Infinite Undiscovery Wallpaper: Somewhere's Fable

tri-Ace, Infinite Undiscovery, Aya (Infinite Undiscovery) Wallpaper

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Egads! It's not a scary(ish) wallpaper! My little sister helped me come up with the idea for this wallpaper and the band Within Temptation inspired the theme, so kudos to them!

Series: Infinite Undiscovery
Time: 4 hours
Inspiration: "Somewhere" by Within Temptation

Oh yes, and thanks to Dev for helping me pick the color scheme! I guess it's not really that green in the final product, but at least I got away from the string of red wallpapers that I was making ^_^' I'm still on the hunt for the right Chrono Cross scan!

I started watching me sister play Infinite Undiscovery on my brother's XBox360 and I fell in love with the story. I wanted to make a wallpaper for that game so badly, but unfortunately there isn't very much in the way of artwork to choose from. I used one of only two beautiful 3D renders that I found, but I wasn't sure how to approach making a wallpaper with it given her awkward stance (example scan HERE ), until my sister pointed out that tilting her would make her look like she was sitting down o_o I used different stock photos that I extracted, touched up and blended together to make the scenery. The wings were inspired by something that takes place during the game called "The Lunar Rain", during which people are filled with the moon's power and wings appear after so long on their backs, and since the moon is such a huge deal in the game I made sure to give it emphasis in the background.

The Music of Inspiration:
Well, this is actually a spoiler for the game, so read at your own risk!

Spoiler (show)

My sister and I felt like the song "Somewhere" really fit the girl Aya and her love at the end of the game, as he is left behind to cut the final chain of the game so that everyone else can leave safely. She spends time after that waiting for him to return as he promised he would, even though it seems impossible ans she doesn't give up hope on him.

End spoiler section. The music helped inspire the scenery too- when I listened to the song after looking at the scan this was the image that came to my mind.

Don't get me wrong, I still like vectoring, but I really miss seeing the beautiful photo manipulations people used to make with cg renders. Maybe that's why I have been working on so many game scans lately... It's starting to feel like all anyone has to do to is vector a scan from a popular show and slap a plain colored background to it. Believe me, I know... most of my top wallpapers are from the xxxHolic gallery.

Wings - shd-stock
Stone railing - stormsorceress
Planet - Superiorgamer

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  1. NiceLilDevil Jan 06, 2009

    Wow, This style of yours is fantastic... seriously.
    Congradualations on the work, great creativity!

  2. aqiaqua Jan 06, 2009

    I have to agree, I really miss gorgeous photo manips people used to do. And about the vectors and popular stuff. That's why I love your scenic wallpapers! <3

    This one is just breathtaking. Even though the scan has a different colour scheme from the background, I think it fits well together . The moon is gorgeous :O. Same with the wings. And the photos have been blended together so seamlessly. I envy your skills :P. I think the petals look slightly out of place... I think it's a nice touch but they don't... seem to be in the same style as everything else? I'm not sure, I can't quite get it across. But overall, I really love it! +fave <3

  3. eykaze Jan 07, 2009

    es muy hermosa n_n, muy bella...

  4. akika Jan 07, 2009

    Very beautiful and mature looking wallpaper~ love the wings!

  5. Shirahime Jan 07, 2009

    indeed something that's not scary! (almost feels like something will pop out from the background) love the colors and texture of the wallpaper. :)

  6. excellion Jan 07, 2009

    somewhere mystical. Always love large moon background

  7. ama-chan55 Banned Member Jan 07, 2009

    it's very very beautiful :) ^^ (L)

  8. HitomiEyes Jan 08, 2009

    very beautiful and i love within temptation too, so its no wonder your inspiration for the wallpaper came out so beautiful!

  9. storm-dragon-girl Jan 11, 2009

    Wow, it been so long since I've seen a photo manipulation wall, even more so with really nice ones like this. Keep up the good work.~

  10. Kayote Jan 15, 2009

    A bit too saturated to be honest. Could do with a little lightening up.

  11. animelover901120 Feb 01, 2009

    Wow....so...gorgeous...so simply beautiful....the paint...colour...tone...texture...all are so nice...great work

  12. Crystalmaiden87 Feb 03, 2009

    Wow she has that angelic look ^^ really love the treatment you did here, really nice work

  13. selemental Banned Member Jun 05, 2009

    Saved the best for last xD I luv this wallie so much that I hug my computer screen whenever I see it!

    This is one of the greatest wallies I've seen in my life.

    u have given me the idea to like make a section on my page advertising beautiful wallies like this XD I wonder if I could actually do it though with all the groups I'm running lol

    Anyway I luv this wallie sooooooooo much. If I had to pick a top 3 fav wallies of my life, this would definitely be one of them.

    *instant favs* And thanks so much for the wonderful gallery u put up of all ur gorgeous wallies! It was a lot of fun seeing them! <3

    merged: 06-06-2009 ~ 01:29am
    lol, b4 i 4get, w00t for tri-ace (and square enix)!
    And a special w00t to infinite undiscovery XD It should have its own place on MT, it deserves it.

  14. zweibo2007 Mute Member Aug 21, 2009

    beautiful thanks

  15. denitoo Aug 24, 2009

    :) :) :) :)

  16. crimson-blue Jan 24, 2010

    gud job!...
    I like it!..
    thx for sharing!

  17. ayoris Feb 03, 2010

    thanks for this good wallpapers

  18. SnickerdoodleNinja Retired Moderator Feb 23, 2010

    I really like the detail and incorporation of so many themes from the game used. Also very visually stunning.It's one of my favorites! I loves it!

  19. lolalola May 06, 2010

    speechless.... Great Job XD

  20. DiEs2882 Sep 26, 2010

    wonderfull artwork...

    thanks so much for the wallpaper...:D

  21. aisswen Mute Member Oct 06, 2010

    Thanks for the great wall

  22. nekopuma92 Nov 05, 2010

    i love all the shades of green in this wall paper

  23. 10zen10 Mar 26, 2011

    REal clean contrast, very vibrant, looks like an HDR photo.

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