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First, I wanna repeat again:


This is my project again for 'Tribute for Sunrise' (I don't know how many I'll make it...~)

Two, this is:


(edit: I think your b'day are in March, and now I know it's too early cause Yoru said your birthday in April, hahaha~ sorry for my mistake lol but still this is your present ^^)

Well, I wanna give you my handmade, hope you like it ^^

I wanna said sorry cause I can't fulfill my promise to made wall of this cause refined
Euphie really REALLY make me crazy >< So I made this, the renew version of it. Hope you don't mind ^^"

Well, I almost give up too cause this one is quite hard to do and I got many busy thing that I must done first (like my college and work task) but finally ... FINALLY! WAHAHAHAHA! *crazy mode on*

Btw, We straight to STATS:

Spend time:
- Draw: just 1-2 hours (this is the sktech)
- Edit flower that I toke from this scan (cause I feel so lazy to made one) in 1 hour so it become like this
-Vector time about 10 days.... quite long... too much playing with gradient and burn tool...^^"

Program Used: Adobe Photoshop CS (yup just CS, not CS2 or 4) and I used random brush that I had in my folder to make the background.

Ah! I made some kind of behind the scene before I made this pose to them, here.

Last, hope you like this work too and comment/fav/both are always welcome ^^
Featured group:

Vector-Wallers ~ Vectory ~ Cafe-TB ~ Doujinshi-Support-Club ~ Doujin-Arena ~ Indonesia-Doujin-Support ~ Indonesianese ~ Dark Palace ~ Manga Holics ~ Sunrise-Fans

Edit: thank you very much for so much elite, really appreciate :D

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  1. YoruAngel866 Mar 17, 2009

    um Christabel's bday is on 3rd april, you made a mistake there(she is just one day older than me hehe)
    btw awesome vector and i love the drawings. They are beautiful and flowers are love
    beautiful job hayashi chan

  2. toumarie Mar 17, 2009

    One word : KEYEN! Hahaha...Cool deh ^^

  3. Kairi-Hearts Mar 17, 2009

    it really is beautiful!
    Don't know why but I love the way you draw hair :3

  4. Pulver15 Mar 17, 2009

    this is soemthing unique and I really like this XD
    one of my favs of your doujinshis XD
    Great work of yours ;)

  5. Tina18 Mar 17, 2009

    I'm pretty much stunned. I think I can recognise your work if I were to see it somewhere else, since you have your own style of drawing and I'm getting used to it. It looks very good, I like Euphie the best, her expression, her face is the most simetrical in my oppinion and I say that because of Suzaku's eyes, they're are a bit too far from anoher wich doesn't give a simetrical feeling. But HEI that's something small d:
    I like their hands, the dresses are amazing, detailed and loking very good. The flowers, guys uniforms. And What I like the best and you did a fabulos job, is the hair, specially Euphie's hair. It's a great fan art, really, and I feel that no words can really describe a thanks for your hard work. I'm not a great fan of Code Geass but the work deserves a fav from me. Plus I'm not gonna say anything bout the background cause it's just fine for me, being even blank it would've been fine. Congrats and I know I said this before but you should really color your previous work it will get very popular I'm sure XD
    d: see ya.

  6. angel26278 Mar 18, 2009

    oh so lovely art!
    They look very kawaii

  7. sniper-gamma Mar 18, 2009

    wow... really awesome!
    really suit in elite gallery... ^^

  8. Rue-chan Mar 18, 2009

    1. the doujin: very nice. you have talent and a distinctive style as well. :) I can recognize your drawings by now..

    2. The vectoring was smooth and flawless! :) well deserving of elite! :D

  9. christabel92 Mar 19, 2009

    Oh,hayashi-chan,thanx a lot for this awesome present^^ I doesn't matter when is my birthday,I'm so happy you made something for me :) And it's Code geass nonetheless XD
    Thanx a lot,you are the best...you know I love your drawings
    Sorry I was a little late to comment on this,I am away from MT...I hang out on AP usually now :)
    Well,thanx again XD
    I'm hyper happy!

  10. kuryuki Mar 19, 2009

    <3333 this is SO CUTE!

  11. rumiko23 Mar 20, 2009

    sooo nice!They are so lovely there!

  12. ReikoAkariFujisaki Mar 20, 2009

    How beautiful. Must have taken alot of work. And its Code Geass too! I just put this as one of my favorites!

  13. garnetyuna Mar 20, 2009

    wow so good! your drawing is good. no no, it's great! you know how to draw well T^T good good good.

  14. PinkRoseLacus Mar 20, 2009

    I just love your style of drawing Code Geass^^

  15. Fxvcvfg Mar 20, 2009

    Splendid drawing, bravo to you for such excellent work. One little problem, the spacing of Suzaku's eyes are too wide, and they're a tiny bit angled in my opinion. Also, there's C.C. right hand, her index and middle finger seems far too short. Nonetheless, this is a wonderful piece of art, and you deserve the faves (including mine).

  16. djalam Mar 21, 2009

    wow u did a really good job, I hope ur friend really liked it. the vectoring and color make it look very nice.

  17. xiaorui137633 Mar 21, 2009

    Code Geass more like gedeloli

  18. runa21 Mar 22, 2009

    euphie looks really beautiful XD

  19. darknym Mar 22, 2009

    Nice job. Thanks for sharing ^^

  20. vitaamin Mar 22, 2009

    hmm i think their eyes, esp suzu's need to be moved inward a bit. the airbrushing is nice, but theres not enough on c.c i think, and also try to use the selection tool to keep it neater.
    i really do think you should have worked harder on the bg, and as a general rule of thumb, you shouldnt have the characters facing outward, it takes away the focal point. i think that the characters really need to be moved closer together too, or have a more dynamic position to each other

    you should vector MORE of your originals :(

  21. Kitaan Retired Moderator Mar 22, 2009

    C.C and Euphie both need more shading on their dresses,
    also their hair lacks shading too. The bg is nowhere near in the same
    league, it would have been so much better if it was a well made bg.
    It looks like a simple quickie, which is a shame since it ruins the really nice
    work you did with your drawing. A romantic looking mansion or a nice
    evening sky would have worked much better, but I guess thats just something
    you can use in the future. Also the coloring of the bg is too bright for them, doesn't fit at all...next time try not to make such opposite colors, it ruins the whole composition.
    Nice fanart, good job vectoring it and coloring.

  22. warrior-of-dream Mar 22, 2009

    Wow a bit face is too cute but all looks awesome<3

  23. sailorchiron Mar 22, 2009

    VERY nice work, I like the way your doujin really softens the looks of the characters. I agree with Kitten on the bg needing some work, and more shading, but the actual drawing is excellent.

  24. rizacaga Mar 25, 2009

    andaikan athrun ma cagalli ada disana................. :o

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