Tales of the Abyss Wallpaper: Wind of Change

Tales of the Abyss, Luke Fon Fabre Wallpaper
Tales of the Abyss Series,Game Luke Fon Fabre Character

2048x1536 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Thanx for elite!
And first time for me to say with new thumbs, please full view!

Hi, another toa wall from me :)
anyway since im very sleepy this one will be short description.
Also dedicated to selemental
cause i like her and she is a good girl and friend :) and i also know she likes Luke XD

Vector details:


it is white and scetchy scan so i had to recolor it... so i hope you will like the colors. Another thing, i liked the lines and thats why i did them according to scan :) they just left me with big impression :) hehe

Background details:
Since i wanted to make that scene like it was from the video in the game, i decided to do the fence somehow with a small pic as reference. I m tired so i wont upload image reference. Making the windows was pain as well.
And i used various light effects cause i liked how it turned out in the end.


time=10h+3h background
program=photoshop cs2
size=44 mb

[widescreen can be found here]

Thanx for the support you give me :) Im grateful for comments and faves if you liked it as much i did :)

Oh yes, it reminded me, title is from song "wind of change" by scorpions. You see luke wanted to change and thus the title Wind of change :)

Update: thanx for noticing 2008. I corrected it :)

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  1. Sinever Jan 18, 2009

    I love your vector & you did a great job on coloring the scan :D
    the bg looks good, it goes well with the vector :)
    well done ^^

  2. Tina18 Jan 18, 2009

    I love it *saves*
    I can see why you liked the original lines, you did a good job on them. What I like the most are the colors, beautiful red plus sunset light=gorgeous. Is a great piece*sets as wallpaper* The fence looks great, the shading is well done. One thing, shouldn't it be 2009? o.o Good luck on future works.

  3. EuforiaAmuritaNatsumi Jan 18, 2009

    I like your Vector><
    This is very wonderful color
    I like the red thing^^Sunset is so Beautiful^^
    Keep your wonderful work
    I like this^^
    Waaa The size is suit for my wallie Desktop^^cause I'm not wide screen^^

  4. Pulver15 Jan 18, 2009

    It's this hot scan! XD
    Finally you finsihed it (waited for it ;) )
    Great job on coloring and bg ;9
    Like the process of the colors in the bg XD
    Great wall of yours again ;)

  5. minamiyukihimenonaka Jan 18, 2009

    Nice job on Yoru-chaan
    I love sunset light and fence looks so real. Love all your wall. Fav :)

  6. selemental Banned Member Jan 19, 2009

    uwwwwaaaaaaaaaahhhhh D8 *ish dieing*
    IT's so... beautiful T^T Yoru-san knows me well!
    I'm so glad so glad so glad! This means so much to me!
    This is my reaction
    If not more than that! @_@ I luvs u Yoru-san! thx so much!
    i dont know what else to say, i'm speechless and in shock from looking at this awesomeness which is the wallie which is made by the awesomeness that is yoru-san.


  7. Straawbeeryy Jan 19, 2009

    LOL. I was wondering when you were going to submit this. :3
    I really like your outlines here. Nice and smooth. Though, there`s this strange part in the hair that I`m just like O_O.
    The text was unnecessary. I`m also not really a big fan of the colors in the background. It`s a bit too bright for me.
    Other than that, Luke looks so smexilicious here and you did a beautiful job. <3333

  8. Kairi-Hearts Jan 19, 2009

    saw this at AP and loved it~ I was waiting for this one!
    I'm really happy to see it submitted here as well :3
    vector is neat, I understand why you liked the lines in the original scan :3
    Personally, I think it's too much "red" in the bg >.< but it reminds me of the scene with Tear, no doubt :)

  9. Kayote Jan 20, 2009

    i like it. thanks for the effort!

  10. Exalts Jan 20, 2009

    love it so much. Luke is my favorite character ever!
    and your vector really gorgeous.

  11. GourmetPrince Jan 21, 2009

    I would go gay for this scan.

  12. crimson-blue Jan 21, 2009

    i'll give u my thanks for this one....really good for this one....thx for sharing this...have a nice day

  13. Sakihata Jan 22, 2009

    Kyaa *-* The title is a music of Scorpions isn't?
    =D I really love!
    Congrats *-*

  14. Teiris Jan 25, 2009

    WOW...this is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it! ^^

  15. daniela93chz Jan 27, 2009

    It looks gorgeous! Great job! XD Thank you for posting it!

  16. Freyanen Jan 29, 2009

    WOOOW! Thanks! Luke! O_O +,+
    he looks a little weird.. i don't know why...
    BUT thanks! fo rthis great wall

  17. spacedead Jan 30, 2009

    Amazing work, I really like that scene in the game and show.
    Its a really well made wall. :D

  18. blackrose07 Feb 08, 2009

    he look sexy in that pose.. like the color and the background.. and the shadows as well.. and the hair.. oh lalala..

  19. lucifersaya Feb 20, 2009

    This is very wonderful color
    I really love!
    your vector really gorgeous.

  20. 1xPoohbear Feb 22, 2009

    Luke from TOA! I love the game. It was so much fun ^^ Though he is the main character I like Asch more :P

  21. Kirieskyo Apr 05, 2009

    Asch in my opinion was pretty much a lot kooler than Luke in my eyes, but hey the pic is great none-the-less ^_^ great work

  22. Isinha Apr 10, 2009

    *-------* the title, the atmosphere, everything is really great
    It definitely goes to my fav! <3

  23. thuyxinhdep Dec 05, 2009

    Beautiful wallie! Well done!

  24. arashihime23 Jan 08, 2010

    Wow, i absolutely love and adore this :D And Luke looks seriously hot. XD Great job!

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