Lelouch of the Rebellion Wallpaper: Bokura no Michi

CLAMP, Lelouch of the Rebellion, Suzaku Kururugi, Lelouch Lamperouge Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Lelouch of the Rebellion Series Suzaku Kururugi Character Lelouch Lamperouge Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I finally decided to go with it
it's not as good as i wanted it but this is fine now. if I keep on making this a WIP i'll never submit it =__=

Time: around 1 month
Layers: 104 in total (54 were the characters)
Program: Photoshop CS2 and SAI
Technique: Painted + Vectoring
Best Part: the middle of the wallpaper where you see the scenery of the outside
Worst Part: opening the .psd file in both photoshop and sai

I don't even know what to say after the painful part's gone
ask for the full size of the lulu x suzaku CG =D

Cloth Reference
Background Reference

bigger resolution at AP soon


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  1. Enysha Jan 20, 2009

    I love the BG! Looks like a palace's hall though, the curtains and the window remember me some kind of Gothic church. And, something that really, but REALLY love XDDD, is the way you painting it. It's really very well done x).

    There're only two things that doesn't convince me:
    First, the window's frame? it's a bit blurred. i know, the light make it brilliant and not clear but yet i believe you should have made the lines similar to the columns or the curtains, they looks more clear (the exactly word i'm looking for is "n

  2. ShanaFlare Jan 20, 2009

    wow the wall is AWESOME! nice job :)

  3. Scampi Jan 20, 2009

    Excellent work! The vector looks so much like the original. I like how you painted the columns and the background. It really does suit Lelouch and Suzaku.

  4. Kagarizala Jan 20, 2009

    Royalty indeed. It looks really awesome. =)

  5. Angelfallen Jan 20, 2009

    The clothing are very impressive! Almost like CLAMP style!

  6. hayashinomura Jan 20, 2009

    Whoaa gorgeous!
    That's all I can say... I'm speechless...
    Everything just WOOOW! +fav+
    Congrats for elite again ^^

  7. rika23 Jan 20, 2009

    Good job on vectoring xD and also painting the bg =D
    also love the contrast between the vector and the bg DX

  8. Straawbeeryy Jan 20, 2009

    I really like the way you painted this. Way to be true to the scan. <33
    You should`ve outlined the whole vector. It`s strange to leave like little parts not outlined.
    I also really don`t like those random brush stroke coming out of the window/door. I think you`re trying to create a lighting effect if I`m not wrong...
    Otherwise, really beautiful job.

  9. erikamirou Jan 20, 2009

    Noy good? O.o you must be crazy! it's perfect!
    The vector-painting looks just amazing *__* the characters look so soft! and the background suits them very well
    I love how you made the clothes on the background, but somehow, they seem a little off to me, i think they should have a little more color, but that's just me XD probably it would take our eyes of the characters too much XD
    It's a personal highlight ^^ wonderful work *__*

  10. Susan-chan Jan 20, 2009

    *fullview *staring *hmmmm
    fantastic :3 wonderful work it's worth for the elite item <3

  11. Koboshi93 Jan 20, 2009

    nice painting skill!
    I love the background so worked!
    and the chara aare well done too woderful!
    (sorry i'm bad in english)

  12. kazenokaze Jan 20, 2009

    owwhhh.. i dont beleive it.. awesomee wall... just i thought.. u're member on AP right?

    and.. u used SAI to make at BG? great job! ... how long time to make that?

  13. uffy-chan Jan 20, 2009

    Really wonderful ^^ I fell in love with that scan the first time I saw it.
    You did a greatful job with colours and I think that background is good and appropriate too!

  14. Nigredo Jan 20, 2009

    This is a very-VERY-nice piece. A big hit for the LelouchxSuzaku fans. (And the Yaoi fiends....)

  15. jns Jan 20, 2009

    o.O My jaw literally dropped when I full viewed this one!
    Did I ever tell u how much I adore and worship your painting skills? Well I do!
    It gives me such a nice feeling just from looking at it :)
    This is an instant desktop

  16. vitaamin Jan 20, 2009

    vectoring + painting is gorgeous, SAI is sooo amazing. i think you did a much better job painting this than i did.

    although i think you should have made their skin tones more similar, lulu looks pink (i had alot of trouble with his coloring too from the scan)

    and that being said, this is a really difficult scan to wall because its so vertical. i think you should have just posted it as a huge vector XD. the bg coloring is too blue/dark i think (like erika) and the vector has a hard time blending.

    but really great job *_*

  17. Hanahanoiday Jan 21, 2009

    Perfect really perfect,this is total excelent wallpaper,simply a Masterpiece!I love it

  18. ama-chan55 Banned Member Jan 21, 2009

    Very cool picture:) ;-)

  19. crimson-blue Jan 21, 2009

    oww...my...my..my....even though i hate suzaku..but, i dont know what i must say when i look at this wallie....my little sis till begging to me to dwnld this waliie....really nice touch u have in there...thx for sharing this one...have a nice day..

  20. FrankyFeng Jan 22, 2009

    Love the way you painted the columns,and you casted the shadows,well,it gives an illusion of greater space than it reli has in this wall,love theis one!I have added to my fav list,and this time I'd comment!

  21. Hikari87 Jan 22, 2009

    Wow~~ this was really awesomee!
    "Yes, my lord!"
    Thanks for sharing~

  22. Katah Jan 22, 2009

    This looks so beautiful. Totally a job well done, it's just amazing-looking!

  23. angel26278 Jan 22, 2009

    another amazing art by U
    I love the vector... Of course I like Lulu
    he looks awesome
    little question,,, what is SAI?

  24. NiceLilDevil Jan 23, 2009

    This art is fantastic ! that`s an awesome job you did ! :D

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