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W00t, I'm on a roll.
This is a doujin that I've been working on since January and finished today. Yes, that is two months... because I've been cramming it between classes! I don't have the luxury like last year to draw during class... unlike hayashimura. :P And I don't get to draw at home, if you must know.. Not to mention, I multi-task so I have about four pictures in progress and so far, and only two that I started this year are done. FOUR in one go, good lord. I hope I can share.. But you'll probably only ever see the rest if:

a) I somehow, with my meagre allowance, can get a Deviantart premium membership and sell prints.
b) YOU make a competition that I would WANT to join, and I sneak stealthily enough.
c) You pay me. LOL

Yeah, certain friends have successfully convince me that I should get paid for my works. *rolls eyes*

I'm trying to draw a scene in where a girl (probably a princess..) is trying to release her love from the cage. She really wants to get him out of there (so does he), wants to save him the way he has - but she finds that the cage is enchanted (hence, all the chains, ribbons, circles, flowers..). Frustration overcomes her - she's done so much, she's gone through so much danger, made a perilous deal with the Butterflies, and now, she reaches the tree upon which the cage hangs to find she can't get him out. Thus the despair... and while the Butterflies seem to be helping her fly (and they do have a degree of loyalty to the guy, but that's another story), they also surround her in a sort of symbol to suggest that she can't escape the bond..
Yaaaa... the story is a little ill-formed.. I have details but I don't know.. I have the guy as a magician who's now trapped because he learned to love, but even I go >_> a bit at that..

Originally there was going to be a lavish castle wall donned with high windows, but I got bored with everything going vertical, so I added flowers and branches and clouds to soften the look. Worked? It was so hard to get his expression right.. The girl was like, instant, but him? *shakes head* I tell you, drawing bars and circles can be so gggaaahh sometimes - but still I enjoyed the experience!

This is bittersweet not just for the story but because everyone who looked at it at school were like, "Are you taking art?" to which I had to say "no". And then they were like "WHY NOT?" T_T Stop poking at it... It's a really nice compliment but I can't do an art career.. I mean, even before the economy crisis, there were lots of factors against me.. Sigh, leave that for after I get something stable..

WELL, let's move on.
About three quarter way through, my friend put 'Love Story' by Taylor Swift on the MP3 and it really helped me get going and to remember that there's supposed to be romance.. It's the same friend who I dedicated my previous wall to. <3 And my friends also helped in providing models for the hands, lending me compasses, helping me see whether there was anything wrong..

So, this is for
depths-of-sound Rainfallinglove cafe-tb wings-lovers doujinshi-support-club

For the Valentine Contest and the Wings-Lovers contest! If you want details about those, go look at my "Release" wall... Which is a major contrast with this work..

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  1. hayashinomura Feb 28, 2009

    Thanx for comment about me... I'm sorry for being fast and draw during class lol
    most of that my name is "hayashinomura" not "hayashimura" lol
    Hmm... I see your efforts for this one >< nice detail... I love the cage ^^
    Nice idea too, it's romantic... kinda sad to me.... *sob*
    Oh! I love how you shading too, since I'm really bad at that.... *jealous*
    Keep it up! ^^

  2. anit4e Feb 28, 2009

    Gaaah so sorry about NOT commenting last time...you know my net sucked yesterday ~_~
    I love the details on this one.Just amazing! ;)
    And the shadings on their cloths are awesomely done!...just look at those details! *keeps looking at them*
    Nothing more to say Ao-chan,just keep up the awesome work! *HUUGE HUUG* ;)

  3. DarthTofu Mar 02, 2009

    Man, this is detailed. XD
    The bird things. They're kinda like cloth, fairies, birds... it's hard to say. Whimsical, to say the least.
    This needs more comments haha.

    My favorite part is probably the suggested background, though. haha.

  4. skye Mar 03, 2009

    i thought it was beautiful - the concept and the drawing - if u ever get the chance i hope u colour it and outline >_<
    great job

  5. windyroller Mar 04, 2009

    I like the concept in this pic. Very nice, very bittersweet.

    I do wish it were a little darker. I think some of your wonderful detail is lost in at least the scan because there aren't that many dark tones to help bring them out.

    Still, kudos! (And I know what you mean about the "art as a job" thing. Getting something stable and keeping art as a hobby is my plan, as well. :D )

  6. priincess Mar 05, 2009

    omg it looks amazing aozora, i really like the cage idea^^

  7. selemental Banned Member May 09, 2009

    It;s gorgeous! i luv it! >_<
    *adds to fav* and i agree with prii-hime! the cage is beautiful and makes for a great theme!

  8. RoundGates May 10, 2009

    That bird cage and tree look so amazing @__@ The detail is awesome.

  9. yothsothgoth Oct 06, 2010

    Beautiful work! Simply amazing! I CANNOT believe that you don't have more favorites than you do!?! >_<

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