Monochrome Factor Wallpaper: HEartLEss~~

Kaili Sorano, A.C.G.T., Monochrome Factor, Akira Nikaido Wallpaper
Kaili Sorano Mangaka A.C.G.T. Studio Monochrome Factor Series Akira Nikaido Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Heya guys...finally it's time for my new wall...yay XD
This time I made a Monochrome factor one,hehe...I'm not sure if anyone is familiar with it,it's not so popular..I too have watched only 2 episodes of the anime...so I don't know much...I don't the name of this guy ether XD
First,this wall wouldn't be possible if there wasn't for my dear hayashi-chan who draw some of the missing parts of his body...thanx a lot,hayashi-chan...and I hope I can count on your help again,when the time comes,hehe... :)

About the vector&wall
time:3 days
layers vector:50
layers wall:10
original scan:here
program used:photoshop CS4

I don't have anything special to say about the wall...it was kinda pain in the a** to make it ,though...I had to really surf the Net to find the things I used in it...the brushes..and the font...and the wing...but I did it somehow,and I'm pleased with the result...I do love abstract walls,so this wall is great for my desktop...
I hope you like it also,hehe :)

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  1. hayashinomura Jan 03, 2009

    Wow, it's done! And it's awesome vector!
    I LOVE MONOCHROME! But I don't know this anime or manga anyway...~ just love the artwork at first sight... ^^"
    I'm glad you okay with my draw...~ ^^ also you present this wall for me! Thanx a lot! *hugs*
    You can count me again if you need, Christa-san, and hope I can help you again ^^

  2. kuryuki Jan 03, 2009

    =3 how nice
    you should write something on how you did the bg =3 =3 =3

    merged: 01-03-2009 ~ 04:52am
    =O y is it in others btw?

  3. KingdomofHearts Jan 03, 2009

    Very nice but what anime/manga is it from , if one at all, is it just heartless?

  4. Yamaro Jan 03, 2009

    Great gray wall! I like the softness of it! Vector is really cool! I like how pulse font fits with red brushes, really cool! ?????????????!

    p.s. now I'm working on some project like this wall. with name "D.Gray-Style"
    p.p.s where did you find that wing?

  5. EuforiaAmuritaNatsumi Jan 03, 2009

    Waaa sugeee
    I like the Background
    this is very nice wallie and really cool><

  6. YoruAngel866 Jan 03, 2009

    Wow i like this version more than the one you showed me.
    i guess this time it looks much much better and btw nice vector :)

  7. NiceLilDevil Jan 04, 2009


  8. aznwtydragon Jan 04, 2009

    Love the wing in the background

  9. Koboshi93 Jan 05, 2009

    Wow a Monochrome factor wall xD
    So rare and very nice vector!
    I love the ambiance

  10. Hanahanoiday Jan 05, 2009

    Wow,i love this grey color,the desing is very original and stylistic!
    I love Monochrome factor and this is from now my favorite wall!
    Vector is excelent done,really very amazing finished his body!
    GREAT Work!

  11. filo05 Jan 06, 2009

    Nice one! I like monochrome walls, this one is really good, fav!

  12. animelover901120 Jan 06, 2009


  13. selemental Banned Member Jan 13, 2009

    this wallie is amazing!
    it reminds me of my ideals!
    But besides its theme,
    the textures are beautiful and rlly bring out a dark yet "clear" and "light" sense of feeling from the wallie! It's amazing how you managed to do that! And the design of that symbolic wing is gorgeous. The drawing of the guy (looks like Lockon a bit) is also very good! XD he's a hottie 4 sure! And i especially like the phrases and text you put in. And the way the title is on the picture is awesome!

    i have nothing but compliments for this.

    FOR ANYONE PASSING BY Please full-view this wallie, else you're really missing out on sooooo much!


  14. kuroihime30 Jan 14, 2009

    very well...bichromatism and vinil aplications in the background

  15. animelover901120 Feb 01, 2009

    marvelous....just simply like it...thx for sharing

  16. H0ll0wSmile Feb 04, 2009


  17. dokukamedesu Mar 05, 2009


  18. morriee Jan 03, 2010

    I love Monochrome Factor, thanks for the wallpaper :D

  19. summoner1234 Jan 30, 2010

    wow Thanks for sharing. I like thatttttttttttt

  20. rinoa586 Apr 29, 2010

    akira is hot....thanks for the scan

  21. aa97864 Sep 21, 2010

    very nice
    I like the Background
    Thanks for sharing.

  22. minwoolee Oct 07, 2010

    thanks for sharing *__* <3<3<3<3<3

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