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I have finally got to wall! And a fully painted one at that! :3

This is basically a sort of abstract doujin wall.. an original. I'm rather proud because I only took 2 hours to complete it. :D Speed-paint wall, anyone? XD

I was playing with the 'scattering option' when I thought that it made a rather nice foreground..
Extended the er, flowerfield to fit it in a 1440x900 resolution,
Did the sky, birds, the girl (in several layers)..
Gosh was it fun to paint a character after so long.
Added ribbons ( 3 layers)..
Used colour layer to make it pinkish - original colour of her dress was blue.

Then the sunlight ( Once again, Maplerose's tutorial for moonlight, again converted to sunlight) ,
Did the light source which was surprisingly easy..
Sparkles ( gradient), tweaking around with the font,
Playing with overlay to make the sky more juicy..
Oh and I meant to add clouds, but they didn't really go well.. They're there but in really low opacity.


My new friends over here have been so encouraging.. I would like to dedicate this to them, especially the one who put up with my constant doodling and griping.. even giving me advice when I needed it despite the fact she can't draw.

- http://static.minitokyo.net/avatars/pandemonium91.gif Pande, I love you for sharing the same enthusiasm for art as me! LOL wait that sounds wrong.. Well, you're a great friend and you might not know it, but you're among those who've helped me crack my shell... Thank you!

-http://static.minitokyo.net/avatars/temarigenius.gif/ We haven't spoke much since last year.. >_< But a few weeks ago, you gave me the encouragement to continue painting. I thank you! Hope we will get to talk again..

-http://static.minitokyo.net/avatars/dslassey.gif Time to jump on the band wagon of dedicating walls to you. XD But seriously, I can't avoid doing this - you've been such a pal at D-o-S. I admit I get a lil scared chatting with you online.. while simultaneously laughing my head off at the group chats.

-http://static.minitokyo.net/avatars/darthtofu.gif I <3 you and your speedpaints. I love that you got me painting too. And leading me to 2draw and deviant! But most of all, for the great (and humorous) friendship. :)

-http://static.minitokyo.net/avatars/anit4e.gif For the quirky moments chatting, the encouragement, the random talks that go from books to anime to college to.. I forget. Friends forever?

-http://static.minitokyo.net/avatars/selemental.gif My chatting partner in crime! Remember the times we scoured e-shuushuu for fairy tale images? The time we group chatted til morning? The time we made up random stories? And who can forget roleplay.. Ah good times.

-http://static.minitokyo.net/avatars/sweet-miku.gif You were so friendly and encouraging! And you distracted Sel in her gundam rampages, hehe.. Go, go Vocaloid-lover! Do accept my gift. :3

-http://static.minitokyo.net/avatars/xanime4life.gif My first friend in Minitokyo, whom no one can dedicate enough wallpapers to.. Too bad we haven't spoken since the group chats..

-http://static.minitokyo.net/avatars/phoenixalcott.gif Oh Salma, I haven't seen you for ages.. Here's my return for the Valentine greetings!

-http://static.minitokyo.net/avatars/treefarieaaliyah.gif You've disappeared.. T_T Would this persuade you to come back?

I might have missed out people.. but know this, THANK YOU!

Program: Photoshop CS3
Time: about 2 hours
Date:24 February 2009
Main techniques: Scattering, Shape dynamics, Colour and overlay

Credits: Maplerose for the ray tutorial, Camilli for the font 'Starstruck'
Fun part: Everything! Especially the lighting and the sky, and the girl.. Wait that's almost everything anyway. >_<
Hard part: Sneaking.. and sacrificing the blue. >_< It's a pretty simple wall, besides that..


This is for depths-of-sound ! For the competition “Wake Up, People!” . I almost went out of colour scheme, but I managed to stay put!
How it qualifies: This is my symbol of rebellion and release! Because I totally wasn't suppose to do this wall. But I rebelled. I sneaked. It ish DONE! And the dottiness and colours makes me think of juiciness and bubbles.. And the sunlight filtering down is a wake up call!

And wings-lovers ! I thought I wouldn't get to participate but I've did it! Read: http://forum.minitokyo.net/t63429 There are wings, yes? ;) If I have time, I'll make a layout too..

As well as doujinshi-support-club. Yesh I am a entirely lazy person who hasn't been active there. I'm truly sorry and I hope this wall will gain me forgiveness. >_< For the My love for you is like a lovely river of loving- CONTEST Yes, it might not look it but I think it qualifies for Valentine's. For one thing, the colours are well.. romantic? And I kind of visualise her releasing the birds to send a message.. of her love.

cafe-tb Compensation for my absence?

And last but not least rainfallinglove My favourite group! Alongside D-o-S. ;)

I would love it if you commented... analyse it if you wish.

Now here ends my far-too-long post..

EDIT: I forgot about the song inspiration. Er.. birdsong? Pipes... and oddly, the music for Viva la Vida.

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  1. vitaamin Feb 24, 2009

    WAH I AM SO HAPPY THIS DIDNT GET LOST IN THE MIX because i love it, wow the character is really stunning and the bg is wonderfully colorful and fitting.
    only a few things, i think the sky and field, while very well done, need more constrasting colors, esp the field, it should be slightly darker in one area and lighter in another, with more variation in hues. also i feel the text would have been better in white on a blending mode, but im not sure about this one.

    great job!

  2. DarthTofu Feb 24, 2009

    ^_^ OMG. Thanks for the dedication. :) And 1440x900's actually my screen resolution lol. Good choice. XD
    The light rays are really cool too, and I love the points of light.

    I think it's a cool wallpaper in that the flower field and sky mimics the 2D abstract wallpaper swooshy design, while still giving a sense of upward movement.

    I have absolutely no problems with the paint job, but I feel that the text is out of place, though... It would be cool if it was blended into the circles somehow, like converging circles, or maybe a font dispersing into the background? Like a release. XD
    Also, the signature's a bit high.

  3. sailorcapuccino Feb 24, 2009

    Wow! This is just gorgeous! Amazing colors!

  4. animelover901120 Feb 25, 2009

    Wonderful colour.....it's amazing...thanks for the share

  5. anit4e Feb 25, 2009

    OMG! This is sooooo gorgeous! XD
    I love LOVE the colors Ao-chan!...Oh this goes straight to my desktop!On my PC at home...and on the one at my college X-P

  6. liap Feb 26, 2009

    Awesome work girl.
    I love the atmosphere you gave it.
    Keep up the good work.

  7. dslassey Feb 26, 2009

    Quote: Time to jump on the band wagon of dedicating walls to you. XD But seriously, I can't avoid doing this - you've been such a pal at D-o-S. I admit I get a lil scared chatting with you online.. while simultaneously laughing my head off at the group chats.

    Haha, bandwagon? Whatcha talking about? XD
    Why would you be scared of lil ol' Dev... :(

    Fantastic use of color, Ao! I'm absolutely loving the vibrantcy of the wallpaper. The colors you choice are great - pink and orange/yellow is a great combination.
    It's such a happy piece! Really brightens the day, so to speak. It does make me feel energized and alive, so you nailed the mood perfectly! ;)

    Sorry I have no advice or anything for your techinque - I've never been one to focus on that. I like to analyze the moods and feelings a piece of art lets off, as well as the meaning behind it. And you've done a marvelous job at that.

    And thank you so much for the dedication! :D
    ... still don't know what bandwagon you're talking about though. =P

  8. temarigenius Feb 27, 2009

    Thank you so much for the dedication :D
    And thanks for telling me about this on MSN too~ :3
    What a nice Doujin~
    I love how you used the sprinkling thing for the background~ It looks really nice~ <3
    The girl... is really nice~ I like how you colored her~ <3

  9. selemental Banned Member Feb 28, 2009

    Good times indeed! I absolutely luv it! The colors, the creativity, the art! Will it inspire u to write a story?!?! =D
    It's just gorgeous!

    *absolute favs*

    You rlly have some serious talent! I hope this goes up on doujinshi support club XD

    http://img211.imageshack.us/img211/5450/kittypwns.jpg Your submission pwns like this kitty! *which means it pwns a whole lot* XD

  10. xAnime4Lifex Mar 04, 2009

    Wow very nice Aozo. Thank you for the dedication too! The colors are very beautiful. And I like the circular brushwork you did for the background. Sorry it took so long to see this. -.- I've always enjoyed seeing your paintings because I think you are very talented. I'm glad you were able to share this one here because it came out beautifully.

  11. priincess Mar 05, 2009

    the colours are ..stunning^^ nice job

  12. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator Mar 06, 2009

    Grr, I'm always late when it comes to commenting on gifts/stuff friends submit >_< Sorry! *bows*
    Haha, we are the great art lovers~! *superhero pose* Aw, I'm happy that I was of help ^_^ *hugs* You're a great friend too, and you're wayy more talented than you think. Believe me on this one!

    Wow, you made everything look so pretty *_* It looks like a flower field that a professional painter would paint! Like, with watercolors and stuff! *is amazed* I just love the way you made the flowers kind of fade out into the sky, even though they're still clear and distinguishable.
    Also, the light! I have no idea how to make light as awesome as that, so I commend you! *bows again*

    Oh, and I can see how Viva La Vida inspired you to make this, it just screams freedom and energy!
    Great job, dear, and best of luck with your future projects! *hugs* Hope we get to talk more soon!

  13. luminashine Mar 06, 2009

    Cool wall.
    I'll added it to my faves =3

  14. Erdbeermilch May 11, 2009

    A great painting, if such bright colours won't wake you up I don't know what else will. I like the sketchy look and I love the colours you used and how you painted the background. I'm also amazed that you managed to draw this in only two hours.
    Maybe I just overlooked it but I couldn't find out what drink inspired you. So I'll assume it's juice? (the colours certainly look fresh and juicy)

  15. jerchongkong Jan 07, 2011

    this image represent the in search of sunrise

  16. Gizel4 Jul 11, 2011

    I get the impression that you are a person who is interested in demonstrating some form of action through/in your art and thus, your art/paintings are a place for action (I truly enjoy this aspect about your work). I like this piece very much, its well harmonized colors and angelic atmosphere. You certainly have a way with colors!

  17. ismiy Dec 28, 2011

    this is awesome. I was attracted by the range of colors you presented in only two spectra. Looking forward to more walls from you. Thanks for sharing ^^

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