyouKuran Apr 03, 2009

    It's so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! They're so adorable together n-n

  11. jns Apr 03, 2009

    I just knew this was yours! Juri is so pretty :D
    And I really like how Haruka's skin turned out
    I just can't stop staring at it ^^
    I wish you extended the scan so we could see more of them.. But this is just perfect the way it is so I won't be picky ^^
    Haha xD i just checked out the original scan xD Yuuki's face when she says she wants to be like them is just hilarious (god.. that gave me a good laugh)
    Great job
    + fav

    Oh.. Good luck with than Zero scan! I think I'll die from happiness when I see that one :nya:

  12. YoruAngel866 Apr 03, 2009

    Oh my god, didnt you say you will make me non vk wallie? Well you tricked me so well
    i really didnt expect it to be for me :D
    thank you really really, its awesome and i absolutely love it
    oh and i like img :D
    good luck with your zero

  13. Rue-chan Apr 03, 2009

    You have the capability to take the most common moments and turn them into the most magical ones! XD Not to mention your flawless vectoring makes it all so ... *sparkling* ! :D

    but it a pleasant surprise to see, that its not Zero up there!

  14. CaMiLi Apr 03, 2009

    WAaahhh i just read the chapter yesterday and yet you vectored a wonderful wallie of HARUKA AND JURI x___X
    jnejfndejkgbfkjgkjfdbnh they are sooo adorable *yiiieks*

  15. Straawbeeryy Apr 03, 2009

    Haruka and Juuri. <3333
    There should be more wall of them. *_* They`re like my new favorite couple. Mhmm.
    You know what I`m going to say already. I`m soo jealous of your VK work. :3
    I would have loved to see more of the scene but it doesn`t mean this is bad. Now... I`m gonna go and fangirl over this. (:
    And Zero next?! Yay! *fangirl squeal* XD

  16. kahliente10 Apr 03, 2009

    ahhhhh i luv u for posting this

  17. Kairi-Hearts Apr 03, 2009

    that chapter was really <33
    Haruka and Juri are wonderful :3
    I was hoping you'd vector that scene, and ta-da! XD
    as usual, your VK vectors are gorgeous as well as your painting.
    I'm really tired now so crappy comment :x
    good luck with the zero scan. I'm looking forward to it ^.^

  18. ShanaFlare Apr 03, 2009

    this is outstanding!^^
    man fantastic vectoring and painting :)
    nice job^^

  19. nikkon Apr 04, 2009

    So amazing. This is really a good couple and this vetoring looks so romantic. I'd love it.

  20. Tifa-chan Apr 04, 2009

    simply amazing!
    your vector and coloring skills are very good, making the final result of the wallpaper looks very beautiful! i love all your walls! n_n/

  21. EuforiaAmuritaNatsumi Apr 04, 2009

    another Great VK from you Sin-chan^^
    Love this Chap and they are really in the good scene><
    Love it
    your vector and coloring is very Great^^

  22. princessmeyrin023 Apr 04, 2009

    Wow! I know it's from you Sin-chan.. it's very beautiful. The outlines are great! The colorings are so awesome. I love the scene and the atmosphere is great. You did well! +FAV

  23. lastwilight Apr 04, 2009

    That chapter was so sweet! Amazing job on the coloring! Thanks for sharing!

  24. YENESIS Apr 04, 2009

    Lol! is so Pretty, haruka and juri are a romantic couple"
    that coloring and vectoring are so delicated!*---* Kawai!
    the lips looks soo special!

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