Kobato Wallpaper: .:Just to say I love you:.

CLAMP, Madhouse, Kobato, Kobato Hanato Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Madhouse Studio Kobato Series Kobato Hanato Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Yaay it's finished! XD

This is a gift for all of my friends and great artists here on MT
Friends as Kairi-chan, Kitten-chan, Abul and Kazemon,
and wonderful artists like Sinever-san, Ash-san,
EevaLeena, christabel92, MoonFangs90, Straawbeeryy, tsuki-akari,
CuteSherry, Chloe-san, yoruangel866, MapleRose,
moonescape, Entity-san, vitaamin, xAnime4Lifex,
Gaara-san, kuryuki, Artificialraindrop, rubenz,
kashikosa, Sakura-Dust, Barara-san, Omone... and so many more!

(sorry if i forgot someone ^^''' 'cause i already forgot about Omone, Eevaleena and Abul ^^''' sorry guys ^^''' I really typed your names, but i don't knoe what happened ~_~ )

These are just some i know (i never talked with some of them though XD ) and i just love they're works! ^^

I started to vector Kobato a while ago, but some days ago, i finally finished her XD I was going to submit her as a vector, but i don't like to give vectors as a gift so, i made this simple background XD
The vector wasn't hard to do, just spent a lot of time with the hair XP I painted her skin, and the some of the pieces of her clothes XD
Then i made the background XD (duhh XD ) i wanted a sky background, but it looked way too empty just with the clouds, so i added up some trees (wich suck, btw) and some birds (yeah yeah, copy paste XP )

I hope you all like it ^^ And keep up the great work guys!

vectory celestial-luminesse sakura--cb vector-wallers clampfans clamp-a-holic tsubasa syaoran-shrine ss-shrine carnelian-sworld code-geass-knights kyoani-fans dark-wallies anime-love-couples fangirl-mode-on cafe-tb soul-eater-shibusen

P.S.: about the title... i hate titles -.- and i suck at naming wallpapers XD my first idea was "the perfect smille to say i love you", but i think it looked too long XD
GAHHH i forgot about the sig on the wallpaper! XD i'll update it later XD

Edit: i forgot about Minami-san! Sorry! T__T

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Browse Kobato Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Omone Dec 11, 2008

    What am lovely vectored wallpaper =D and you vectored kobato. i don't know why but for me kobato is one of the most difficult series XD you did very very well =D and this is such a nice and peaceful atnosphere. it reminds me of spring, my favourite season =D just amazing XD

    and wow you even mentioned me above. wow what an honour for me since for me your one of the best artist here on mt =D
    anyways really good wallpaper..

  2. YoruAngel866 Dec 11, 2008

    beautiful :D
    thanx also for dedicating it to me too :D im glad you like my walls :D
    i like yours too
    anyway vector is really really nice and i love her eyes
    beautiful job erika :D

  3. christabel92 Dec 11, 2008

    thanx a lot for the dedication,I'm glad that somebody likes my works ;)
    I love yours as well,and this wall is no exception...I like the blurred bg and her eyes..she's really cute :)
    nice work,erika-chan XD
    I want more <3

  4. hayashinomura Dec 11, 2008

    It's beautiful wallie and vector ^^
    I love Kobato and thanks to you to make this awesome wall of her ^^
    Really really lovely great work~ Erika-san ^^

  5. vitaamin Dec 11, 2008

    OMG ITS GORGEOUS lol and you are sooooo sweet we barely ever talked and you mentioned me T_T. which i am quite sad about because you are so amazing. i love the beautiful sweetness of your works and this is no exception, lovely coloring, wonderful bg

    and i'm always waiting for new things from you =]

    we shall talk more once i get off hiatus... OX

    and why are you not on my watchlist-nesss?

  6. Kitaan Retired Moderator Dec 11, 2008

    Darn, you know me too well - using Kobato...she's
    my weakness.
    I love bg, very cute and painted very nicely.
    The fluffy clouds are adorable and so are the trees,
    if I could make a few suggestions: Make the birds smaller,
    make the sky more blue-ish and also lighten the trees in back.
    They look too dark for a happy wall like this ^^

    Kobato looks very nice and you vectored great, Thanks
    for the lovely gift sis. It's beautiful <3

  7. Yamionpu Dec 11, 2008

    TT_TT She is so beautifull I actually started crying while looking in her eyes TT_TT
    *is in love *

  8. Tifa-chan Dec 11, 2008

    Love your wallpaper! Your vector is great and the bg to! ^^

  9. barara Dec 11, 2008

    I love it! Kobato-chan is so cute! >.<
    Great job in your wallie :D
    +fav desu~

  10. EmyBlossom Dec 11, 2008

    KYAAAAN! It looks so perfect! I can't see a single flaw that would make it even less than so! I love it thank you so much! :D *favie favie*

  11. himura088 Dec 11, 2008

    So cute!
    Thanks for the bright cheery bg!
    I really like how u vector her!

  12. Koboshi93 Dec 11, 2008

    aww she is so cute I love her expression!

  13. aqiaqua Dec 11, 2008

    Beautiful <3 I like the softness of the colouring and it's such a cute scene to vector :)

    +fave~ Keep up the amazing vectors <3

  14. jns Dec 11, 2008

    Cute ^^ Gosto mesmo muito da maneira como fazes os vectors ^^ A Kobato.chan 'e tao phopha pah!

  15. Rella Dec 12, 2008

    Awww, that's a really cute wallpaper. Hehe, love the manga. Nicely vectored. Good job! =D

  16. xay09 Dec 12, 2008

    purrrty kobato =3

  17. Straawbeeryy Dec 12, 2008

    Aww, I can`t believe you would think I`m a wonderful artist. We`ve never really talked so I`m really surprised. =D
    You`re really just too awesome. <3 It`s also weird too considering how much better your are than me. :3
    I`m so glad you did Kobato. She is love. I love the fluffy clouds. They`re like cotton candy. XD I agree with kitchan about how the trees are a bit too dark. The vector is wonderful as usual. Love the way you shaded Kobato.
    A really beautiful job! :]

  18. knkh Dec 12, 2008

    kawaii! AWESOME!

  19. Kairi-Hearts Dec 12, 2008

    thanks ^^ Really glad you made a wall out of it :)
    wah gomen >_< just arrived home and I'm a bit tired!
    but you know what I think of it :nya:

  20. tsuki-akari Dec 12, 2008

    kyaaa i give for me ^^ she is so beautiful :D
    vector is gorgeous and i love the clouds. am i a great artist? thanks so much, you are much better than me :D
    it's a really wonderful wall...i love it! ^^

  21. MoonFangs90 Dec 12, 2008


  22. angelicstar618 Dec 12, 2008

    very nice and pretty. i love how u used the colors.

  23. EternalEthelion Dec 13, 2008

    she looks like sakura XD

  24. ayumi-90 Dec 13, 2008

    Lovely wallpaper and vector! You are amazing! Thanks for sharing! :)

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