Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Wallpaper: when silence roars

Akira Amano, Artland, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Takeshi Yamamoto, Hayato Gokudera Wallpaper
Akira Amano Mangaka Artland Studio Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Series Takeshi Yamamoto Character Hayato Gokudera Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

lately this has become a problem.


vector #54 | katekyo hitman reborn
time: ~12 hours
layers: 44 + 51
scan: upload thanks to pulver15 <33
easiest part: vector
hardest part: background colors
most enjoyable: clouds!


title reflects the silent din(a very hollywood concept no?) that follows an explosion of massive proportions. of course a la goku XD. but thats how i imagined the scene to be, right after an explosion

weee i'm back with my weird clouds :3. lately i have been starting a bajillion projects and not finishing them because im not motivated. well the cure? vector KHR of course :3 because this image is just so cool and its one of the easier ones out there

T_T at how much i cropped and resized the vector to do this...

i just wanted to extend the background but had a hard time choosing a time of day. finally it turned out to be like early sunset.

special thanks to kit-chan for her advice about the buildings. lol i feel like that element makes this a very kitten wall :3


this is designed to be easily cropped to different res.

editorial version at AP -- with alternate resolutions
PNG -- the full MASSIVE version
textless by request ^^;


vectory vector-wallers celestial-luminesse


happy new year <33 sorry i never finished my xmas or new year projects XD

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Browse Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. YoruAngel866 Jan 03, 2009

    Wow this is so cool vita chan!
    i love those clouds and buildings :D

  2. MoonFangs90 Jan 03, 2009

    So this is why you said in the middle of our chat yesterday "btw... Gokudera" :nya:
    It is awesome wallpaper just like all of yours... :nya:
    It's perfect, creative and really good combined wallpaper.. :nya:

  3. EevaLeena Jan 03, 2009

    No doubt on your vectoring skills! They're perfect! And what I like most is those smokes.. they look awesome! Great job, Vitaa-chan! >.<

  4. Straawbeeryy Jan 03, 2009

    Tra la la la la...
    Now that you mention it, whatever happened to your Christmas project?
    I just wanna eat your colorful clouds up. Fruit flavored cotton candy~
    There`s orange, blueberry, grape, vanilla, strawberry... XD
    Anyways, beautiful job.

  5. Pulver15 Jan 03, 2009

    This looks great!
    the smoke let it looks like they coming on stage or
    make them cool men in black guys XD
    and I really like how you've done the smoke ;)

  6. chrisp Jan 03, 2009

    this looks amazing! your vectoring skills are perfect!
    i love everythink about it! the smoke looks so real and flaWless
    and the buildings are really fitting in the wallie!
    really amazing wallpaper! like always ^^
    of corse fav!

  7. Sinever Jan 03, 2009

    the vector, the bg, the clouds of dust or smoke are very well done :)
    its a fav ;)

  8. tsuki-akari Jan 03, 2009

    Wow this is really cool wall
    I love the clouds and the building
    it's a really amazing wallpaper!

  9. gaara-no-shukaku Jan 03, 2009

    Beautiful colours! I love the reddish orange tone. And the text looks good and neat, plus the idea of adding buildings is superb. Great work on the wall. ^^

  10. Yamaro Jan 03, 2009

    Cool! Cool! Cool!

  11. Kitaan Retired Moderator Jan 03, 2009

    Your taking my style XD or rather, I'm brushing it off to you :3
    Great job on the clouds, your getting much better.
    I love the tones you used for them and also the overall colors
    of the wall. Great job making the city, you did it so well <3

  12. melymay Jan 03, 2009

    Great job on that fog. It's so fluffy, I want to dance in it XD The overall feel the wall gives of is great. Nice work.

  13. trofikabinet Jan 03, 2009

    I simply love the bg...the buildings and the clouds are wonderful... :D
    And the vector is also perfect!
    Everything blends together so well and the orange tones of the smoke add a
    warm and pleasant feeling:D
    Very reaistic;)
    and a fav of course :)

  14. dslassey Jan 03, 2009

    Man, I'm falling behind, Andrea. =_=
    You keep pushing out quality, top-notch work!
    The vector is... you know, I'm not even gonna say, since it's what I expect from you - excellence (oops, went ahead and said it anyway).
    And the background.... what can I say? It looks supurb! The buildings look amazing, and the cloudy/misty dust thing is painted so skillfully.
    You are improving at a blinding speed, my friend! *-*

  15. PunkyDarkmoon Jan 03, 2009

    Cool Yamamoto and Gokureda ^^

  16. mandragoraOff Jan 04, 2009

    I like the colors you chose, in a way it is like the buildings are burning down, yet it is the smoke that appears, not the fire... good job!

  17. Kairi-Hearts Jan 04, 2009

    g-o-k-u-d-e-r-a <33
    okay..excuse me for that XD
    neat vector, but I really have to say the bg is awesome!
    Love the colors you used for the smoke and the buildings are really great!
    You keep getting better! Another fav :3

  18. aqiaqua Jan 04, 2009

    Reeeborrn <3 And a Yama and Goku wall too!

    I really like your clouds. they're so puffy but they still fit the scene. It really does look as if Gokudera just threw a dynamite or ten. The background buildings are really well done. The subdued colour scheme makes it so realistic too. +fave, hope to see more <3

  19. lastwilight Jan 04, 2009

    wow! i love it!...the smoke/fog, the buildings, the sky, and let's not forget some of my favorite characters! great job!

  20. erikamirou Jan 04, 2009

    2 words: clouds of dust *__* (that's 3, actually XD )
    it's just.. ahm... i'm speechless *__* soooooo beautiful *_*

  21. Chloe Retired Moderator Jan 04, 2009

    *flaps arms* Oh my God! Yay!
    I was really hoping someone would vector that awesome scan. They look so good *_*
    I love the dust clouds. The colors are so cool! Great job!

  22. ASH-Hikari Jan 05, 2009

    Gah >.< I really don't comment on enough of your works! What's wrong with me XD
    What drew me to this one in particular was those clouds! I'm a huge sucker for painted clouds like that XD The outlines of the vector are luv <3 And the title is genius. I don't know anything about the KHR series but the guys in this image look kakkoi :P Another amazing work from you!

  23. maho-ho Jan 05, 2009

    I have not seen this series complete.
    I actually liked the work of the fund, are very good colors used, clouds and atmosphere are just good.
    Greetings! :)

  24. Katkoota Jan 05, 2009

    i like it :D
    how you made the fog and the buildings? i like em :o
    great job! :)

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