Kobato Wallpaper: .:A Spring Fairy Tale:.

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1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Otanjoubi Omedetou Sinever ^_^ (Early) Happy Birthday!
Hope you have a great birthday, lots of presents and that you spend it with the ones you love most ;D
Really, I'm no good at these messages ^_^'

Here it is! My newest Kobato work! And this one was a bit harder than my other one
I started this one in the beginning of February and finished it pretty quickly. I've been waiting ‘till Sin-chan's b-day to upload it, but I'll get busy soon so, uploading it now ^^
Picked a scan that screamed Spring! since it's been raining non-stop here, and I want the sun to shine bright again! I guess I miss those sunny days :P

Reconstructed and extended the scan, I took out Ioryogi-san since he wasn't necessary for what I had in mind. And I used colored lines for the first time! I mean, I've used them here and there, but just for minor details.
The hair took me the longest, next to the bg. But the hair wasn't hard I had lots of fun! I love Kobato's hair <3 I didn't exactly follow the scan when coloring it though. I did it my own way, adding more shadows and highlights... T_T Since I used colored lines and the lines are thin, they aren't that visible near the darkest color... :sweat: Well, some highlights aren't visible thanks to the clouds either xP
I tried to make her eyes close to the way CLAMP does them, sorry if they look weird!

Anyway, I so wanted to paint this at first but my wrist/arm isn't in the best condition, nor I had the patience to paint at all...Plus it's been a while since I've fully vectored something (I need a break from painting) and I like how the hair looks like vectored ^_^
Okay, the real reason I wanted to paint this was for the hat! The hat is horrible! Nyuun~ ;__; I didn't even have patience to think how I could color it, I just followed the scan for this one.

Then, my biggest challenge! The background! I did the clouds first but it looked so empty with only them. Sorry if they're big! I made them unconsciously and liked out they looked ^_^' So I started sketching some mountains and some grass field or so using oil pastel brushes. Then I tried to make flowers, as to make a flower field. I think it didn't come out that bad...I mean, I didn't use any reference.... But I know it looks horrible, specially those mountains! I'm too lazy to search for tutorials and follow them >_<
Then, I added some sparkles just to give it a dream like atmosphere. It was odd having birds flying around so close like that, so I tried to make some sense by naming it "Fairy Tale". It looked too busy, so I'm uploading the version without sparkles.
It sure doesn''t look like Spring... ^^'''

Nyuun~I always try to make short descriptions but fail! orz

I hope you like your present, Sin-chan =^^=
Original Size: 6498 x 4071
Duration: February 1st – 5th
Easiest: Outlining
Hardest: Coming up with a background from scratch!
Fun Part: Hair <33
Program: Photoshop CS2, Corel Painter X
Original Image: Here
Other Versions: Sparkles Version
More resolutions@AP later
vectory vector-wallers sakura--cb celestial-luminesse

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  1. erikamirou Feb 09, 2009

    waaaaahhh finally it's here! *____*
    well, nee-chan, you know what i think of this one ^^ it's gorgeous! and Sin-san will love it ^^
    *instant desktop*

  2. Melisandre Feb 09, 2009

    Amazing vector and the bg is really nice with those colors, great work and cute birthday present :D

  3. Onikyou Banned Member Feb 09, 2009

    Wow, beautiful! ^^
    I love the hair, great job :)

  4. ASH-Hikari Feb 09, 2009

    I was just looking at that scan recently and saying "I wish one day I'd have the ability to vector that image..." Heh! Kairi-chan can vector anything ^^
    The vector is simply gorgeous. Between the long, detailed manga hair, the frills on the dress and criss-crossy hat, I never would've had the energy to even start this. You did such an amazing job; honestly I'm so jealous but awed ^^
    And the background. You just pwned me in mountains. They look amazing. I love the field too, but the grass seems a bit sharper than the flowers. It's not really noticeable unless you look closely and are being nitpicky, but maybe if the flowers were less blurry they would blend better. And it looks great at the very back where it meets the mountains.
    Nice job with the birds also, that's another thing that would make me too lazy to try ^_^'
    Overall this might be one of your best walls yet (I mean, besides the Clannad one, of course XD). And February 1st - 5th? Are you serious, 4 days? 4 days? Ara ara...

  5. Anya007 Feb 09, 2009

    Amazing!.. simply amazing XD

  6. xay09 Feb 09, 2009

    love kobato
    like the field of color

  7. SnowLotus Feb 09, 2009

    So beautiful :3

  8. jns Feb 09, 2009

    OMG! this is just gorgeous
    The hair, the dress, the hat! OH! All so pretty
    Kobato-chan 's hair really is great ^^
    Great job on the bg
    Instant dektop

  9. vitaamin Feb 09, 2009

    ahhh its beautiful! i admire people so much who can cell-shade, my cellshading is horrible. i love your mountains and although the field is a little too blurred, i say it doesnt really matter.
    paint some highlights on her face and make it more sunny, and this would be soooo perfect!

  10. Tifa-chan Feb 09, 2009

    I loved your wall! it's very beautiful!
    the bg is very nice :D

    merged: 02-09-2009 ~ 11:45pm
    I loved your wall! it's very beautiful!
    the bg is very nice :D

  11. Straawbeeryy Feb 09, 2009

    Omg, your Kobato wall totally kick my Kobato wall's ass. :O
    I agree with vitaaminchan about adding highlights to her face. It`s too dark and I think it would look really beautiful if it`s sunny and bright. XD
    Your mountains are awesome~ Teach me how to paint some! I failed miserably at it. Another thing that bothers me is the field, I`m not too fond of the colors and it`s too blurred. I think grasses would`ve been fine.
    Love your vector. And her hair is soo fun isn`t it? (:
    And yay for sunny days because I`ve gotten sooo many rainy days recently. >.<

  12. Sinever Feb 10, 2009

    OMG.....lahfahfiahgiagasgjh.....OMG........(...) a deep breath* okay I think I can talk properly now....Kyaaaaaah XD this is gorgeous, Kobato is looking so pretty thanks to your amazing & outstanding vectoring skills :D her hair is perfect, I dont follow the exact coloring myself when I see lots of colors XD the bg is fabulous *wish I could paint such awesome backgrounds all by myself T_T*
    anyways well done & thanks for the sweet present girl *hugs* sin-chan is sooooooo happy right now XD
    +fav & its a highlight ;)

  13. milla-chan Feb 10, 2009

    WOW, its gorgeous :D its so beautiful made. Her hair is so pretty.
    Keep up the very good work and thank you for sharing ^___^

  14. mag92 Feb 10, 2009

    beautiful picture,good job!^^

  15. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator Feb 10, 2009

    Very pretty wallpaper, I think this is a very good way to illustrate spring, with all the lively colors and the way Kobato's hair moves in the wind :) I just adore the way the colors combine, it makes everything look vibrant!
    Not to mention the vectoring, which is top notch :) I couldn't ask for a more beautiful vector from a manga scan.
    Overall, I love it! Keep up the great work! :D
    P.S. The background doesn't suck, on the contrary!

  16. ShanaFlare Feb 10, 2009

    the wall is awesome,i must say that the vector and bg are both outstanding XD great job and thanks for sharing :D

  17. blackrose07 Feb 10, 2009

    amazing.. those hairs are really hard to do..but you made it beautifully.. nice backgroung.. rainbow colored fields..

  18. Pulver15 Feb 10, 2009

    Wow! this is really lovely!
    I always love her hair and you vectored it really great!
    and the bg is so fitting with her too!
    definitly fav!

  19. temarigenius Feb 10, 2009

    Omg! How do you guys manage to vector Kobato >.<
    The vector is so neat! I don't know why but her hat attracted me the most ^_^'
    The background is really well made :D Like the mountains the most :3
    Spring is coming!~ Yay! <3
    Awesome wallpaper! :D

  20. trofikabinet Feb 10, 2009

    Kobato's vector is just amazing, the hair is o_O
    I love the bg is just perfectly painted. Man, your skills are good :D
    The hat is nice, like everything else. ^_^

  21. arisu92 Feb 10, 2009

    kobato is so cute <3 and she has beautiful hair!

  22. icegaze7 Feb 10, 2009

    thanks for sharing!

  23. andyloh006 Feb 10, 2009

    holy shit this is so amazinggggggggggggggg

  24. knkh Feb 10, 2009

    it's wonderful
    thanks for sharing..

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