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Thought I'd start the new year with a bang...
unfortunately, I may have set up too high a standard for myself. I don't have the patience to do this kind of thing all the time. >_> Slow painting really isn't my thing, and this took a lot out of me. I've also had tons of bad luck with this...

Anyway, I have yet to play this game, but I love the art, so I thought why not?

Program: Lascaux Sketch
Tools: Touchpad
Time: 13 hrs, 7 min
Reference from Creative Uncut
(like I can draw like this without a ref... >_>)
Progress Shots

EDIT: OMG. Highlight! Thank you!:D


Chosen by Chloe and MapleRose

I love the details in this painting, as well as the texture that DarthTofu has created, especially in the hat and and the claw designs. I also love his eyes, they're very mesmerizing, as if he can see through your soul.

Good work DarthTofu!

Proposed by Chloe and highlighted by MapleRose.

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  1. dslassey Jan 06, 2009

    Um... HOLY SHIT! Why isn't this elite? And why so few favs and no comments? D:
    This is beyond epic, Tofu.
    First off, it's Prince, and the new one for that matters, which rocks.
    Secondly, your painting kicks so much ass.
    Just wow....

  2. Chloe Retired Moderator Jan 06, 2009

    The detail... the colors... wow! I love his hat... turban... thing! It's awesome! Kudos to you for putting up with all the details and coloring!

  3. Sinever Jan 06, 2009

    COOL :o
    the details & his eyes are perfect XD
    well done & keep it up ;)

  4. twilightofrose Jan 06, 2009

    ... Wow. This has got to be my fav among all your art, ref or no. Too bad you don't have the patience to do more stuff like this XD

    Makes me wanna try Prince of Persia XD

  5. anit4e Jan 06, 2009

    How come I've missed this gorgeous piece of artwork?HOW!?!? >.<
    I mean...really...this has to be one of the most coolest drawings of the Prince I've EVER seen...and it's from the new one too! XD
    And I just love the eyes.You made them perfect and the same goes for the entire thing! :D
    Insanely amazing job here! XD ;)

  6. skye Jan 07, 2009

    this has got to be your best pic yet ^_^

  7. MapleRose Retired Moderator Jan 08, 2009

    I love his eyes, looks so intense, and even better than the reference pic =D

    Oh yeah, it's different from your usual style (speedpaint XD)

    wait, you used a touchpad? as in, the touchpad of laptop? O_o

  8. windyroller Jan 08, 2009

    I mentioned it on dA, and I'll say it again here: very nice job, Tofu. :D

  9. melymay Jan 08, 2009

    Whah. I want to play this game so bad. I love the new 'Prince'; great character design : ) Awesome job, on this.

  10. BloodWolfX Jan 08, 2009

    Woah... You recreated the art style of the game perfectly!
    And the amount of detail you put into it is incredible.
    Great job once again! XD

  11. lunagata Jan 09, 2009

    Holy... wow ! @__@
    this is amazing, simply breathtaking, great job!
    Great details and ... everything !
    *adds to favs*

  12. YoruAngel866 Jan 09, 2009

    No wonder why this is highlighted, awesome details especially eyes :)
    wonderful work, and already faved :)

  13. Angi Retired Moderator Jan 09, 2009

    as said on DA
    nice work, nice game ;)

  14. Jessyxo Jan 09, 2009

    I have the game its nice n this looks nice 2 thx xD

  15. aozoraskies Jan 09, 2009

    You. Got. Highlighted. YAAAAAYYY! Congratulations!
    Hehe, now for what you called the "epic comment of doom". LOL

    First, in the thumbnail, I am drawn in by the rich colours of purple and red, as well as the claw. Then, I got up close and wow, the textures are awesome. The details look so painstakingly painted, from the coils of the turban, the stray strings of cloth escaping from the folds, the gleam of well-worn metal, and of course, those sharp talons and those whirls carved into them. I've said this before, but his eyes are so intense, they seem to be staring at you, right out of the screen.
    The lighting shines nicely on them too, as if through winds of sand, casting glow on his skin, armour and gauntlet.. Rather like how the shadows were painted, accentuating the bridge of his nose, and bringing out the glint in his blue eyes.. Brr! I quite like the effect of cross-hatching, the texture it gives off is superb!
    The thin strokes also imply a windy background, successfully.

    By the way, did you enlarge this? ;) I didn't download the MT version just the DA one. :P And I'll fave. :) Hope I can reply, since I've been busy..

  16. Kasuga14 Jan 11, 2009

    Its AMAZING, its so accurate, and it looks exactly like the screenshot.

    You perfectly mimic the style that the new Prince of Persia had with its graphics. The brushstrokes along with the penmarks go VERY well with the sandstorm like effects in the painting. I love the amount of detail you added as well. The claw, the scarf, even the eyes are so accurate and yet beautifully mesmerizing. It certainly is a work of art. You should be VERY proud of this, considering that you cant get used to slow paced paintings. :)

  17. Strike-Force Jan 11, 2009

    Beautiful and amazing work (hope this will make you happy)

  18. Kazenonatsu Jan 12, 2009

    Thats crazy, its the definition of epic xD
    Good work, I hope to see more like this in the future definetely a fav =)

  19. Ayumi-Itoe Jan 14, 2009

    sweeeeet.. that's awesome. thx 4 sharing!

  20. beyondmeasure Jan 15, 2009


    ... looks like you have talent for somethin' you must die for.

  21. z4b33 Jan 15, 2009

    nice art... thanks for sharing

  22. ridersofthestorm Jan 16, 2009

    That's soooooo cooool! +fav

    btw i really love that game too.

  23. Katkoota Jan 17, 2009

    Wonderful art , Good job on this :)

  24. cremia Jan 20, 2009

    great doujin!
    I like new design this game. Your picture is great piece of work:)

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