Earl and Fairy Wallpaper: My fairy

Asako Takaboshi, Artland, Earl and Fairy, Lydia Carlton, Edward Ashenbert Wallpaper
Asako Takaboshi Mangaka Artland Studio Earl and Fairy Series Lydia Carlton Character Edward Ashenbert Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

yay finally earl and fairy category :D
anyway this is a gift for kairi-hearts
i just got to know her, and i learned her bday passed already so i decided to make this bday gift for her
i already know she like this couple so i think i made right choice :D
special thanx to Vitaamin :D who suggested me coloring of petals
anyway i worked on a screenshot which was like this:


there were some parts i couldnt see well so i did what i could, so here you are.
her hands were like that so dont tell me if they look a little strange
anyway i used a lot of gradients as you can see, i just love them
since the background on screenshot was empty i decided to fill it with petals of pink rose :D
i also added moooooooore shadings on them, well a lot more, changed most of the colors, i mean i brightened them etc
her hair was also less visible so i had to recolor and redone it again
oh the process was painful, it consumed more time than i expected :(
btw i will surely die if i correct this again....

anyway details time:

photoshop cs2
psd file size=152mb

oh and it seems codes for groups dont look right so i wont post them here, and i will submit them in groups later

i hope you like it kairi and everyone else :D
btw as you can see on the sreenshot, there is text "my fairy" so i decided to name it like that

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  1. hayashinomura Dec 09, 2008

    So beautiful wallie from you, Yoru-san ^^
    The vector is nice too as always and I love the petals too ^^ It's really suitable here ^^
    Great work + fav ^^

  2. nongxiong Dec 09, 2008

    Beautiful wallpaper! *nosebleed* I love the petals that you used and the colors were a nice choice too. Thanks for sharing. Fav!

  3. JockeII Dec 09, 2008

    Yay, finally a Hakushaku to Yousei wp! :D

  4. Yamionpu Dec 09, 2008

    Omg it's so beautifull! I love it! *___*!
    They seem so peacefull and happy.... Edgar's georgeous *w*

  5. Kairi-Hearts Dec 09, 2008

    yay it's here! and it's for me too? aww, thanks so much yoru-chan >_<
    neat vector, and the colors are gorgeous! The gradients really give a nice touch to it^^
    The petals were a really good addition! They look great!
    I love it! Thanks so much for this gorgeous gift :)

  6. Scampi Dec 09, 2008

    Very romantic wallpaper, nice vector. The rose petals adds more detail to the background. Instant fave!

  7. Koboshi93 Dec 09, 2008

    awww finally someone do rthis pic in vector!
    i love it very net and beautifgul present ^^
    btw I want the bishies to raven <3

  8. Sinever Dec 09, 2008

    lovely vectoring as usual little sis :D
    the petals added a nice touch to the wall :)
    well done ;)

  9. MiMi Dec 09, 2008

    nice wall yoru-chan, you forgot to submit it to Cafe-tb

  10. christabel92 Dec 09, 2008

    Nice work,I like this image,so romantic...but I don't like the petals,unlike most of the people...they are just strange to me...
    anyways,nice work on gradients ;)

  11. YENESIS Dec 09, 2008

    Yeah! nice vector" is romatic! wooaau!
    pretty!the patals are soo lovely"

  12. mali15 Dec 10, 2008

    Hey this is great i love this anime and the quality is awesome too! :)

  13. EuforiaAmuritaNatsumi Dec 10, 2008

    Haahiii,Suggge Jyan
    Love the coloring and the petal
    You make a beautifull wallie again yoru-chan^^
    Very awesome

  14. Esther-Louis Dec 10, 2008

    wow! it looks beautiful in vector.. i love the way yu did it.. kyaa! lydia and edgar.. so cute X3 now all yu need is one of raven.. haha jks

  15. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator Dec 10, 2008

    Wow, such a beautiful wallpaper! You've done it again, Yoru :D
    I absolutely love the soft colors and how you made the gradient on the sheets - a blue tone towards him and a pink one towards her :)
    It certainly deserves a fav, great work! Keep it up! :D

  16. chrisp Dec 10, 2008

    kyaaa i love this T_T .... after i saw the screenshot i wanted to make a wallie with this...but i am sure this is so much better than i would ever do XD
    the vector and colors are great! love it!

  17. angel26278 Dec 10, 2008

    very beuatiful work
    I add to fav

  18. s4r4h Dec 11, 2008

    very beautiful wallpaper, your great (^ ^)

  19. Evanchrist Dec 11, 2008

    So sweet and romantic :nya

    merged: 12-11-2008 ~ 06:53am
    So sweet and romantic pix X-P

  20. Sharna Dec 11, 2008

    Yippieeee an Earl and Fairy pic.... love it absolutely love it... makes me wish that i had even an ounce of artistic talent

  21. Shirahime Dec 11, 2008

    i can feel the romance just pouring out of the wallpaper. beautiful ! :D

  22. SpaceFrog23 Dec 11, 2008

    Lovely vector, stunning colors and a very nice wallpaper in the end.

  23. knkh Dec 12, 2008

    so lovely.

  24. tsuki-akari Dec 12, 2008

    this is so romantic ^^
    lovelyl vectoring...and i love the colors of your wall :D
    great job yoru-chan!

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