Texhnolyze Wallpaper: Texhnolyze / "We all wear masks"

Yoshitoshi Abe, Texhnolyze, Ran (Texhnolyze) Wallpaper
Yoshitoshi Abe Mangaka Texhnolyze Series Ran (Texhnolyze) Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

As a wise person once said..."We all wears masks" but sometimes i wonder why we we wear it, either to conceil our internal characteristics or just to become someone else cos we hate being ourselves. I have always hidden behind masks, always kind of a superior being in my mind to all those people whom i love and loathe everyday and yet that doesnt give me any satisfaction because it just bites back, especially when you look in a mirror...but i guess i hate myelf for being like other people but at the same time becoming the person i really hate! Someday when the right time comes, someone would really remove that damn mask from my face and i will see the light once more...

But in a less depressing note, this scan was provided by J-bomb from MT and yes this is the same artist [Yoshitoshe Abe] who made Haibane Renmei and Serial Experimants Lain. There are franticly 3 sets of bg here which make up part of the alleyway scene (covered in black), Grafitti scene (Left) and Building scene (overlayed on the alleyway); Then i kinda outlined parts of the girl image taken from the upcoming video of TEXHNOLYZE, put a lot of noise on those 3 sets of bgs, Overlayed brushes, duplication layers, hardlight and difference blend whacked all into there. How i love the way the text is so simple and kinda gives you both a gloomy, depressive touch like what im feeling now...and a lil of calmness in this but yeah kinda have to live with it.

All in all its less than 110 layers and 10 hours of clean slate work.

Hope you like! ^ ^

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  1. crapmonster Aug 27, 2004

    ah glorious!! i was in need of a good texhnolyze wall, man was that one messed up show though. just remembering the end to that show makes me feel uneasy.....

  2. Noctum Aug 27, 2004

    Although it looks quite a lot like the matrix, it still has enough style of its own to be unique.
    Especially the somewhat dirty look adds to the atmosphere.
    Great work as usual, Oracle. :)

  3. chibikko Aug 27, 2004

    110 layers and 10 hours O.O wooah this is very much, but the grunge effects look so awesome and so does the scan. you did a very good job with the colors and effecs in this wallpaper and the title is indeed wise XD

  4. kenzuke Aug 27, 2004

    WOW a texnolyze wall!! I liked that show even if it's very wierd! XD
    She is Ran right?
    Anyway, nice wall as usual!! :)

  5. misl3d Aug 27, 2004

    Just love it ^-^= The colors, layer, bg,.....the girl too :)

  6. panuru Aug 27, 2004

    best texhnolyze wallpaper i've ever seen. your hard work definitely shows. thanks for sharing!

  7. keenan83 Aug 27, 2004

    wow cool wall man. your ogna have to show me how to do that one day.

  8. Bamb0o-Stick Aug 27, 2004

    Nice work. I wouldn't have guessed you had over 100+ layers on there just by looking at it. Looks great

  9. sammo Retired Moderator Aug 27, 2004

    o man...this is such a nice wall! good job once again :)

  10. hidekeitaro Aug 27, 2004

    Nice wallpaper :D

  11. akai Aug 27, 2004

    It looks creeeeeeeepy.

  12. UndyingShadow Aug 27, 2004

    kick ass wall oracle. great job!

  13. Foolish-ishness Aug 27, 2004

    Awesome ^0^

    Your grunge kicks ass.

  14. soryane Aug 29, 2004

    nice wall ^^ thanks !!!

  15. NickySan Aug 30, 2004

    near from the perfection !
    great job!

  16. Yoh Sep 12, 2004

    Great wall. Such a nice picture and good job with the bg looks really good. :)

  17. jinhui Nov 20, 2004

    wooo... i like the background except the mask... something more evil heehee

  18. TRiggie Dec 26, 2004

    Awesome Scan
    Signé LeChat ! ;)

  19. Dikisbak Jan 01, 2005

    The spirit of the anime within

  20. SirMackerel Jan 17, 2005

    It brings me almost indescribable joy to see more good wallpapers for Texhnolyze wallpapers, and of Rin, on top of that.

  21. Neith Mar 16, 2005

    I wish i could do something like that heh...
    I wish i could do anything like that...
    I wonder how it feels when you are creative...
    I wonder heh...

  22. myaku May 01, 2005

    i like this wallpaper !! is very nice, great background and great picture. add to favs !!

  23. markjo Jul 30, 2005

    Great idea - to combine the streets of a big city with that particular theme.

  24. Windir Feb 20, 2006

    Great wallpaper. I'm a huge fan of ABe's works and this one does it justice. Thanks for sharing.

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