Vampire Knight Wallpaper: these sins i have sown - Bloody Rose

Matsuri Hino, Studio DEEN, Vampire Knight Wallpaper
Matsuri Hino Mangaka Studio DEEN Studio Vampire Knight Series

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

So, here's a wallpaper that I promised everyone a while ago, right after I finished my Bloody Rose Vector. Sorry about the long wait, minna-sama. *bows* School has been keeping me far too long. ><;

Eto... ano.... I'd like to dedicate this wallpaper (if neither of them mind it...) to reimyakaruby and Sinever. Rei-san and Sin-cchi are two very lovely, accepting VK fans who have been encouraging me greatly, especially in my translations. Heh heh heh... ^^; Arigatou gozaimasu!

Anyway, time for some statistics! ^^ Yay!

Time: 3 hours, minus the time it took to do the vector. With the vector, it took me 6 hours. (Goodness... I'm slow...)
Program Used: GIMP. ^^ Because I am a poor, starving college student. (*I'm only poor because I spend all my extra money on manga and new DS games*)
Layers: 93. With the 15 of the vector, it's 108.
Stocks: My own Bloody Rose vector here, a very cool carved tabletop that I found on Google, and a very nice set of some rose petals by ~two-ladies-stocks on Deviantart, here.

I hope you like it! ^^; I'll keep trying hard! (Oh, and if I could ask.... please, please comment? I love reading comments! *heart*)

EDIT: Yay! This is the first wall I've ever created that's made it into the elite gallery! ^^ Thank you so much, minna-sama!

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  1. Sinever Feb 28, 2009

    I knew its your wallie once I saw the thumbnail XD
    first of all thanks a lot Koto-chan for the dedication *hugs* I know how much you love bloody rose & with this wallie you made it look so COOL^^ *wish I have it*
    anyways its a beautiful vector & the bg is lovely........ +fav

  2. Dwiney-s Feb 28, 2009

    It's funny ^^

  3. LunaInverseElric Feb 28, 2009

    Cool wall.
    I'll added it to my faves =3

  4. warrior-of-dream Feb 28, 2009

    Fantastic<3 romantic, scary and beautiful

  5. anit4e Feb 28, 2009

    Awesome awesome!It looks so realistic somehow XD
    ..and as always...I'm a rose petals freak,and you made them look good too! ;)
    Keep it up! ;)

  6. icegaze7 Feb 28, 2009

    very nice wall. thanks for sharing!

  7. ShanaFlare Feb 28, 2009

    wow,outstanding wall i must say^^
    nice work and thanks for sharing :)

  8. Idril Feb 28, 2009

    Gosh just awesome and criative *o*

    I just luv it! favs and congrats you XD

  9. BaByPnOy12 Mar 01, 2009

    very simple looking but, i like alot! Great Job!

  10. reimyakaruby Mar 01, 2009

    hey, it looks great~~
    keep up the good work! XD~~
    the thing u can improve is the light source,
    it abit too shine
    but i like your 3d look background~~

    All for VK, VK fo all~~ XD~

  11. Anna666 Mar 01, 2009

    WOW! I like the scene =D
    it looks great!
    great wall and thx for sharing :D

  12. animelover901120 Mar 01, 2009

    really really are great....so special and unique...Love it much..thanks for sharing.

  13. PunkyDarkmoon Mar 02, 2009

    So cool, the gun I like ^^ thanks

  14. Amanur Mar 03, 2009

    wow, that is so beautiful! totally fav! thanks for sharing ;)

  15. Elves Mar 03, 2009

    I really like how you used the texture to your advantage. What with the background seeming to have the most, then the rose petals keep with that theme, and the gun has the lightest texture. That's an awesome way to draw the viewer's eye! Good work on the rose vector! O_O Wow.
    I like the work on the gun too, and maybe this is just because of the source material, but the hand grip on the gun looks a little too thin/flat. I think in reality that it'd have more mass to it. Regardless, this is a cool wall. And I love how the characters aren't even featured in it! Great work!

  16. icetee Mar 04, 2009

    Wow, das ist ja gruselig, das Bild.

  17. LuvsHikari39 Mar 05, 2009

    OHH~! it's a gun! XP
    love it! xDD

  18. luminashine Mar 06, 2009

    Cool wall.
    I'll added it to my faves =3

  19. animekim126 Mar 07, 2009

    I love this wall :]
    thanks for sharing

  20. flirish Mar 07, 2009

    i like that gun

  21. Galtrann Mar 09, 2009

    I really like the floor
    and the petals
    very stylized wallpaper
    good job

  22. MissDaphne Mar 09, 2009

    What an amazing wallpaper!
    I love the background!

  23. Minkyoya Mar 09, 2009

    I really love the details in the background and the whole concept of the wallpaper. I mean, I could never have expected that someone could make such a stunning wall with just a gun as its main focus~
    It also gives off a VK feel...hmm, I don't really know how to describe it, but it really gives me the feel that VK gives me, about Yuuki's, Kaname's and Zero's paths crossing each other and then them going on the routes they choose.
    I loved how your vector lines are smooth. ^^
    Oh, and it's amazing how you could make such a great wall with just GIMP. *gives you a cookie for that* =D

  24. Freyanen Mar 24, 2009

    wa! Beautiful wall!... XD ok it's just very good! The gun looks so nice!
    you are very good =P

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