Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: My Favorite Person

Youichi Fukano, Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Meer Campbell, Athrun Zala


People, quit hating my Meer!

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  1. eternally-asuka Aug 21, 2005

    o_o!!! OMG! When i saw this i thought it was a fan art! this is just so wrong!!! He should be with Cagalli! x______________x

  2. CagalliYulaAttha91 Aug 21, 2005

    Athrun ish so cute!!!!XD
    But Meer ish not -_- how i wish that was Cagalli.
    Meer go get ur own guy this ish Cagalli's so hands off him!@ XD

  3. shojuko Aug 21, 2005

    i think athrun's only blushing cause her boobies are brushing against his arm. hahaha. he almost looks ashamed though. it would be funny to see if cagalli would kick meer's ass.

  4. Banchan Aug 22, 2005

    *burns Meer from the head to toe* Die!!!!
    >,< Why oh why has it got to be *Meer* of all the girls?! This one just plain gives me the creeps... it looks like Meer's molesting Athrun. *shudder*
    Wish they'd put Cagalli in it instead of this one.....

  5. Ryokan Aug 23, 2005

    great card i like!!!
    I like the expression of Athrun~~~
    very funny!!!^/////^

  6. kai Aug 24, 2005

    Lol, that was really funny when I first saw it, though it's a nice picture, I'm not too fond of Meer. :D

  7. Deppy Aug 24, 2005

    Score one for Meer-chan! I knew she'd make it to the top! So kawaii!!

  8. Valary Aug 25, 2005

    Meer die..
    Athrun looks great as always :) My favorite is Kira, but Athrun looks great here (I love when he blushes..too bad that happens too rare :/ )
    anyway nice scan ;)

  9. Hiku Aug 31, 2005

    He should be with Cagalli yah, and probably wants to, but I think he's blushing because her boobs are pressed up against him. lol

  10. marcus Sep 02, 2005

    Ahh great scan this one.. I don't like Meer much but the scan looks cute.. I was always a stellar fan :P Somehow liking Lunarmaria Hawk now :P G

  11. Aralana Sep 03, 2005

    Although I do not like this pairing, its a cute scan

  12. Miriallia Sep 13, 2005

    Nice scan! ^_^ Really pretty! >.<<3 Athrun is so cool and Meer is so pure! ç___ç

  13. DrakenImmortal Sep 27, 2005

    I liked Meer. Athuran cared about her, but she drove him nutes (especially when he woke up next to her ^_^)

    Heh, one of the laws on anime...if someone has a split personality, there will be a mental breakdown in there somehwere

  14. ccsketch Oct 21, 2005

    athruns so cute when hes blushing!

  15. teletha Oct 24, 2005

    Soo cute. Thanks for sharing. XD Nothing wrong with a little Meer/Athrun imo. XD

  16. Miragio Nov 17, 2005

    Meer is so 'loose'. =\

    Cagalli should beat her down. :I

    I'd still smash, though. =]

  17. CosmoStar Nov 26, 2005

    Poor Athrun, how he will explain this to Cagalli? :D
    So kawaii! Meer is looking lovely with that HUGE happy smile...
    Thanks for sharing!

  18. paintmearainbow Nov 27, 2005

    Haha XD I can't stop laughing when I see your title 'It is a mistake!'
    I've got nothing to say about meer though I'm not exactly fond of this pairing :\ but one very important thing, athrun is looking so cute when he blushes XD
    Thanks for sharing!

  19. TwistedHope Dec 06, 2005

    Aww athrun looks so cute. ^0^

  20. Mutou Jan 22, 2006

    *Finds a sword and splits Meer in two with it* Die, Meer!
    It's a cute scan anyway... nice going ladykaze

  21. sakuraharada Feb 28, 2006

    i hate Meer ToT... i like Athrun's expression but i am Anti MeerxAthrun XP

  22. Farica Mar 24, 2006

    I really wish that is Cagalli, not Meer.
    I am AsuCaga fans.

    But Athrun is so cute...

  23. DevilofLife Jul 06, 2006

    athrun's so cuteee~

    and he look so helpless... someone help him plz.... =P

  24. thaikuching Jul 14, 2006

    oH, nOoOOo...! WhY iT hAvE tO bE mEeR? yEaH, AthRuN is BluSh cOz Of HeR bReAsts! CaGaLli sHoUlD bEaT hEr Up! Go, CaGalLi!

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