Tokyo Crazy Paradise Wallpaper: I Would ... For You

Yoshiki Nakamura, Tokyo Crazy Paradise, Tsukasa Kozuki Wallpaper

1920x1200 Wallpaper

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Widescreen version pwns.
Ah, finally finished this work! I've been re-reading Tokyo Crazy Paradise and saving a lot of images, either for avatars, vectors or wallpapers. I love this manga, it's one of my favorite ones; sadly, it's really underrated, which is too bad because it's AWESOME. You should go read it if you like action and comedy manga.

The whole process took about 4-5 hours, but I really enjoyed making it. The chapter covers of KurePara look awesome and I loved the art, so I have many images ^_^ I wrote a bit about how I made it in the walkthrough; since this image had a serious tone to it, I thought about designing a battlefield, but it turned out to be too complicated and I stuck with using a photo of clouds (which I took myself) and some mist (although it isn't too visible).

Short synopsis of the series below:
This particular image features Tsukasa, a girl who is raised as a boy because of the huge number of crimes against women in a modern Tokyo. Her parents (cops) die, so she and her brothers are left with no money; therefore, she has to work as the bodyguard of the Yakuza's leader.

Spoiler (show)

Of course, they end up falling in love with each other at one point, which is very cute! I love this pairing ^__^

Hence the title, that she'd do virtually anything for the guy ._.

The wall was inspired from the song No. 1 Crush (Gothic Remix) by Garbage, which is awesome. I thought it fit the theme of the manga (at least the theme it has towards the end, where it gets very serious), and I had this song illustration in mind for a while. You can find the lyrics here.

Um, I guess I'll end it here, since this description is already long >_> I appreciate criticism and all, but please state stuff you like as well, not only stuff you don't; I've noticed some do this, and it's not too pleasant to read (even though they mean good) ._. Thank you in advance for criticism and/or favorites~!

Textures: Dioma, Nostalgic Stock, InTheName Stock
Image of Tsukasa: click here
Walkthrough thingy: click here
Tokyo Crazy Paradise (C) Yoshiki Nakamura
Other resolutions will be available over at Corner Of Art, when I stop being lazy and update it.

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  1. DarthTofu Mar 01, 2009

    Very interesting way she blends into the background like that. It's kinda surreal. Dark and moody. Nice stuff.

  2. akira-sophia Mar 03, 2009

    oh...this wall is gorgeous...so atmospheric and dark...
    I love it.

  3. dslassey Mar 06, 2009

    You know, this wall is such a Garbage wall. Fits the theme of the song and band perfectly. Especially the color scheme. I always see grays and subdued colors when I listen to Garbage. <3
    Leave it to Pande to take a photo of clouds for her wallpaper. You're such a cloud fiend. The bg looks awesome! And it's 100 times more charming with a photograph taken by you.
    The fog effect looks awesome. ;__;
    fog + gray color scheme = perfect combo
    Great job, Pande. It's a winner <3

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