Kobato Wallpaper: Simfonie de Culori

CLAMP, Kobato, Kobato Hanato, Vector Art Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Kobato Series Kobato Hanato Character Vector Art Source

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Please Do not repost it without my permission.

"You make the sound of pulling heaven down"

Argh! Finally done. I've been working on it since the middle of March, I think it would have been done earlier if I had More time, nevertheless this was Reeeeeeally hard, maybe to some, this is easy stuff but I'm still a newbie and it was damn hard, I'll think twice of doing Clamp scans. So much hair *-* 60% of her is hair, you should go for a haircut Kobato dear.
I changed some things, the face, her right eye is under shadow and because I have colored outlines making that shadow black looked out of place and with any other color looked the same, and I decided to take it out, and now you see her from one side. Even I don't remember how many times I vectored her face and I still didn't liked it, how it looked at one point http://i43.tinypic.com/qwyald.jpg. See original Click
So, in the end I had to change the mouth and the eye too T-T and after I struggled like and idiot I used a scan for her face, mouth is done by me, pleaase don't say anything about it, cause I won't change it again.
I also encountered some trouble at her hand, in the original her fingers are so thick and they don't look girly at all, I slimed them a bit, they don't look great but at least I like them better like this.
The wall is called symphony of colors, cause I used lots of shades of pink and mauve, there were more colors in her hair, but I re-did it at some point and I left less cause it was too purpleish and it kinda merged with her ribbon. The feather might look simple but it actually had lots of detail so look closer d:
It was pretty though but I actually had fun, most fun part was the flower on her headband.
Special thanks goes to Sin-chii, for listening to my rambling, I hope you like Kobato (well, I think you do since you vectored her) The surprise is spoiled but heh the wall's for you.
This is for Melfina also, thanks for all your advices =D

Enjoy it or not.

Edit: there you go, Updated for pinkish lips. Yay more pink!
o.o I updated it but it's the same up there. Oh well.

Thank you for the Elite =D


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  1. kuryuki Apr 01, 2009

    i like how u changed it to look better
    i think u did a great job even though the shade on the flower and dress could be darker

  2. anit4e Apr 01, 2009

    Waaaa so pretty...and pinkish ^_^'
    Ahh...to lazy to comment ~_~ ...but one word...gorgeous! XD

  3. icegaze7 Apr 01, 2009

    gorgeous wall! i love the change. thanks for sharing!

  4. Kairi-Hearts Apr 01, 2009

    ................I've been vectoring this since the scan appeared...and even commented saying I was dong it T_T *suicides* sorry, it's just that I'm a bit depressed and seeing this now kinda hit me...
    I'm in a hurry now so crappy comment is crappy!
    I like the colored lines ^^ I'm not that fond of her lips though, I think the color is too strong.
    Love the feathers too~

  5. jns Apr 01, 2009

    I'm a sucker for clamp, and if it's Kobato it's even better ^^
    It's a nice vector but isn't it all a bit too pink? I like pink but maybe this is a bit too much..
    And yay for colored lines
    Overall it's a nice wallpaper
    great job ^^

  6. DepressedYoukai Apr 01, 2009

    The vector is so amazing! Great job on it! I love the blending :)

  7. garnetyuna Apr 01, 2009

    I like the colors ^w^
    very beautiful

  8. Yamaro Apr 01, 2009


  9. Tifa-chan Apr 01, 2009

    I liked your wall very much!
    the feathers are very nice ;)
    great job vectoring and paiting!

  10. ShanaFlare Apr 01, 2009

    wow the wall is just fantastic^^
    i love the colors,thx for sharing^^

  11. Straawbeeryy Apr 01, 2009

    Aww, poor Kairi-chan. ;-;
    I really think it`s way too pink. You should have done some other colors beside pink. I think that the white dress in the original scan would have worked much better. The flower's color is too pale for me but that`s just my picky-ness. I still don't like the lips. It overlaps the skin's lines. It would look much better if it was softer too. Kobato's hair can also use more contrast.
    Otherwise, I really like the eyelash even it`s sort of weird how one of the hair disappears into it.

  12. melymay Apr 01, 2009

    That flower looks beautiful :) Lovely job on this wallpaper. Your efforts weren't in vain, this looks really good. I'm liking how everything turned out except for her lips. They're a bit too voluptuous for my tastes, and it would have been nice if it was one hose subtle yet pretty mouths that somehow look good.

  13. xay09 Apr 02, 2009

    her color is just pretty
    i like the hue of the total picture

  14. Pachanz Apr 02, 2009

    Nice wallpaper.
    This wall looks sweet and colorful.
    I like feathers. That looks so nice.
    Great job!

  15. Kitaan Retired Moderator Apr 02, 2009

    Aww, I was expecting this to be Kairi...
    Doesn't mean it's bad, I really love how you painted her.
    The hair is great and done very nicely, though I think it needs more
    shadows. Her lips...hm hard to say, they need shading
    and lighting cause they look very flat, also needs a darker pink color too.
    Her dress is really nice, I think it would have been better the original
    color though. The sky of the bg is way too bright, it needs a more
    sky blue I think...since you can barely notice the clouds with that color.
    But still it's a great job done, I love the painting and Kobato <33
    Thanks for the dedication ^^ It's lovely~

  16. rubenz Apr 02, 2009

    yay same here I did this vector also lol ^^ Though my progress is so slow. Anyway overall its great ^^

    And agree that hairs are super annoying to vector :D

  17. Gladis Apr 02, 2009

    Wow! How amazing!
    Lovely work. I really really like it! It looks awesme.
    Thanks for sharing it !

  18. Sakucha Apr 02, 2009

    Great vectoring! LOVE YOUR WALLIE A LOT! <3
    I'm also interested in vectoring and i experiment a lot and well, they're pretty awful. Yours is so lovely! :D Keep up the great work! :)

  19. Sinever Apr 02, 2009

    OMG you finished it really fast XD
    well Tina-chan you really did a GREAT job....no one would think that you did some changes to the scan cause it looks so original :D
    & no way is it for me?! kyaaaah thank you XD *hugs* yes I love her, she so gorgeous XD
    thanks a lot Tina-chan & its a fav ;)

  20. andain Apr 02, 2009

    salut, impresionant ca intotdeauna!
    reusesti sa postezi constant si totdeauna se vede calitatea, .. a si sa nu mai spui nimanui ca esti incepatoare .. ne faci pe ceilalti incepatori de rahat :P
    bafta la "concursul" Shining Artist of March, te-am votat asa ca bafta.

  21. trofikabinet Apr 03, 2009

    Well I think is really well done :D
    I really love the flower but I think the hair wold need some more colours:)
    And the lips should be softer, maybe without the outlines and adding some highlights and shadows wouldn't hurt too ;) Oh yeah...and the bg should be a little bit darker.
    Anyway, I really like it. :D

  22. HatedAngel Moderator Apr 03, 2009

    Pretty *_*

  23. TomoyoYumemi Apr 03, 2009

    Her mouth me her looks quite rare, but still been ok
    I love colors
    pretty wal ^^

  24. CosmoStar Apr 04, 2009

    You should feel proud! This is beautiful! Congratulations!
    I love Kobato wallies, and yous is very sweet! I can't vector anything, but I can tell this was a hard task.

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