Clannad Wallpaper: Winter Sonata

Kyoto Animation, Clannad, Nagisa Furukawa Wallpaper
Kyoto Animation Studio Clannad Series,Visual Novel Nagisa Furukawa Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Nagisa <3 It's finally done. My first Clannad work since the last eppy aired ^^ But I'm sure I'll have many more.
I associate this wall a lot with the song "Yuki no Hara" (Snow Field) from the Clannad OST. It's just seems to fit for me. A lovely song too.

This wall is not out of season! Spring isn't for another 4 days! And when I look outside, I see snow! Well not that it matters :P

This wall is like the winter version of Inspiration. I put Nagisa in the same place. I even used the same mountains :P But I painted them a lot more this time. And just like in Inspiration, I vectored all of Nagisa, yet ended up cropping off half of her for the wall >.<

I realised why I use landscape backgrounds so often. It comes from my obsession with nature photography. How did I not notice before? I like recreating scenery that I've seen before or that I'd like to see. I've never seen mountains like that up close, but the sky, I got to see many times this winter. I love the flowing, painty clouds, especially when they turn pink at sunset ^^

The background is based on the original scan. Repainted sky, repainted mountains, repainted snow...and I made little trees. They're cute ne? :P Some snow falling...some text...and of course Nagisa. The background is quite simple, but I meant for it to be. Just Nagisa and fields of snow. I won't go into how many hours of frustration I went through >.< That's typical though.

Vectoring Nagisa was pretty average. Gradients on many layers, her tights were blurred but you can't see them anyways. And I finished her in under 10 hours! Yay.

The main reason I was so eager to do this was because I wanted a wall that portrayed my love for winter. My favourite season. So sad that it's over. But now I look forward to spring.

So thanks for viewing my wall. It's certainly not perfect but I hope you like it!

Original Scan by suemera
Texture Version | Alternate Version

~Vector Stats~
Outline: 5.5 hrs
Colouring: 4 hrs
Total: 9.5 hrs
Layers: 47
Original Size: 2567x3523
~Wallpaper Stats~
Time: 6 hrs
Layers: 20
PSD Filesize: 26.1 MB
Time: 15.5 hrs
Layers: 67
Duration: March 3 - March 16 2009

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  1. YoruAngel866 Mar 16, 2009

    I just knew you would be the one vectoring this, so i stayed away of this scan :) hehe
    I love the background its so gorgeous, especially mountains.
    Vector is pretty as well, excellent like always.
    I love the sky and the colors of the whole wall.
    Great job, me is going to fave :)

  2. utgt Mar 16, 2009

    I like nagisa very much!Thanks!

  3. Kitaan Retired Moderator Mar 16, 2009

    Ahh I see the similarites in the fields now, I kept
    thinking "this looks familiar". Cool idea to put her in the same
    area and to transform it into a winter wonderland.
    I'd suggest lowering the opacity on the mountains for that distant
    look, or maybe making them more pink so it looks
    like their fading into the bg since their far away.
    Add some blur on the cute trees in the back, not that much just enough
    to make them distant not like micro sized.

    Nice vector, she looks better than ever.
    I think you even bolder your lines as well,
    very nice to see.

    I like the color of the sky but I guess I would
    have liked a grey and white version to look at...or a blue
    white one like on those sunny winter mornings.
    Other than that, great job Ashy <3

  4. FrankyFeng Mar 16, 2009

    I love your background,looking a lot like the original scan,that's reli a fantastic painting,I am so impressed because I cannot make such a good bg.

  5. rizacaga Mar 16, 2009

    really nice wallpaper.....^^.
    the color fit with the vector......and ur vector as always....gergous!

  6. Kairi-Hearts Mar 16, 2009

    yay! I was waiting for this one ever since the scan came out. I knew you'd do this one so I stayed away from it :3
    Great idea to make it a winter version of Inspiration, I can see the similarities ^^
    You vectored Nagisa perfectly! Those trees look so cute indeed.
    I'm really loving the sky too :3 And the mountains are looking really good too. I do agree with Kitten about lowering the opacity/making them more pink.
    The Alternate version is so pretty too *loves both*
    Don't worry, I love landscape backgrounds too, they're my fav even if I can't pull them off. Yet you do those perfectly <3
    Haha straight to desktop :D

  7. jns Mar 16, 2009

    The vector looks great.. As one would expect from you
    And the colors in the background really match well with Nagisa
    That sky is just so amazing and those little trees you can barely see ^^ Adorable

  8. Gardevoir Mar 16, 2009

    Clannad and snow work so well together. I can't believe the series is finally over.

    I love this wallpaper, as I do all your other works.

  9. Tina18 Mar 16, 2009

    That purple sky is just gorgeous, the mountsin look very good and so does the text. I like the altered version too, so, great job on the wall. I'm not much a Clannad fan..but your wall looks great, the vector is clean and the colors match those on the wall. Also waaah I had a sonata title in my head for one of my next stuff XD

  10. EternalEthelion Mar 17, 2009

    nice background suits the mood perfectly XD

  11. LystikinenaXP Mar 17, 2009

    Ah yes I remember your other wallpaper, Inspiration with Nagisa there too ^^. I really like how this is like another version of that like you said ^^. Beautiful, I love the painted sky <33 and the colors...wow, the sky is my favorite part I have to say, and your little trees :33. Nagisa couldn't look any clearer/neater, she's just very pretty ^^. Like always, your wallpapers blows me away Ash-chan :). Amazing work! *faves*
    CLANNAD is the best anime of all time! My all-time favorite! :D


  12. EuforiaAmuritaNatsumi Mar 17, 2009

    Waa waa><,When I look at this wallie,it's just make me spechless...
    so beautiful>< It's make me stun to watch at it for a long time...
    I like the Background color>< make my heart so calm...and the snow is like a light color><
    you vectored Nagisa so great.waa>< Clannad already end>< key make 2 ending in there, (after have 13 light have a choice to lead the end of game.when tomoya not called Nagisa in the hill__BAd ending all of them is die><,called Nagisa ___Good ending )
    In the first time I think anime will make bad ending,cause tomoya not called her but,it's seem he called her in last episode><.so they make 2 ending><
    and it's so beautiful anime(thought I'm still not finished the game><)
    and when I watch this wallie of you I feel so warm,in this snowy I feel something warm ....Nagisa is so Cute.
    make her wonderful
    I really like this one.now in my desktop^^ahahaha
    Thank you for sharing this great job of you ;)

  13. Sinever Mar 17, 2009

    beautiful XD
    I just love your painted backgrounds & the vector is very neat ^^
    ahh how I wish to be able to paint like that >_<
    well done & its a fav ;)

  14. weeheng Mar 17, 2009


    she is forever in tranquility .i like the way she clasped her hands together and the background really fits her pose .(its winter !,duh ?!)

    anyways, nice job !

  15. ShanaFlare Mar 17, 2009

    wow,the wall is superbly done^^
    really great job there!

  16. dokukamedesu Mar 17, 2009

    I love it^^

  17. akiranyo Mar 17, 2009

    Copypasta from AP:
    The vector is great, as I'm used by you. Goes the same for the background, and Nagisas darker colors matching with purple style. It uses less elements fo first I thinked being a bit plain on the left...but that little trees there...cute. So in overall is really great, is vector, is Clannad, is from you, so everything just so as I want and like it. Deserved favorite.

  18. akaonda Restricted Member Mar 18, 2009

    excelente trabajo en este wallpaper, me encanta

  19. kai Mar 18, 2009

    Beautiful....loved this pciture of her, it's too bad it is so hard to find the magazine with it.

  20. hawkangel Mar 18, 2009

    the background's gorgeous, like the streaky look

  21. vitaamin Mar 19, 2009

    mahhhh wow i think this is like one of the first comments i've made in a week >_>
    i love the colors! but i agree with kitchan the mountains are a bit to strong, i think you should make some mist over them or something
    i also think the lines shouldnt be black, they clash with the faded, winter colors
    but mahhh your bg painting skills! it totally inspires me to wall again
    (except i wont XD)

  22. IzumiChan Mar 20, 2009

    Wonderful colors on the bg, they look warmer and more interesting than the ones in the scan~ :D
    Great paiting and vectoring work as well. I love it~ :)

  23. Aiira Mar 21, 2009

    Another amazing work Ash-chan.
    I absolutely adore the swirling clouds, and the colours you use for it. The colours are really Winter like, when the sun is going down, and it is so detailed. *so sad winter is over*

    And the snow flakes are really fantastic, falling down in different directions.

    The mountains, well it is a bit pointy on the top, but the amazing thing about it are the colours once again. It starts with light purple and it gets darker. This is really amazing, ash-chan.

    The vector is very clean and detailed also, I don't know how much patience you have for vectoring, but I've given up for who knows how many scans I tried to vector. But love it.

    I still don't get along with the mountains. LOL! Anyways love the wallpaper.

  24. princessmeyrin023 Mar 21, 2009

    Ash-chan really likes Winter, right? I can tell because you always make Winter-themed wallpapers like the one with Kanon :)
    I love the colors. You did well with choosing the right colors. I also love the vector lines! <3
    The simpleness of the wallpaper just soothes my very tired eyes... I wish I can make wallpapers like this.


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