To Aru Majutsu no Index Wallpaper: .:At the Frozen Depths of the Heart:.

J.C. Staff, To Aru Majutsu no Index, Index Librorvm Prohibitorvm Wallpaper

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Sorry for such a long title...I couldn't think of anything else

Just a little something I did after I finished the sketch of my Christmas/New Years Project~

The original image, a screenshot, turned out like this, huh... All the inspiration came from -ef- a tale of melodies 1st episode. I found it so cute I had to try something similar, but I couldn't find the right image so I ended up with Index. It sure doesn't look like Index anymore ^_^'

Now, those clouds gave me some trouble. I suck at painting, and I've been trying to practice it lately but I had no idea how to make clouds. I played around with the default brushes, used smudge tool here and there, and it turned out like this. Kitten said they were yummy~ Yeah, cotton candy :nya:
Hope they look good enough..I mean, cloud-ish.

The rest of the background was just me fooling around with brushes. I love sparkles, feathers, stars, night sky...and I went adding them, little by little and when I realized it look kind of pretty. I'm afraid it looks busy or that it doesn't match with the other part, but you all know I'm not that good with backgrounds like these.
Those "water ripples", if you can call them that, were just a small addition. I wanted to make water at first, but it would be too much stuff, clouds, water, feathers, stars.... So I just added those "ripples" through brushes and smudge tool to give it some depth to it.
And wow, I didn't use the burn/dodge tools this time :P

Well, there's nothing more to say about it.
Hope you all enjoy it :3
Duration: December 2nd
Easiest: vector work
Hardest: painting clouds~
Fun Part: the clouds :nerd:
Program: Photoshop CS2
Original Size: 2560 x 1440
Original Image: Here
Other Versions:
Green Version
Red Version

Negative Marine Version
Negative Orange Version
Negative Purple Version
no groups today *is in a hurry* I'll edit later :P

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  1. Melisandre Dec 02, 2008

    Nice anc curious concept, I like it :D

  2. erikamirou Dec 02, 2008

    omg so wooooooow
    i love what you did with Index xD
    It looks so pretty *__* oh i just passed by your up... i'm looking forward to see your x-mas project XD

  3. EmyBlossom Dec 03, 2008

    Wow! I really love it! The concept is great and it turned out awesome! *fav*

  4. djayuz Dec 03, 2008

    waaa apik tenan mesti nganggo photo shop kie~

  5. hayashinomura Dec 03, 2008

    Really cool and beautiful concept here
    I really love your work and this is great!

  6. bogoshipa Dec 03, 2008

    it lookz realli nice
    like yur idea of usin da cloudz, they look good too~

  7. stfnMicha Dec 03, 2008

    Really nice wall i love the clouds in the character hear

    Good job ^^

  8. KHNA Dec 04, 2008

    this looks great! I love the collors!

  9. FallenAngelZoicyte Dec 05, 2008

    this is just beautiful. i love it.

  10. Kayote Dec 07, 2008

    Very nice and abstract. Thanks for sharing!

  11. YoruAngel866 Dec 07, 2008

    beautiful idea ;)
    i like the clouds and everything :D great job

  12. mamalemon Dec 21, 2008

    i really really really like this blue combi,,just like clear sky,sea and nite sky at same time

  13. Aurioca Jan 20, 2009

    loved it. it is unique and beautiful ^^

  14. lavender91 Feb 25, 2009

    beautifully done!

  15. allisonsanchez12 Jul 07, 2009

    ITS REALLY PRETTY, it looks like shes floating in the sky

  16. tokoyo Nov 17, 2009

    awesome.. thx for sharing! :)

  17. cheetosandmovies Jan 24, 2010

    Thanks! I didn't really like the anime, but I love this wallpaper.

  18. RealForce Mar 15, 2010

    Awesome wallpaper
    i like it-ne :D

    +fav & thx

  19. jac450633 Apr 14, 2010

    Thank You Very Much. Xie Xie >=D

  20. Daimacuro Jun 24, 2010

    Thanks for sharing! Good Job!

  21. theloneranger Oct 14, 2010

    LIKES :D very very good :) -saves -

  22. NineTears Mar 26, 2011

    waaah~ *o* so pretty!
    thanks 4 sharing

  23. lupinchan Apr 30, 2011

    hehehehehe like the use of colours

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