Mabinogi Wallpaper: Guardian Angel

Mabinogi, Morrighan Wallpaper
Mabinogi Game Morrighan Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

even though my previous attempt at tech/vector with my wolfs rain wall wasnt very well recieved, i decided to try it out again. imo though, i actually liked what i did with my previous attempt, and this one is nowhere near the effort and time i had put into that one. also dont like it as much, but heck since i spent alot of time on it i just decided to submit it.
the wall is a tad messy looking imo, kinda went overboard when i was doin the tech. well anyways, the pic is from a korean game called "mabinogi" i think and the title is just from the juno reactor song of the same name.
well anyways, feel free to bash away.....

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  1. ZyreX Aug 22, 2004

    looks really nice! ^^

  2. trbarton Aug 22, 2004

    @_@ she can be my guardian......

  3. gendo1 Aug 22, 2004

    An absolute beautifull wall. Well done in all aspects. You certainly have my fav.

  4. Osiris Retired Moderator Aug 22, 2004

    oh damn, love that tech design :D


  5. Cloudnine Aug 22, 2004

    hahaha~ I wonder if I was the only one who loved the kiba wall =p

    awesome tech indeed :3 The messy look adds a unique touch to the BG, creative stuff imo :3

  6. Noctum Aug 22, 2004

    Man, that's not a simple wallpaper, it's a piece of art.
    Excellent and very unique work, crapmonster. :)

  7. kenzuke Aug 22, 2004

    Awesome stuff :) very unique! :)

  8. abcsr2ez4me Aug 22, 2004

    You can really see the quality of work. I think it looks great

  9. jornada Aug 22, 2004

    An angel and abstract stuff.
    I like it

  10. blackwolf Aug 22, 2004

    Really nice, i love the tech design, great wall !!!!!!

  11. sammo Retired Moderator Aug 22, 2004

    ah...crap...time to delete my wall psd now xD great job on the wall!

  12. Sandra Aug 22, 2004

    Wow,she's great,i love angels,add to favs :]

  13. Asahi Aug 22, 2004

    that looks great !

  14. UndyingShadow Aug 22, 2004

    awesome wall man. Love the design

  15. Taurec Aug 22, 2004

    i have to get used to the position of the character .. it's nice enough ...

  16. Ziggyz0m Aug 22, 2004

    WOW awesome wall I love it! great tech! :D

  17. keenan83 Aug 22, 2004

    looks really cool man.

  18. h2dz Aug 22, 2004

    @_@.. whoa!.. awesome wall :)
    the tech bg is off the hook XD
    and the girl is jus beautiful ^^
    awesome work.. u jus gots to luv it :D
    must add to favs! ^^

  19. Yura Aug 22, 2004

    awesome tech wall is really great

  20. GundamZZ Retired Moderator Aug 22, 2004

    awesome idea man!!! i really like the 2D work in this one.....its very unique and coool :D keep it up!

  21. Meg Aug 22, 2004

    whoa..yeah sammo was walling this same image too XD. pretty cool. I like it when people try different styles and not just stick to one. good job.

  22. Sephiroth Aug 22, 2004

    awesome wall!

    i love it ^^

  23. biriwilg Retired Moderator Aug 22, 2004

    :O Sammo was walling this too! *goes to stop sammo from deleting his psd* Incredible job, the tech is just amazing! I like the monochrome too, it's very refreshing. ^_^

  24. stardusted Aug 22, 2004

    It's nice to see different things ^.^ We all need to move out of our usual element at some point.

    But I really like this - the colors are really nice, especially for all the different colors for different lines. And the slightly messy bit is really cool. I love how different parts of an image are sprinkled everywhere. The entire none-standard design is much appreciated by me ^______^ Waai~ Excellent job :D

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