Canvas 2: Niji-iro no Sketch Wallpaper: A Night Time Stroll

F&C, Canvas 2: Niji-iro no Sketch, Kiri Kikyou Wallpaper
F&C Studio Canvas 2: Niji-iro no Sketch Series,Visual Novel Kiri Kikyou Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

well i took a crack at making a wall...my first one so go easy on it haha XD mm let's see...scan's from MT...bak when MT was relatively new...no clue where or who scanned it so kudos to him i love the scan
*i kno extraction is bad...still working on how to do that well...
*the girl doesn't really flow with the bg cuz she's got a hat on...lol i've heard that one as well...i'll make another one after this with a day bg...we'll see how that goes
*the lighting is messed up cuz this is my first time experimenting with photoshop for walling purposes and things went haywire towards the end blaaa
*a special thanx to Ningen's Anime Site for teachin me how to make realistic grass XD
*I love my fireflies thingies...i think the best part of this wall is the ground haha...everythin is bleeeeeeh...but practice makes perfect. hope to make more walls in the future...joining the trend XD
*last but not least...comments are always welcome...constructive or destructive if u wish lol...although that would make me sad lol...enjoy XD

P.S. i forgot to add...a big thing to forget lol...dun gimme full credit for the bg..it was a picture i took from when i went to india... i just changed it around a bit so yea...i'm not that good haha XD

P.P.S. i listened to everyone's comments about the font and since i have no life...i changed it lol...darker font now...enjoy XD

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  1. rory07 Aug 22, 2004

    very nice!..i like..i like alot :D

  2. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Aug 22, 2004

    Shut up this is SO not your first wall. The skill that this has in it is simply amazing.

    Alrighty! First off I really love the girl, no ecchi ^^ Yay for you. Either or your still VERY popular on MT.

    Ok, now for the wall.
    holy crap! What is the matter with you? That background is SO perfect FOR this! I love the lighting effect to (I'm assuming this) give it the firefly feel and really gives it a nature feeling.

    The moon lighting, wow. That is all I can say is hot damn that is VERY good. That is such a realistic factor that this background seriously feels like a real time photo. The grass, tree, and the clouds as well. Though it looks like its gonna rain judging by the clouds. She could use an umberlla *gives her one* I know....I know I am a handsome devil.... Yes you can touch me ^.~.

    hahaha, anyways Kd! Your a natural at walling, I don't know how everyone else will feel but I think this is amazing! I really love this wall and this is my favorite for the day, hands down.

  3. Miroku4444 Aug 22, 2004

    Awesome first wall KD. The character is alittle dark, but the bg rocks. The grass and fireflys are so cool. I dont think the extraction is that bad,Good first wall kd man. :) :) :)

  4. candy-chan Retired Moderator Aug 22, 2004

    man, this is better than my first wall >.<
    but oh well, i think the moon should have been centered and not...on top of the trees XD. and small tip: text is way too flashy, it must blend in more than that

  5. kc2 Aug 22, 2004

    Nice wall, keep on working, some little problems here and there, but too little... hehe.... perhaps changing the text color because it doesn't blend really well with the bg... Anyway good job!!! XD

  6. reaps Aug 22, 2004

    very good first wall! you will pick this stuff up quickly i can tell, i'm still adjusting to anime :) it requires imagination and creativity, which aren't my strongest attributes XD. but non the less, this is a great first wall, keep it up, and if u need help with tools/commands, gimme a shout on aim er something, i'll do my best to help :) (couldn't that one night tho, i mean c'mon, it was CS: Source! :))

  7. Rex Aug 22, 2004

    nyaaa.......kd's first wall!!

    hmmm.......aside from da evil text....the moon still looks a bit sharp around the edges there...give it some inner/outer glow on it...

    and...lets see....oh yea...there was suppose to be a tree on top of her right? make that more visiable...now it's like scary ghost tree o.o"

    i guess that's it for now =^.^=

  8. Fantasia Aug 22, 2004

    I like the bg~
    i think the girl is in sunshine,but the bg is night,it seems a bit strange
    anyway,the fireflies are very beautiful*^^*

  9. biriwilg Retired Moderator Aug 22, 2004

    Awesome job for a first wall, KD, the way you've blended the bg elements is great! :> Looks very realistic, and that girl gathering fireflys is just too cute! ^_^ I can't wait to see your next wall!

  10. Strawberrychu Aug 22, 2004

    Are you serious? Your first wall!? This is awesome! I'm not kidding my first wallpaper looked like crap! Good job KD, very nice, and the girl is cute too~

  11. kringol Aug 22, 2004

    Excellent wall, lovely character. It has a great contrast with the dark background, it has eared a place in my actual wall list and fav list. Keep up the good work, you really did it xD

  12. WunAngelwHoney Aug 22, 2004

    wow! it really is good for a first wall!
    and u gota pretty bg ! ^-^

  13. miketo Aug 22, 2004

    Beautiful wallpaper, very evocative. I like the innocence and happiness you captured.

  14. dMp Aug 22, 2004

    i can't make you feel bad about a first wall. of course mine wasn't this good. haha. you know what i like? i think making the moon glow brighter would be nicer. anyhow...not bad.

  15. aquiles Banned Member Aug 22, 2004

    Wow!! Nice wall!! I don't believe that this is your first wall, is very nice. :)

  16. gigahertz Aug 22, 2004

    I like the way the fire flies are flying around the girl. I like the girl too ^_^

  17. FallenAngel Aug 22, 2004

    Nice job for your first wall kd. I kind of agree with candy that the moon should be centered but oh well.

  18. sammo Retired Moderator Aug 22, 2004

    great job on the first wall KD! expecting somethig spectacular from you in the future :)

  19. stardusted Aug 22, 2004

    Waaa~ kd does walls now too? o.o

    Love the sky and the plant and grass :D And how it all fits around the girl. Now I think you prolly should've extended the grass a bit more to the right. And the text really stands out. But beyond those two things, I love it ^.^ Such an amazing job kd~~~~

  20. sword Aug 22, 2004

    wall pretty good for a first attempt but u still have a long way to go!

  21. irix Aug 22, 2004

    yeah, it's great for your first work!!! ^^

  22. volrath77 Aug 22, 2004

    Nicely done. Good one. :)

  23. kenzuke Aug 22, 2004

    O_O Pretty nice for a first wall!!! :)
    Just keep wallin and you'll be makin wicked stuff soon!! XD

  24. Atashi Aug 22, 2004

    i like much, + fav

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