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HOW has it taken me so effing long to discover DOGS? i mean i've seen some pretty cool walls but all of a sudden i discovered the gallery like 3 days ago. and i just had to vector this scan because.. well you know me deadly fan girl. HAINE. IS. SO. EFFING. HOT. ZOMG!

Haine, Badou and in general everyone in the series are BAMF's! (yes i said it, if you dont know what it means.. well http://www.urbandictionary.com. they probably have a definition there.)

I was going to be.. not lazy and do more characters and wall this, but in the process of finding scans i found muchhhhhh hotter scans of haine and badou.. and everyone else so i will wall DOGS at a later point in my career :D. plus i need to do my christmas project.. now or else its not gonna get finished.

no stats because the files has a bunch of hidden layers with bits and pieces of other characters vectored >_>. yes the sky is really random(i promise, one day i will actually paint clouds instead of just like doing w.e) and so is the window which is just an excuse for a sucky background =3. the text just fills up some blank space and isnt that awesome but it was an excuse for me to practice SOME of my editorial skills that are deteriorating.

yes this is my first semi-successful(if i do say so myself) attempt at gradient shading. lesson learned: photoshop STILL sucks as gradients so for future works of the kind use illustrator. the sketchy strange lines were hard to get used to, since i wanted to replicate the style but didnt want to replicate some of the messiness. i hope the outlining and shading looks good--too often i see strange and lazy cellshading that makes me cringe T_T. the vector wasnt as hard as i imagined (like.. maybe 8hrs time?)

and hey, major shoutout to saikusa for this lovely scan and for her DOGS collection (and other scans that i totally will vector in the future.) i usually dont credit scanners on my vectors because you can never know who scanned them

AND this is dedicated to my new partner in crime:
because hes so awesome and encourages me to try new things (such as sketchy, strange lineart)! hes a bamf too, although not in the gun-wielding/chain-smoking sense.

lol and no this does not mean i'm off hiatus--its been hard for me not to comment on new walls and such but i am really trying to focus on school work (lol... says the girl who cut her classes today).

loveness <3333,

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  1. Kairi-Hearts Dec 02, 2008

    sgtrsj omg! I love you <33
    yay for DOGS! (Haine :3) it's great to see more dogs works XD
    great vectoring. neat outlines but what I really love is the coloring~
    The gradients give it a really nice touch ^^ And the window looks great there, don't worry.
    I vectored Nill from that scan :P
    I'm in a hurry so another crappy comment from me :sweat: gomen ne
    *dogs anime was announced the other day, if you don't know already :P

  2. Sakura-Dust Dec 02, 2008

    *sigh* so it's up to me to vector the scan I showed you on MSN as my 'beloved'.
    I don't read the manga, but as soon as I find it, I will (lol, I'm currently re-reading Air Gear for the... 3rd time XD)
    Back to the vec... since I like almost everything I'll just praise you with an overall word: awesome! X3. The only thing I don't like too much is the white circle on his back.
    We'll talk about more drama on MSN, I found new candidates XD

  3. hayashinomura Dec 03, 2008

    Vector Machine come again with her great work as always ^^
    Love gradient effect and line of course too ^^
    Maybe you get bored if I said it's awesome or amazing
    So I will said:
    (I think it's still had same meaning here ^^")
    Okay! Keep the great work Vita-san! I support you! Yay~ ^o^

  4. Straawbeeryy Dec 03, 2008

    For a girl who claims she`s on hiatus, she can sure vector fast. Stop being a bad girl and go to class, vitaamin-chan. :3
    I really think you`re overreacting about the whole photoshop is bad at gradient thing. The gradient looks great. I like it. =]
    Outlines are beautiful. Of course, as you already know.
    You know at first, I actually thought that this is a scan. Oh, I was very wrong. :3
    Btw, give me your msn... since you never log on aim and I found me old msn. >.<

  5. dslassey Dec 03, 2008

    I really like the color scheme you used for the guy - I always imagined him wearing red and black, but I totally prefer brown and green. <3
    I like how sharp your vectors are... though they'd look so much more complete and awesome walled! D:
    How do you know I don't chain smoke and wield guns? YOU CAN'T KNOW THAT!
    Also, I love black shadows <33

  6. Pulver15 Dec 03, 2008

    never thought you would make a vector of dogs!
    Haine looks so cool here and now I have a better version of him! XD
    tHANKS1 ;)

  7. chrisp Dec 03, 2008

    cool! you're just too fast! the vector looks amazing!
    i love him! he looks really cool thanks so much!

  8. lucifersaya Feb 23, 2009

    Nice job!
    The nice picture makes me very happy.

  9. shinonome69 Apr 04, 2009

    just awesome o/

  10. Evercold Mute Member May 28, 2009

    Hmm... Good work) I like the colors)

  11. tina21 Jun 25, 2009

    I love you fot doing this
    Beautiful! thank you!

  12. Viora Dec 28, 2010

    very nice !
    thank u for sharing

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