Pandora Hearts Wallpaper: The Rabbit and his toys

Jun Mochizuki, Xebec, Pandora Hearts, Oz Vessalius, Alice (Pandora Hearts) Wallpaper
Jun Mochizuki Mangaka Xebec Studio Pandora Hearts Series Oz Vessalius Character Alice (Pandora Hearts) Character

2048x1536 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Thanx for elite and please full view, since the thumbnail dosent look good. Thanx for your support everyone,im glad you all liked it XD


Hi guys again and im here to present the wall from one of my fave manga(although i read only 9 ch, but it will be anime in april, cant wait), Pandora Hearts!

Also this wall is also dedicated to 3 people i admire and they are my friends afterall XD:
Alenas, Straawbeeryy & Bernouli - i know they likes bishies to the point of eating them XD omg *runs away with bishie*

And this wall is also for celebrating my one year on animepaper and becoming senior member(still cant believe in that)

Well this wall isnt from only one scan, i used various scans as a reference to making this wall:
original scan | cards | wall | curtains with two dolls (bunny and whatever the hack is staring out through window)

About naming the wall and some interesting things:

Oz looks on this pic like a Mad Hatter from Alice in wonderland. Although youll find many interesting things in this manga that have connection with Alice. And omg his bunny is so creepy, although it reminds me of the true form of Alice(main girl chara), black blood eye rabbit. Well if you read this manga youll find that every detail in this wall have a meaning in manga, for example card-Alice with bunny(poor bunny), the bunny that goes behind curtain is will of abyss, i think, and that creepy doll on the window and the same doll on his hat is Emily XD kyaaaa XD.
If youre wondering why the sizes of all things look bit unrealistic just think he is in toy world where everything is like that..

Thus the title "Mad Hatter and his toys"

btw dont you think this whole wall is made of creepy elements?

------------About vector-------------

OMG finally finished this disaster. It was really fun making and thats what kept me doing it, since i usually take big break when doing complicated vectors. If you think it wasnt complicated just see his hat and youll see what im talking about. The vector consumed a lot of time....

I used a lot of gradients, and most of the colors are copied from the original scan.
God im in love with the eyes and the hair XD | Also his pearls killed me, just see how many of them are there| And hat: roses, the complete set of tools for eating (?), Emily doll, many thorns, clock... *KYAAAAAAAAAA

Also got some advices about Bunny Alice color from Vita-chan, thank you dear XD

------------About background-------

reconstructed the background wall from the scan etc etc etc. used various gradients on it. bla bla bla, you see everything :(
well if you want to see the process, go hereXD


Layers :78+background 41
time: Around one day
funiest part:hair
hardest part:Whole bloody hat(just see the details)
program: Photoshop cs4
original vector size:3491x2648
psd file size:206 mb[omfg]

Hope you like it guys XD every fave and comment are appreciated XD
and sorry guys for big description

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  1. christabel92 Feb 03, 2009

    Oh,there's a new circus in town ^^ lol
    I like the colors of this one,and the bold lines...Nice job^^

  2. Sinever Feb 03, 2009

    yay you finally submitted it XD
    you already know how I think about this wall, saying it all over again wont hurt anyway :nya:
    your vector is simple amazing & eye catching, the background fits perfectly well with the vector :)
    its a creepy yet very sweet wallie, well done & its a fav ;)

  3. Pulver15 Feb 03, 2009

    This is amazing! Everything is perfect!
    Love pandora hearts!
    First christabel-chans wall and now yours!
    made my day! XD

  4. Tina18 Feb 03, 2009

    The bunny is so awesomely creepy, I love the use of gradients, it just gives so much color to the whole wall, the hat looks more than great. Sweet job.

  5. Alenas Retired Moderator Feb 03, 2009

    *GLOMPS YOU* Mislila sam da se zezas kad sam procitala komentar...Wow, ne znam sta da kazem. HVALA, HVALA, HVALA! Ajme super je ispao, boje su genijalne a on izgleda jednostavno preslatko u tom sesiru i nacinu kako si ga obojala! <3 BG je isto genijalan - sve podsjeca na Alice i zeceve, lol. Odlicno!

    *HUGGLES* Hvala ti jos jednom! XD

  6. chrisp Feb 03, 2009

    nyaaa! you really realllyyyy made my day T_T
    i love everything about it! it's so colorful *-*
    and all the details...really awesome! thanks so much >.<

  7. jns Feb 03, 2009

    Hmmm.. Bishies
    Those bunnies are cute and creepy at the same time ^^ And I meant it as a compliment
    I just adore the vector!

  8. kit-kat Feb 03, 2009

    Love the colors in the wall! It is filled with so much fun and whimsy! Nice job on the vector, especially the hat, so many things going on there! I too take long breaks when doing complicated vectors. Doing the lines can get pretty boring at times and frustrating when you see how much more you have to do!

  9. hayashinomura Feb 03, 2009

    Quote by Pulver15Wooow!
    This is amazing! Everything is perfect!
    Love pandora hearts!
    First christabel-chans wall and now yours!
    made my day! XD

    I don't have anything to say cause same as him ^^
    Even I don't really know about this series, but still this one is amazing wall and vector by you ^^
    Definitely going fav ^^

  10. akiranyo Feb 03, 2009

    Always glad too see a hardworking vector designer ;3

  11. daniela93chz Feb 03, 2009

    It looks so cool! The color are really bright! Great job! XD Thank you for posting it!

  12. Anna666 Feb 03, 2009

    Nice colors,nice job.

    merged: 02-04-2009 ~ 12:50am
    This is really nice, i love the colors XD Nice job

  13. Rella Feb 04, 2009

    Ooh, this looks very nice! Love the colors and choice of scan. Very nicely done! =D

  14. rizacaga Feb 04, 2009

    wow...this one is amazing yoru-chan.....
    i like the colors....and it's great vector.....with amazing outline....
    every thing just too good....love it.....

  15. Straawbeeryy Feb 04, 2009

    Bishies! Bunnies! *steals both* :3
    Ha, you got one of my fetishes, bunnies! <333
    Wait, no, there are roses too. So many things that I like. XD
    Bold outlines are just fantasticc. I love your gradient so much. I would shoot myself if I had to do the pearls especially the tiny ones. Circles are the enemy. ; - ;
    Everything else is awesome from the eye-catching colors to the shading to the background.
    And thanks so much for the dedication, yoru-chan. I`m surprised you think of me as a friend. (:

  16. xay09 Feb 04, 2009

    love the rabbit
    the man is pretty handsome in a way

  17. albino1234 Feb 04, 2009

    Nice wallpaper, it is nicely vectored and there are no defects to the character's edges.

  18. Fenafir Retired Moderator Feb 04, 2009

    It so colorful! I love how you used the colors for this wallpaper. I also liked how you added those extra objects in it, very nicely placed and it fits so well with the theme. It is good manga indeed, can't wait for the anime of it!

  19. trofikabinet Feb 04, 2009

    I love the colours:D They immediately catch the viewer's attention. :)
    It's so superb, and the vector is so neat and flawless ;)

  20. dementia Feb 04, 2009

    i love it. The vetor is awesome, and the colors match perfectly, plus the background is so cute, it's unexpected. I love it

  21. Kairi-Hearts Feb 04, 2009

    pandora hearts <33 So happy to see this scan vectored and walled! :D
    Neat vector, great job on all the details >_<
    but aww, that background is sooo awesome! *_*
    I don't have much more to say! I can't stop looking at it XD

  22. sailorchiron Feb 05, 2009

    Awesome vector! I love it. Great work, as usual.

  23. temarigenius Feb 05, 2009

    So colorful~ >.<
    The vector looks simple, but I believe that it's actually not as simple as it seems ^_^'
    The vector is totally perfect! And the bg totally fit the vector. The colors you used too >.<
    Nice combination of different scans :D <3 <3 <3

    Is the character the main character of Pandora Hearts?

  24. DarthTofu Feb 05, 2009

    Love the colors.

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