Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Wallpaper: For A Beautiful Future

Yun Kouga, Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Setsuna F. Seiei Wallpaper

1680x1050 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

i've had very little painting experience, just some mouse work and a bit of clouds and smoke for a d. grayman wall using my tablet. so i wanted to try to paint. for real. and this is what happened with my first experiment. xD;; i feel bad submitting something so depressing on the first day of the year... >__>

after watching season one, i was obsessed. but i never found a image that i felt like walling. season two came along and i'm not that impressed. (goes to show that the time they spent planning s1 was necessary.) still wanted to wall gundam 00 though!

and so i vectored a sketch yun koga drew for while designing characters for g00. finishing her art was a pain because 1) i know zilch about drawing guns and 2) she doesn't seem to know much about drawing them either lol -- i only had a few lines to go on. -__-" the rest was barely planned, no references used. dan did point me to a game screenshot site to get me to draw better buildings though. and i CANNOT paint trailing smoke to save my life!

i think this image came subconsciously into my head because of the art for s2 ED "Prototype" but i'm so lazy that i can't be bothered to watch it just for reference. so on the conscious level, i have to thank s1 OP "Daybreak's Bell" instead. < 3 i hate long descriptions, so i'll leave out the story behind this concept/the title. (this is already writing too much.)

it has its sloppy points. what can i say. i'm a noob at this. but it was fun. :'D i have learned and will do better next time. oh and i forgot earlier but this is for the 100 Themes Project @ Instant Noodles #25: Tomorrow. Because tomorrow is the future and our future is our tomorrows... lame reason, yeah.

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  1. vitaamin Jan 02, 2009

    this is gorgeous for your first time painting O_O. and an absolutely lovely texture.

    this is a pretty different style but i have to say you do it well :D. i love your clouds, although i think the sun could be a bit bigger/more blurred. i think you did a magnificent job with the rocks. and well the gun turned out great XD i would be interested to see an interpretation without the smoke trails but i think they look fine.


  2. tsuki-akari Jan 02, 2009

    awesome job on the painting
    i just love the rocks..the smoke...the sun...clouds, actually everything XD
    especially the colors you've used ^^
    great job!

  3. email938 Jan 02, 2009

    very cool paper. I really like the background.

  4. YoruAngel866 Jan 02, 2009

    Although i dont like setsuna i love this wall.
    i love the effects and painting :D
    well done

  5. trofikabinet Jan 02, 2009

    This one is awesome! :D
    And your first painting?!
    Wow... I wish I could do that... :)

  6. Koboshi93 Jan 02, 2009

    wow beautiful for a first painting! I love the background the colors are gorgeous.

  7. Chloe Retired Moderator Jan 03, 2009

    Absolutely beautiful. I LOVE the background and the colors are great! It's so neat 0_0

  8. ReyLunaShin Jan 03, 2009

    Nice wallie!
    I like the background,
    It's beautiful!

  9. kevinskie Jan 03, 2009

    I like the yellow tone of the sunset.

  10. MapleRose Retired Moderator Jan 03, 2009

    *jawdrops* are you sure this is just an experiment and you've never painted before? XD

    whaddya mean you know zilch about drawing guns? The details are amazing!

    I love the colours, esp the colours of the sky. also love the texture of the ground. the smoke, fire, and village are all so well-painted, I love the details.

    And Set-chan is so cute (*is worried he's standing a bit too close to the edge and might fall off* XD) >__< You're awesome for working from such a undetailed sketch.

    p.s. yeah, it does kinda remind me of the scene at the beginning of the ending song...

  11. Shinyashiki Jan 03, 2009

    you FIRST? man, if I didn't read you comments I'd thought you're a pro!

  12. kiizhibi Jan 03, 2009

    very cute boy

  13. Kairi-Hearts Jan 04, 2009

    first experiment?....this is awesome *_*
    and look at the gun! So full of details!
    I'm really loving the colors and the texture. It looks great.
    Everything is simply amazing!
    It's awesome! <33

  14. Fran Retired Moderator Jan 05, 2009

    First attempt? *hides currently wallpaper in progress, which is painting*

    God, you're just amazing. I love the details and everything.
    I'm amazed that you have completed that little scan.
    Excellent job! <33

  15. holyPaladin Jan 06, 2009

    OMG this Setsuna wall really nice!
    Good work!

  16. animelover901120 Jan 06, 2009

    It's really beauiful....to colour tone are so nice^^

  17. limeic Jan 07, 2009

    The details are absolutely amazing! I love your paint style :D

  18. animeppaa Jan 08, 2009

    nice draw,the background is great,i love sunset in this draw. But character isn't as good as anime.

  19. takkunsama May 30, 2009

    setsuna! gambatte!

  20. diana458gt Jun 29, 2009

    esta muy buena la imagen, me encanta ese anime

  21. ownkasia Aug 20, 2009

    Setsuna during war always makes me sad... this wallpaper is great, I love it so much!

  22. SkyOfFreedom Mute Member Sep 22, 2009

    oh it's quite nice^^ nice job :)

  23. cheetosandmovies Nov 30, 2009

    Wow, this is awesome!
    I haven't yet watched Gundam 00 (don't know why, because I've heard good things about it), but this picture makes me want to watch it.


  24. jmint Mar 16, 2010

    omg.. awesome picture! thanks for sharing XD

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