La Campanella della Benedizione Wallpaper: THUNDERGOD

La Campanella della Benedizione, Salsa Tortilla, Ritos Tortilla Wallpaper
La Campanella della Benedizione Series,Visual Novel Salsa Tortilla Character Ritos Tortilla Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Ahhhhhhhhh, finally it's finished! This is my first ever collaberation wall. EVER.


This is the lovable Kitten's Christmas present from the both of us. <3

So, I first started this like... 2 weeks ago. I was talking with Vitaa about what I should make for Kitten, and she was like, "anything cute". Basically, something that was so not my style. So I was cruising Moe.imouto.com and came across this cute scan. I showed Vitaa and she said it was perfect. YAY.

I swear... this was like torture. I REALLY did not want to vector it, but I did it for Kitten. And the vector did turn out better than I expected it would. It wasn't too too hard - just took a long time. As for the colors, I wasn't gonna use Christmas colors at first, but then I decided to make this my main Christmas wall as well. For Girl A, I wanted her to look Irish, because Irish girls are adorable. I especially love her little freckles. <3
For Girl B, I wanted her to be the stereotypical Swiss girl - you know, blonde hair and blue eyes.
Obviously the Irish girl had dibs on the green, and the Swiss girl was stuck with the red, but the color scheme looks pretty... to me... DON'T JUDGE ME!

For the background, I had no idea what to do (yeah, this was originally a solo effort). I talked to Vitaa about it several times, and she hooked me up with scans and whatnot, but I kept failing. So, earlier this afternoon, I asked if she wanted to collab with me, since she was having fun painting clouds and stuff.

She totally did a dynamite job, wouldn't you agree? So, after applying the wee lasses to the bg, she added some finishing touches to make it all flow together. This is totally something neither of us would do. Crazy colorful clouds on Vitaa's part, and cute cute girls on mine. XD

The title is... odd... of course, but it's something of an inside joke I have with Kitten. She should understand... THUNDERGOD! >:0

Her's the .PNG if anyone wants it: LINK

Enjoy, Minna, and have a Merry Christmas!

And of course, you too, Kitten. <3

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  1. vitaamin Dec 24, 2008

    I AM SO HAPPY WE FINALLY COLLABED wootttttt i told you it would be awesome
    i'm sure no one could guess it was us

    first: i NEVER thought i would do a collab where i was in charge with the bg, so taht was definitely a challenge. ugh my clouds still suck, and i got a little too color happy but im glad we worked it out OX.

    and second: cutsy girls are so not us but WHATEVER

    awesome we have to collab again sometime.

  2. Kitaan Retired Moderator Dec 24, 2008

    Am I that easy to get? Sure, sure throw a cute image at Kitten,
    that outta knock her out, yea well not this time...screw it, I can't hide it
    anymore. I Love the image <33 It's very me, and you two know me too well.

    The vector is great, I love the colors and painting over them.
    The background is so Vita, and compliments the wonderful vector with it's soft
    and smooth colors.

    Rainbow Clouds! couldn't resist...their so cute, and I love rainbows,
    big too so I can eat them *o*
    I love the list she has in her arms, and the writing since usually someone
    would have written crap not real words.

    I love it and I love you both as well very much,
    Thank you very much <33
    And now, I will come to take you both home with me so back your
    shit and wait at the door. Everyone say goodbye to Vita and Dev for awhile.

  3. senpai147 Dec 24, 2008

    hahaha they are so cute, nice job with the wall man~

  4. MiMi Feb 10, 2009

    Oooh but tell me why doesnt this wall got some faves!
    because it's so cute! <3 kawaii ne! ^_^ *faving it*
    great job here, vitaa-san and dev-kun <3

  5. johnny22clare Sep 02, 2009

    stunningly gorgeous i love it

  6. Asagi-chan Jul 13, 2010

    Thanks for sharing. Nice ...vallpaper!

  7. peachypeach123 Nov 06, 2010

    Awww kawaii :]
    Thanks for sharing!~

  8. harima94 Nov 14, 2010

    very good picture of shukufuku no campanella

  9. teknolaize Nov 25, 2010

    nice scan,

    thanks for sharing ^^

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