Ah! Megami-sama: The Gift Of Inspiration

Kousuke Fujishima, Anime International Company, Ah! Megami-sama, Belldandy, Vector Art
Kousuke Fujishima Mangaka Anime International Company Studio Ah! Megami-sama Series,OVA Belldandy Character Vector Art Source


Artist Comment

Dedicated and for to inspire and motivate all my friends,
those who supported me and my works. Also to help those artist
with little inspiration, hopefully this vector can get you up and running. Thanks
to everyone who has helped me this far.

Scan - Belldandy Reaching Out Thanks Nat for the scan!

Ah Belldandy...I'll think twice about vectoring you again.
66 Layers, 2 days and alot of hoping that my hands wouldn't cramp.
Theres alot of scans I wanted to do of her, though this one I thought
was the best one so I grabbed it and started.
Her hair was the most annoying, so many darn curls and then also her
wings were a bit hard to make with the turns of the feather tips and such.

I decided to go with colored lines since I wanted a nice
variety of lines going, black seemed too boring though at times
I was resenting it. After making the hair I moved to the dress, frils which weren't
as bad as I thought and then from the bracelets and neck choker to finally
working on the inner details of her face. The wings I did last, hard but easy they were cut so I got off very easy compared to most scans.

Lastly I added some effects to brighten her up, give a more magical
and angelic look. And then the big glowy ball she's holding or I should say throwing
in her hand. Painted some clouds in the back and added a nice baby blue sky, lets hope it doesn't look so crappy.

Finally the ending was adding the sig, title and my special last
addition I always give to my works before setting them out...*coughs*

And thats all, my labor written down for you all to scroll pass
and ignore. Don't worries, I do it too <3

And don't forget to run to: EDD!....cause I said so.

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Browse Ah! Megami-sama Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. EevaLeena Mar 26, 2009

    Oh.. Bell-chan! >.< This is truly an awesome job. I love those lights!

  2. Kairi-Hearts Mar 26, 2009

    Aww I love reading descriptions so don't worry ^^
    The colored lines worked very well here, I'm glad you decided to do them.
    I hate vectoring wings >.< And her hair always scares me too :P
    My first reaction when I saw this was that your vectoring skills have dramastically improved! I think this one is proof of that! It's simply amazing and gorgeous!
    The lights are <3

  3. icegaze7 Mar 26, 2009

    great job on the vector! thanks a lot!

  4. chrisp Mar 26, 2009

    ahh it's soo beautiful! you know how i think about it >.<
    it's so bright and shiny shiny *_*
    thank you...this gives me power to continue vectoring XD
    thank youuuu <33 i love ya ;)

  5. Onikyou Banned Member Mar 26, 2009

    Aww, Belldandy looks so pretty and cheerful here ^^
    Thanks much! :)

  6. Chloe Retired Moderator Mar 26, 2009

    Your vectoring is so awesome! Remember how much you used to hate vectoring things? Now look at you!

  7. DepressedYoukai Mar 27, 2009

    Ahh~ Really beautiful! This is so great! Thanks a lot for sharing! ^_^

  8. selemental Banned Member Mar 27, 2009

    ur vector is gorgeous, cutie!
    And it is inspiring! I will do my best from now on. and when i see this i will always feel the need to do so! :3


    *huggles and a fav*

  9. jns Mar 27, 2009

    wow! Ur submitting at an enormous speed o.O
    Anyway.. The vector is great and that sky looks so soft ^^ She's so pretty that I always get amazed

  10. vitaamin Mar 28, 2009

    i dont have much to add to everyones comments about this
    thanks alot for it :D it kind of inspires me to finish my kotori vector :D

  11. Sinever Mar 29, 2009

    very beautiful XD
    I like it when you color your outlines & your vector is very neat XD

  12. FireBlaster Mar 30, 2009

    Nice Work
    One more for my collection

  13. Alfredosanchez Mar 31, 2009

    The lineart and coloring on this is beautiful, great work!

  14. purple Apr 01, 2009

    Beautiful and lifts one's spirits. Great work!

  15. MoonFangs90 Apr 04, 2009

    Beautiful, really really beautiful Kitt-chan ?

  16. ASH-Hikari Apr 08, 2009

    A spectacular Kitten-chan vector! It's perfection, it's soft and pretty, it's uplifiting. The light orbs are wonderful and make it more "Kitten-ish" XD But this is truly beautiful.
    Only 2 days? Really? Wah, I know you made this to motivate and inspire us and that message really comes through, but I've been feeling quite down about my work lately. Maybe because I just don't have a lot of time to work on it? And when I do have time I'm always feeling tired. But I can't accept that excuse because I know everyone is equally as busy. I don't feel like my work has any uniqueness anymore. And I feel slow! Everyone is putting out so many works one after the other and I struggle to finish one.
    Anyways sorry for that XD But thanks for listening. Perhaps I'll admire your vector for a while longer and let Belldandy's smile affect me ^^

  17. Evelina Apr 30, 2009

    how lovely X-P you did a gud job

  18. blackrose07 May 14, 2009

    very lovely..

    merged: 05-14-2009 ~ 11:32am
    great combination of colors..

  19. Ebelin Jul 26, 2009

    Very good vector... you have donde a great job! This vector is spectacular and beautiful. Congratulations :). To my favorites :).

  20. badula Jul 26, 2009

    Such a great work, really nice!

  21. jaymac Sep 03, 2009

    What you have done is singlehandedly turned the original image into something even better that it. Love your work.

  22. Furiz Jan 20, 2010

    a gift from the gods themselves

  23. MoonDust Mute Member Mar 17, 2010

    lovely picture.thanks a lot for sharing.

  24. xxasbxx Apr 30, 2010

    my beloved belldandy !
    thanks for sharing

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