Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Wallpaper: One More Soul to the Call

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Setsuna F. Seiei Wallpaper

1920x1200 Wallpaper

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Okay, MT, I think we might be having issues when scans are soaring past wallpapers in favorites. Some of the popular scans have like 90 favs+ and the wallpapers are lucky if they have 20? Come on, people O_o

Original Scan: Here At Minitokyo
Layers: 46 (after I started smushing it all together)
Time: 2 days. One day for the basic online & vectoring, a second for painting and background.
Inspiration: "One More Soul to the Call" by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

THE IDEA\\ Anyways, this is what happens when I cross my obsession with Silent Hill music with my late obsession for Gundam 00. I haven't fan-girled over an anime character in quite a long time... (video game characters, yes, but not anime). Anyways, I broke down and bought a copy of the Silent Hill: Homecoming soundtrack off of ebay, and after listening to it for so long and then watching Mobile Suit Gundam 00 I started thinking "Hey, that song works for Setsuna!" o_o And since I don't have the stuff to make a decent music with the song (or access to the videos files anyways, I'm watching it on my DVR at home), I decided to make a wallpaper for it. A vectored one. I haven't finished a vector since the Vector-Wallers ANIWOOD contest. Yeah, that was back in either august or September I think.

PLAN IN ACTION\\ The way the song fit with Setsuna is what I really wanted to put forward with this wallpaper (lyrics are HERE for anyone that is curious, though I think few places are slightly off). I really had no idea what I was going to do to convey that other than I wanted to make a wallpaper of Setsuna, and specifically This Scan. I ended up listening to the song ALOT while I was working on the wallpaper to help me with the whole process. So I started vectoring and then went back and started blending & painting in darker shadows. Originally I had vectored the rose as well, but by the time I decided on the background it just looked off with what I was going for. I found a sword- necklace stock photo that I tweaked to fit the way his hand is moving. I used a couple of different photos to make the background and blended them together. The background is also meant to be a bit blurry, like it's hazy from a fire that is raging(so if you say something about it I will know you didn't read what I wrote and I will mentally smack you for admitting you did not do so before commenting). The embers were actually made from a snow brush, oddly enough. If you look closely at the cross I embedded these lyrics on it:

Damage done to the flesh, what they said, in the name of the...
Damage done to the heart, is the start, of the end
Damage done to my soul, and you know, it knows where my...
Damage done to my life, cursing loud, at the chaos

I didn't make them clearer or easier to read because they weren't meant to be an item of much focus, just a fun little Easter Egg of sorts, since there are lots of graves that have sentiments carved into them. And if you've read thus far do the "hokey pokey and turn yourself around" so I can give you a cyber cookie because I like you ;)

Cemetery Stock - Stock_Karr

And that has been the longest brainspill that I have ever written. Good Night, and that's what it's all

EDIT: Weird line is gone now.

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  1. Angelfallen Jan 15, 2009

    Bold and impressive!

  2. vitaamin Jan 15, 2009

    i love your vector walls so much esp combined when your photo manipulation skills! great job on this one.

    if you dont want to obsessively fangirl.. dont watch/read/gallery browse KHR i'm so addicted seriously i cant get away

  3. christabel92 Jan 15, 2009

    Wow,I usually don't like walls with Setsuna,but this one is breath taking...I love everything about it,wonderful job ;)

  4. bromithia Retired Moderator Jan 15, 2009

    I like this. Although, there is a line in the top right corner that doesn't really make sense to me. Anyway, it's high quality and stuff, so nice work. Keep it up. ;)

  5. melymay Jan 15, 2009

    Very well made. Everything flows really well. It looks really well composed. Great job.

  6. DarthTofu Jan 15, 2009

    Love the trees. Awesomely atmospheric stuff here.

  7. YoruAngel866 Jan 15, 2009

    This is awesome really. I like the colors, and tree is awesome! Fantastic wall, although i dont like setsuna :(

  8. speeder Jan 16, 2009

    this is perfect love it

  9. kuryuki Jan 16, 2009

    wow one of the best walls i've seen from you!
    it's so beautiful <3

  10. sniper-gamma Jan 16, 2009

    OMG! so cool man!
    I can't describe it.. it just too awesome... >_<

  11. ShinnAsuka6812 Jan 16, 2009

    Nice walle ^O^
    I like it very much.
    I will + to my fav ^O^
    @TQ 4 sharing this walle >_<

  12. ShanaFlare Jan 16, 2009

    wow,awesome wall,thanks for sharing :)

  13. seventhsequence Jan 16, 2009

    This wall brings out the epicness of setsuna's character~ i seldom see art like this; great work~ ^_^

  14. Sinever Jan 16, 2009

    WOW.........love your wall :D
    the vector & the bg blends so well together :)
    you just did an amazing job on this wall, so its a highlight ;)

  15. pardizzo Jan 16, 2009

    Excellent wallpaper, thank you for the work!

  16. Koboshi93 Jan 16, 2009

    what a beautiful high quality wall!
    I love the colors, the pic and the background is very nice

  17. Angi Retired Moderator Jan 16, 2009

    agree with the scan thing! Mt is full of moe if you see.....
    stop it!
    the wall.... its nice, the colors and effects reminds me of those walls that were really well made
    not the ones that just vector a character and place it in a gradient bg and thats a "wall"
    nice well made wall!

  18. selemental Banned Member Jan 16, 2009

    Setsuna is the awesomeness XD
    my comment wont be as artistic as the others. lol
    All I can say is that it;s awesome with beautifully blended colors and i'm glad it made it into elite gallery!
    Thx for choosing Setsuna! XD he's my fav.


  19. t0miChan Jan 16, 2009

    setsuna yey!...

  20. Ayumi-Itoe Jan 16, 2009

    pretty well done. that's the best setsuna wallpaper i've seen so far.^^ thx 4 sharing

  21. Katkoota Jan 17, 2009

    Awesome! :)

  22. nepos Jan 17, 2009

    setsuna wallpaper looks cool man :)

  23. kahliente10 Jan 17, 2009

    awesome coloring

  24. mariprosa Jan 17, 2009

    Beautiful colors and blending, and Setsuna looks rather well framed in the environment. I found it interesting that you drew your inspiration from Silent Hill, and I happen to love that song XD

    Thanks so much for sharing it, and definitely adding it as a favorite.

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