Final Fantasy IX Wallpaper: Awakened Canary

Final Fantasy IX Wallpaper

1920x1200 Wallpaper

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FULLVIEW PLEASE :D and thanks for all the FAVS and comments!
Dedicated for Sinever <3 and Vitaa-chan

YAY :D got a feature from Wings-Lovers ^^ thx


First of all: YAAAY, my first wallpaper after a loooong hiatus :D
Lately I only see Vectorwalls :/ all the other "traditionally" wallpaper didn't get much attention :/ So I tried to make a high quality wall such as beautiful like a vector wall ^^
When I saw this picture of Garnet on Shuushuu I instantly fall in love with her pose. (Oh she had a birdcage, she deserves some wings :D )
I really wanted to wall a fantasy like world for my Garnet :D So I search many pictures for my idea.
For the wallpaper I used many "techniques" haha especially the smudge tool *hate it now x__X* for painting ( I almost paint the whole Wallpaper :O beside the right mountains), vectoring for some missing parts etc. and of course I used some brushes and textures.
I am really proud how it turned out :D perfectly for Garnet haha
I really wish I had a bigger scan of this, but unfortunately i could't find a better version :( and if I had better painting skills I would re-paint her... *cries* Also my water *dead* My water really sucks -__- I am not good at it... *cough*

:D Nevertheless, I hope you guys like it ^^ Favourites and comments are really welcome!

Textures: Resurgere
Grass Brushes: MiloArtDesign
Lotus: Philichino

Artist: Toriko
Time: 2 weeks
Layers: ~ 105
Program: Photoshop CS3 Extended
Last thing what I've done before submitting: HIT my laptop for being so SLOW! I really need a new one -_-

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  1. BiNumber3 Jan 23, 2009

    Wow didnt think that was garnet:D
    Love the wall, colors work well together, n even tho garnet n her flower are so small compared to the wall, it works really well, tnx for the upload:)

  2. Tina18 Jan 23, 2009

    I think I recognize the blue lotus I have the picture somewhere. I like how the sky turned out, and the clouds are great. What I like the most is the water it doesn't look like normal water but that's what makes it great, it has this glow I like. Keep up the good work.

  3. selemental Banned Member Jan 24, 2009

    This is very beautiful! (on my desktop as we speak) XD
    I love the painting, the scenery, the character, the way everything blends and doesnt look like she was pasted there like some of the other wallies usually look like. And I luv the many different stories it can tell. But what rlly brought out the wallie was the text. It's beautiful and gives the wallie a lot more impact than it would on its own.

    All together, it's a masterpiece. The combinations of all these different colors and elements like the lotus, the flower pedals, butterflies, clouds, landscape, river stream, it's beautiful. ^^

    I hope you dish out more works like this! X3

    And this is a gift for you. Thanks for the awesome piece of work! ^^


    <a href="http://heartless-nobodies.minitokyo.net/"><img src="http://img105.imageshack.us/img105/5412/heartlessnobodiesgrouptbz2.png" border="0" alt="Image Hosted by ImageShack.us"/></a><br>

    TO ADMINS This is not 4 self advertising, it's to encourage the members of my group to post around the forums and actually leave comments on gallery items XD The group is very hard to get into and has a specific set of requirements that most wont be able to fill out. So again, this isnt for advertising. And if what I'm doing is wrong, please let me know and I'll stop. Today's the last day of the trail. (so yes, it was an event XD not gonna happen everyday. more like a few times a year if not only once.) And also, this is to help artists get noticed as well as some newbies at the forums. ^^

  4. vitaamin Jan 24, 2009

    why am i so late on commenting on this. i fail i know! but i was so excited that i totally forgot common courtesy

    i like that shes sort of small in the corner, i think it gives the wall much better functionality. gosh you can really paint detailed bgs! thats why you are going to do the bg for our collab lol. i love how you did the text and the bird is an awesome touch

    i've been waiting for work from you for so long >] its finally hereeee

  5. xAnime4Lifex Jan 24, 2009

    Very beautiful wallpaper. I love the night-time scenery! I have a small concern though... are those stars in the sky? If so, how come they are in front of that large planet to the right (also some in front of the mountains)? Maybe it's fairy dust or something, I don't know. XD Other than that, everything looks wonderful, nice text too. Nice work. :)

  6. CherryBlossom006 Jan 24, 2009

    ohh my god!
    this is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and lovely!
    i love it, it gives some magical feeling

  7. ShanaFlare Jan 24, 2009

    wow i love this wall,the colors are amazing^^ thanks for sharing! XD

  8. ArtificialRaindrop Jan 24, 2009

    I LOVE that picture of Garnet! There's a ridiculously low amount of artwork for her out there, so I'm glad you were able to find something as lovely as that scan! Even though it was small you did a very nice job playing that to your favor - it provides a a nice balance of focus having her smaller with a grandscale view behind her, and adding the lotus to make her look like she was floating down a river was an interesting touch. And I really like the koi in the water ^_^ It looks lovely.

  9. mick-klaassen Jan 24, 2009

    incredible you made this one yourself?
    this is very nice

  10. Kayote Jan 24, 2009

    Very nice wallpaper. The thumbnail does not do it justice. Thanks for the effort.

  11. daiegou Jan 25, 2009

    Hermoso paisaje, solo falto mejorar mas el personaje para que el paisaje fuese mas esplendido

  12. kazenokaze Jan 25, 2009

    Hyaaaa... awesooome! Very nice on the BG... i likeee it.. soo much... :D :D

  13. YoruAngel866 Jan 25, 2009

    The scenery is just beautiful, i love the girl too. Very nice combination and therefore fave from me. XD

  14. KiyanaIkebana Jan 25, 2009

    Just a nice work! I love the background!
    Beautiful sky and river with pretty flowers!
    I like the colors! Great job!

  15. IWANTANAME Jan 25, 2009

    Simply beautiful work. Kinda Awing even as a thumbnail. :D Great stuff!

  16. Omone Jan 25, 2009

    Looks really great. Glad to see some "old fashion" wallpapers. Always loved them =D

  17. aozoraskies Jan 26, 2009

    This is a GORGEOUS wall. Really, you had a beautiful idea and you went on to put your heart to make it real. I have had ideas, but I simply never had the determination or confidence (or time lol) to put them into a wall like you did.

    DO NOT say the water looks bad. The water is perfectly serene looking with wonderfully painted ripples that look like foam, and pristine colours.
    And the idea to have the girl with wings is great because not only are they lovely, it's kind of symbolic with her releasing the glowing birds from the birdcage.. The lotus further makes me think of rebirth, and that just complements it so well.. and with a stream that shines like a road.. It becomes rather dream-like.

    I admire how you painted this wall, it really takes effort. Like sel says, most of the elements fit together smoothly. It's very surreal. I do wonder if it's all right that the styles of the mountain contrast a bit, as well as the grass, (one's dreamily painted, the other's photo-realistic) but hey, that's how dreams can be, like the focus has become all weird..

    As Scott (xAnime4Lifex) has said, it's a tad odd about the planet and the stars, but maybe it's something like snow? It would be good if you could paint a little bit of shrubs to make the stream not meet with the mountains so suddenly, but it's not very necessary.. as I said, SURREAL!

    Okay got to go, just want to know; Can I have the font? Please?

  18. MystikalLam Jan 27, 2009

    Nice wallpaper! I'm a BIG fan of the Final Fantasy series, and I liked FF9! Haha, thanks for bringing back some fond memories! Dagger/Garnet was awesome, haha. =)

  19. Yumia Jan 27, 2009

    garnet/dagger looks so pretty here :D

  20. Sinever Jan 27, 2009

    sorry for replaying late *I hate my ISP* T_T
    first of all thanks girl for the wall XD
    its gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous :D I love everything & FF is one of my best RPG games ^^
    thanks girl & its a fav ;)

  21. Tempester Jan 28, 2009

    Completely gorgeous. Thanks for this wall. It'll be mine for a while. hehe

  22. rachtsume Jan 29, 2009

    very lovely, you've done well! definitely in my favs!

  23. KyouS Feb 14, 2009

    i'm just such a sucker for floating feathered wings :S

  24. limeic Feb 15, 2009

    Absolutely wonderful! Great idea and great result.
    I just luurrrve the calm and serene background. :D

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