Yoshitaka Amano Wallpaper: Bicycle Shorts for my Sweet Heart

Yoshitaka Amano, Imagine Wallpaper
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Yup, title makes no sense of all. Deal with it. XD

Nah, from this day forward, I am naming every one of my wallpapers something I would use as a name for a song I wrote... or something like that. I think it'll be fun - you'll all get to see how effed up my mind is. :nya:

So I found the most AMAZING and artisticly beautiful Yoshitaka Amano scan, provided by the awesome DREAM.

So I decided to vector/paint of fleet of flying picks. At first it was gonna be a bunch of pigs with different patterns, but then I started to think of them as an Air Force. But an older, slower Air Force. Like the old bomber fleets during WWII. So I colored them that way (particularly the B-52 Bombers).

So I needed a cloudy sky background. I found some awesome brushes at Deviantart and just worked with those, since I've never used photoshop before, nor have I ever painted any backgrounds. I wanted something simple and majestic. I have always found the thought of hundreds of vintage bombers flying in formation high above the clouds. Just seems so awesome to me.

Then I finished it off with making it looked like a mix between old paper and an old war movie. I was gonna try making an old war propaganda poster, but it turned out kinda.. lame.

Soo.... enjoy, Minna. :)

depths-of-sound vectory vector-wallers

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  1. xAnime4Lifex Dec 03, 2008

    Very funny. XD I wonder what the bombs would be... and where they would come out from? Hopefully not their rear-end. ^_^' Vectoring looks great though, as well as the layout. In your sig though, it says "Sweat Heart."

    Nice work!

  2. Alfredosanchez Dec 03, 2008

    Very cool, thanks for the post.

  3. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator Dec 03, 2008

    You're been making weird walls lately... XD They're great, though, so I'm not complaining!
    It's so adorable (and disturbing), I love the clouds and the whole "freedom" feel it has to it. I'm a sucker for awesome scenic walls :3
    Of course I'll add this to my faves, 'cause I can't resist a weird, scenic wall! Keep up the great work, Dev!

  4. vitaamin Dec 03, 2008

    i think the background needs to be textured more than the pigs and that ti would be nice to have a yellow/orange glow somewhere in the sky

    but OMG ITS AMAZING. im obsessed with the pigs they are so fracking cute! i wish i could texture like you T_T

  5. anit4e Dec 03, 2008

    Hehe this is so funny!
    I love your idea with the mix between old paper and an old war movie!Awesomely done! ;)

  6. Straawbeeryy Dec 03, 2008

    <33333333 Piggies! Aren`t they adorable!
    I think everything is perfect from the background to the amount of texture to the vector. Your work is just too funny and amazing. <33
    And aww for those piggies. :]

  7. DarthTofu Dec 05, 2008

    What. The. Hell. is all I can think of, but damn, this is awesome.

  8. sailorchiron Dec 06, 2008

    Quote by DarthTofuWhat. The. Hell. is all I can think of, but damn, this is awesome.

    Exactly. I love your walls, they're always so random. I like your wallpaper title idea, it's perfect. I really liked the title of this one. Good vectoring, they really do look like old bombers, it's just perfect.

  9. CainHighwind Dec 07, 2008

    Wow! That's a good look for Odatebuta. Too bad I can't think of anything he'd say in this situation other than "Even pigs can fly a balloon *Honk*"

    Seriously though, good job!

  10. Erdbeermilch Dec 10, 2008

    This is really cool. It's nice to see an Amano wallpaper again (last one is almost a year old I think) and it's quite entertaining to see you chose a humorous scan. Your vector looks great I think and I like the depth you created by blurring the pigs in the back.
    My only criticism is: I think the sky looks too detailed for your vector, a sky with less detail and shades would fit better in my opinion.

  11. BROWNiES Dec 17, 2008


  12. t0miChan Jan 09, 2009

    look like the evil pig from the tomba game...hehe

  13. grabancz Dec 20, 2009

    aha i understand, because mert nem hogy

  14. agatharenny Nov 04, 2010

    What. The. Hell. is all I can think of, but damn, this is awesome.

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