Princess Princess Wallpaper: A Fairy Tale Princess

Tsuda Mikiyo, Studio DEEN, Princess Princess, Mikoto Yutaka, Vector Art Wallpaper
Tsuda Mikiyo Mangaka Studio DEEN Studio Princess Princess Series Mikoto Yutaka Character Vector Art Source

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment


sin-chan is here with a non VK wallie XD *thats unbelievable!*
this wallie is dedicated to:
Trofikabinet, Jns, Mitsuki24, MizuuHime, Rue-chan, Sniper-gamma, Hayashinomura, Tina18, EevaLeena & Straawbeeryy
guys I really hope you love it ^^

when I was searching for a nice scan to collab with Kitten-chan I found this lovely princess princess scan & I decided to vector one of the characters cause all of them were looking beautiful in female cloth ^^' actually they are boys if you read/watched princess princess you will know what Im saying so I vectored the girl I mean the boy at the back cause his pose & expression were really pretty :nya: I reconstructed some parts of her hair & dress.

as for the background I used the same scan I used for .:A Pureblood's Morning:. man this scan was really useful XD *wish I know where I downloaded it here on MT*.....& I made a lovey sky with clouds & white doves sorry kitten-chan I totally forgot to add white doves in my previous wallie ^^'
thats it please enjoy it & have a nice day ;)

the scan that I used for the background:
Spring Love by DarkInnocence

comments & favs are really appreciated, your comments really motivates me to make more wallies for you ^^


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Browse Princess Princess Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. warrior-of-dream Mar 22, 2009

    wow looks beautiful

  2. EevaLeena Mar 22, 2009

    Yes, it was unbelievable that Sin-chan actually made a non-VK wallie! (And I thought you did... looking at the title! ;p)
    But anyways... Mikoto look awesome in this vector. Very lovely! >.< And the background you "stole" from your VK wallie is indeed fitting. I like it!
    Oh hey! It's for me >.< Thanks, Sin-chan!

  3. hayashinomura Mar 22, 2009

    He looks really beautiful and cuteeee!
    Oh! Wait a sec...? This is for ME TOO?! For REAL?!
    OMG! Thank you very much, Sin-chan!
    Of course I love this! This is so awesome! I'm speechless you know...~
    Really thank you Sin-chan! *hugs*

  4. vitaamin Mar 22, 2009

    lol holy shit new stuff! i havent fullviewed it yet because im currently working on a submision so you get a better coment when i do!

  5. Tina18 Mar 22, 2009

    He he :3 Thanks Sin-chii. I like how you usd the pillar for her..er I mean him to replace the guy. I also like the dress, good job on reconstructing. I actually have this next on my watching list but it's gonna take a while cause what I'm currently watching is loooooooong XD Also the backgrounds fits the character, great job on the clouds and those birds, plus on the pillars they look great, you really do a good job on concrete xD *points at the zeki hugging wall* the only thing I think It's missing are some more shades in the hair, but yenno it looks like this is how it was in the scan so yeah, it's not a big deal. Thanks again, Ureshii! ^^

  6. Susan-chan Mar 22, 2009

    i really loved this series XD i laughed a lot on the guys:D
    nice vector and wally :3 maybe its strange for me that the clothes outlines are black, but the face/hand is not ^^"

  7. trofikabinet Mar 22, 2009

    Wow, I like it so much, and is not VK OX
    She really is beautiful and the vector is ^^ The bg is very lovely :)
    And is for me?! Thank you very much Sin-chan, I love it very much :D *hugs*
    And is a fav too ;)

  8. YoruAngel866 Mar 22, 2009

    Omg he/she is gorgeous. I know the trick with this anime :) hahaa
    Vector is really awesome, and i i adore the background (oh and i wanted to see background scan T_T)
    anyway well done sis :)

  9. vitaamin Mar 22, 2009

    ok im back! hmm i didnt even recognize that bg lol i feel like if i ever reused a bg i would just get hammered by all these people hating me >D.

    its nice to see you vectoring something non vk, and thats not painted, although I STILL THINK YOU SHOULD NEVER VECTOR ANYTHING ELSE MUAHAHAHHA :D. the vector is really nice and the bg, although the sky is somewhat empty and i think there should be SOME buildings in the back, is really nice too XD i really dont have complaints because its a sinchan wall

    its such a pleasant shock seeing you submit so much recently =]

  10. kuryuki Mar 22, 2009

    oh my u actually spoted the person among the scans
    it's almost a stereotype that you always wall vk so it's a suprise
    um...re-used bg...wow i didn't notice
    i dont think i'll ever have a bg flexiable enough for re-use

  11. DarthTofu Mar 22, 2009

    "sin-chan is here with a non VK wallie XD *thats unbelievable!*"
    lmao. XD She's really pretty. ^_^ and the clouds are so white and fluffy yeey.
    I think the lines on her mouth and nose are too dark compared to everything else's soft colors.

  12. Kairi-Hearts Mar 22, 2009

    mikoto <3 I've always liked him in that scan but I had no idea for the background...so wow, I was really happy when I saw this!
    Love the colored lines, they work so well here.
    I love soft colors, and that background sure is lovely. It's awesome that it works so well here too ^^
    It is nice to see a non VK wallie from you but I already miss them ^^''
    nyuun~ crappy comment cause I'm in a hurry here >.< gomen

  13. Rue-chan Mar 22, 2009

    Now That's what I call a Real Bishonen! ;) I love his, I mean her eyes... shiny! I love her hair! ahaha,... wavy tresses! and I Absolutely Love the way you come up with a background! :D *claps*

    sin-chan is really talented. wow! one more time I got a wall dedicated to me as well! :) Love you sin-chan! ur tha best! thanks. +fav. Highlight stuff

    [small] mh banner never shows up ~_~ [/small]

  14. Melisandre Mar 22, 2009

    Really nice vector. I like it, it's clean and perfectly done. I love the texture you used on her dress, lovely :D Great work

  15. Kitaan Retired Moderator Mar 22, 2009

    I love the scan and you vectored it very nicely.
    Though I have to say, compared to all your bgs this
    ones really plain and not as work-filled. I do love the stone
    walls around her, they're painted very well.
    I wished the sky was painted and the clouds weren't soo clumped,
    also the birds look to be in one setting...maybe moving them around and
    farther could look better. ^^

  16. jns Mar 22, 2009

    For me too? Aw ^^ Thanks a lot
    Those stone walls really are well painted! They look so pretty
    That scan was beautiful indeed and u did an awesome job with the vector (though it still confuses me that that's a guy xD)
    I agree with Kitten about the birds
    Anyway.. this is really great ^^

  17. xay09 Mar 23, 2009

    this is pretty nice job you did
    i like the flow of it

  18. ShanaFlare Mar 23, 2009

    wow,the wall is simply superb!^^
    the vector is really awesome :)
    thanks for sharing :D

  19. dokukamedesu Mar 23, 2009

    so cute !

  20. animelover901120 Mar 24, 2009

    Pretty...Simply beautiful~~
    Thanks for sharing^^

  21. Taja Mar 25, 2009

    super wallpaper XD thanks

  22. sniper-gamma Mar 25, 2009

    hi there... sry for late reply... ^_^'

    Thx very much! I really like it!
    It a proud for me to have a dedicated wall like that... ^^

    I really like her hair... gud work again sin-sin... ^_^

  23. ChiekoKawabe Mar 25, 2009

    Purinsessu Purinsessu. <3 I loved this anime.
    Great wallpaper.

  24. Silfida Mar 25, 2009

    Very beautifully))) reminds Juliette from Romeo and Juliette =)))

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