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Dedicated to Erika-san! Kind of a random gift since who knows if either of us will like this series, but I thought the image was nice anyways and I hope you like it ^^

Category: K-ON!
Airing: April 2009
Producers: Kyoto Animation
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(I'm positive this will have it's own section soon enough)

[rant] Minna-san, today is my last day before I start work again ;_; Don't want. I also get half of my braces off tomorrow, and the other half a week later, which would be good, except I have to wear a retainer 24/7 for 4 months afterwards...I think a retainer is worse than braces. Glad I could submit this before work starts again anyways... [/rant]

So I thought it would be cool to do the first K-on artwork. (I was going to do the same with Clannad way back when but never got around to it.) I think I'll like this series since a) it's KyoAni, b) the art and animation is nice and c) the premise sounds interesting enough.

The vector was mostly easy and fun, just the guitar is worth mentioning. I stroked it! And stroked it again and stroked it again! Muahaha! [/laziness] But I think I got the stroked part to fit in alright with the rest of the vector.
Colouring it was also something...I wasn't really sure how to go about recreating the design on it 0_0 But I did it. It's not perfect! But it's done. There was something written on the top of her guitar but I couldn't make it out so I just wrote her name.

Yes, I believe this is Yui Hirasawa (if it's not I have some things to change XD) and she apparently plays a "Honey Burst Gibson Les Paul Standard electric guitar" which is where the title came from. My second time vectoring a guitar. This one was harder.

I was like "oh, I want to do a nice quick vector..." Pffft. 16 hours.

Hope you like it Erika-san and minna-san! Comments, faves, and full-views are appreciated ^^

Main source image: Click!
Also used:
Click and Click

Outline: 10 hrs
Colouring: 6 hrs
Total: 16 hrs
Layers: 86
Original Size: 2400x2905
PSD Filesize: 32.6 MB

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  1. teja78 Feb 19, 2009

    cant wait for the anime

  2. kuryuki Feb 19, 2009

    whaa another cute vector from you
    but this time some lines seem weird
    and the pattern on the guitar
    congrats on gettin ur braces off =P
    my friend just went to get one today

  3. Kitaan Retired Moderator Feb 19, 2009

    I saw this on your page and she looked so adorable,
    Great job on the lines and guitar, and getting that smooth look out.

    Quote: but this time some lines seem weird
    and the pattern on the guitar

    Some scans are that way, it's not her fault.

  4. vitaamin Feb 19, 2009

    ..o_0 wtf i think the lines look awesome and the pattern of the guitar is great *_* <333
    btw why.. do even your STROKE outlines look better than everyone elses. WHY?!? unfair desu~~~
    submit more vectors >D so i can steal them and make wonderful pngs!

    merged: 02-19-2009 ~ 05:13am
    lol and i know how you feel im always like OK QUICK VECTOR
    and then it turns out to be like a 1094829083424 million hour vector-wall or some gay sh** like that

  5. kyosuke Feb 19, 2009

    The next anime I'll watch in april :3

    Nice vector!

  6. Sinever Feb 19, 2009

    very nice vector, the lines are very neat & she looks cute XD

  7. jns Feb 19, 2009

    She looks so cute ^^
    And what a nice vector! Your lines are so neat

  8. fluke Feb 19, 2009

    Awesome vector, might have to do one myself hehe I noticed one thing though on your very impressive guitar, the 6th string on the bottom is below the fret board partially and it seems to merge with the pin striping and doesn't reach the neck. Not even sure it requires fixing cause the vector still looks awesome and it doesn't really detract from it.

  9. CosmoStar Feb 20, 2009

    You did a stunning work! I loved this vector. The image is beautiful, the guitar is amazing and you made everything perfectly! ^^

  10. Van-Metal Feb 22, 2009

    I like much this scan
    is tan moe x3
    thanks for upload x)

  11. nanakonkonakona Feb 22, 2009

    the anime surely good. i like to watch it later.

  12. xiaorui137633 Feb 23, 2009


  13. erikamirou Feb 26, 2009

    woow i spend a week without being on and what do i get? XD (i have to do this more often XP )
    I must say... you really surprised me XD i loved that scan from the first time i saw it on your up... and it was for me >< thank you so much ^^ i really apreciate it >w<
    I love the guitar *__* I love guitars XD and she looks so cute >< I wub her XD I don't know why, but it kinda suits me, a bit XD
    The vector looks awsome and i really love it ^^ thanks Hikari-san ^^

  14. Kairi-Hearts Feb 28, 2009

    need to comment this later if I ever have the time.
    Long story short: it's awesome. loved the scan (knew it was kyoani's since I saw it)
    I'm not used to your lines being that way XD not that they look bad, they actually look very clean.
    the guitar is awesome. love the pattern!

  15. dokukamedesu Mar 06, 2009

    Nice vector ^^

  16. EuforiaAmuritaNatsumi Mar 13, 2009

    Waaa,the same as kannagi?^^Kyoto Animation make a good anime again^^
    I can't wait to this anime
    she looks so adorable,you make the guitar so great
    Really Nice Vector
    you so awesome

  17. EternalEthelion Mar 17, 2009

    guitar girls rock! XD

  18. Cleofer Apr 07, 2009

    I Love yhis vector! Thanks for share!

  19. xxVi2us May 11, 2009

    awesome art, btw she plays a Gibson 2008 Standard Heritage Cherry Sunburst Les Paul.

    mmm burstbucker pros

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