Monochrome (Visual Novel) Wallpaper: Kanashimi - A Sorrowful Morning

Hiro Suzuhira, Monochrome (Visual Novel), Risa Tsubaki Wallpaper
Hiro Suzuhira Mangaka Monochrome (Visual Novel) Visual Novel Risa Tsubaki Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hi it's me again XD having so much time means to make many many wallpapers ^^'' here comes the next. I used this pretty scan http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/38083/, thank you DianKibou. You can see that the lamp is copied from the original scan but the railing was made by me. But i looked a bit at the original but it's not copied but faked. The background is a stockphoto with some effects on it. I hope you can feel the sad mood the girl feels. The title of the wallpaper is kanashimi, which means sadness (adjectiv is kanashii yeah i'm so smart xD'' joke). Just like yasashii (gentle) XD [y'know, i need to show off o.o'']. Anyway i hope you'll like it and feel free to comment as much as you can, i love to read long comments ^.^

check www.uchiki.de for more resolutions

bai <3 ko-chan

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  1. Atashi Aug 28, 2004

    Excellent wall Chibikko, i add it to my favorites.....

  2. trbarton Aug 28, 2004

    very nice, cool fx on the bg

  3. AkinaSpirit Aug 28, 2004

    It's nice....realistic-ish ^^'

  4. xsidez Aug 28, 2004

    Great work... :D +fav

  5. Rhapsody Aug 28, 2004

    Wow, you did an awesome job on this. The dark colors, the mist, and the girls expression create a mood of depression or sadness, just like you wanted. Also, the stock image you used fits flawlessly with the scan. Great job! This is definately a fave!

  6. harakiri Aug 28, 2004

    I like it because it looks a lil bit mysterious ^^ + fav.

  7. Zdenek Aug 28, 2004

    Kirei! As expected from anime.

  8. daabbot Aug 28, 2004

    very relaxing wall paper. very nice.

  9. WunAngelwHoney Aug 28, 2004

    wow! thats a really great wall!
    very nice!

  10. Deen Aug 28, 2004

    :sweat: :sweat: chibikko-chama super ko chan...i am sad too, i can feel that sad mood girl...hik..hik..

  11. BrokenWingz Aug 28, 2004

    nice effect ^^ like it

  12. Chernobyll Aug 28, 2004

    Very Nice..

  13. ungooma Aug 28, 2004

    thanks for this wallpaper :)

  14. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Aug 28, 2004

    Wow! Holy crap this wallpaper is freggin awesome! o.o I mean, the background in itself is what really amazes me. Not only is the character quality beautiful and VERY full, but the background is so unbelievably realistic that even though I just woke up, I felt like I was still dreaming. The mist effect you have too is VERY nice and gives it an even more saddened, yet reality filled, effect. I cannot get enough of how much this background looks like a real picture its simply amazing. Chibikko-chan is soooo DAMN GOOD THIS IS boggling MY mind! My brain wants to think that this is a real image, but I know its not, @_@ ahhh! This is crazy, everything about the scenery looks VERY real , the only thing that contradicting myself right now is the fact that shes drawn, otherwise I'd believe that this is a real photo. Anyways the character and this enviroment fit amazingly perfect. This is by far one of the best blends I have ever seen. They mold together to mess with my senses about reality so I get the feeling that this image is real. Its simply amazing, this is hands down my favorite of the day. No doubt about that. Great job Chibikko-chan, perfection is all that can describe this wall. ^^

  15. Skillzpay Aug 28, 2004

    Nice work, really like the overall setting. Only thing is that the lamp doesn't really blend in all that well, besides that well done.

  16. pinkdoremi Aug 28, 2004

    very pretty ^.^ i love the mist and the text~ and the realistic background looks really pretty too :D

  17. ChaosZero Aug 28, 2004

    Outstanding job. It's a really nice comb you put together. The girl is stunning. The girl and the BG is even more stunning combined for a very stunning experience. I love it. Great great job. It's a very emotional looking picture that can hit someone if they pay close attention to the mood and detail. You brought the BG and girl together in an amazing way with a tone that blends the two together. Very nicely done chibikko.

  18. jornada Aug 28, 2004

    Naci wall.
    It has a simple theme but is nice.

  19. Val3f0r Aug 29, 2004

    omg... chibi-chann this is absolutely amazing..... the bg is really amaze me bcoz it really really perfectly fit with the char XD the atmosphere is great... seriously this is a great wally ^^... its pretty and the mist effect also great... XD great work chibi.... loving it very much XD *fav*

  20. Ari-chan Aug 29, 2004

    This is amazing, I love the backround and lighting. She blends so well, I can barely tell that anything was done to it.

  21. akari-tenshi Aug 29, 2004

    no wonder if i see who the creator is... way 2 go, chibikko! :D

  22. ACEATTACKER Aug 29, 2004

    This wall looks not half good!!! I like it!

  23. FlowerDog Aug 30, 2004

    Can't really make any long comments but, I could say that I really like the latest wallpapers you keep making. Seems like you put a lot of thoughts and heart into your wallpaper. If I made wallpapers like this I would be so proud of myself. XD Though, I am not the creator of the wallpaper and that means all I could do is hope that I might be as good as you, chibikko. Keep it up! Really like your works. :)

  24. hidekeitaro Aug 30, 2004

    Pretty wall :)
    i liked this work :D

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