Pia Carrot Wallpaper: Angel of Judgement

Yukirin, F&C, Pia Carrot, Tomomi Aizawa Wallpaper
Yukirin Mangaka F&C Studio Pia Carrot Series,Visual Novel Tomomi Aizawa Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I just HAD to make a wall outta this art XD Yukirin is so awesome! (Sorry sadakosumeragi, didn't notice you used this effect already >.>)

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  1. candy-chan Retired Moderator Aug 21, 2004

    nice nice ^_^
    my thing: the moon is weird, doesnt look moon-ish *_*
    and u should add more of those sparkle threads, one isnt enough

  2. halcyonTwilight Aug 21, 2004

    I can see why you wanted to make a wall XD Really nice work on the swirl effects, sparkles, and the cosmic bg ^_^ But i agree with candy-chan...the moon does look a bit weird. But other than that really nice wall :D!!!

  3. chidix Aug 21, 2004

    wow...those r very vivid colors..and they match! yay ^^

    some of the stars kinda look like itty bitty water droplets..instead of shiny starish...maybe just me ^^;

    did u make the spiral around her?...it's very pretty

    excellent piece d^.^b

  4. Skillzpay Aug 21, 2004

    It all works together nicely to make a lovely wall with exception to the moon. The moon lacks depth and looks a bit too rough. Besides that great work, keep it up!

  5. itsDchlorine Aug 21, 2004

    hey nice work ^^! just add some of the parkel brushes randomly around the angel so it looks more majestic, mystical kind of, rather than having it all on the line, it think it would look alot better liek that but other tahn tat the wall looks great good work

  6. EternalBlue Aug 21, 2004

    Yea I know the moon looks weird, but I have no idea to make it more 3Dish so... bleh, anyway I could add more sparkles, jsut thought that was enough lol since I kinda overdid it already IMO lol. And yea I did the spiral effect thingy, it looked kinda weird when I started it though >.>

  7. h2dz Aug 21, 2004

    i think this wall ish beautiful.. the bg is wonderful.. the effects r tite :)
    u jus gots to luv the wings ^o^
    and the moon ish very unique.. i think it looks nice ^.~
    good job eternal blue, keep it up! ^^
    add to favs XD

    hold up, hold it.. @_@.. the swirl looks kinda weird ^^;

  8. TheWizzard Aug 21, 2004

    Hm, except the moon that looks strange, it's a good wall ^_^
    Do you have any bigger version?

  9. DarkSith Aug 21, 2004

    oO !!!!!!!!!
    Ahhhh !!! You did a great job here !!!
    i like very much the background. Good effects and lightning :)
    Very nice work :)

  10. AkinaSpirit Aug 21, 2004

    ^_^' Everyone is talking about the moon....n' I'm inclined to agree..
    Aside from the moon looking alittle flat ~ it's a pretty wall :)
    More swirls might make it look more cool too~~

  11. blueotaku-sp Aug 21, 2004


  12. darkassailant001 Aug 21, 2004

    really nice

  13. Atashi Aug 21, 2004

    i like much + fav

  14. Kihiro Aug 22, 2004

    yea, like they mentioned, the moon is the only thing that hurts the wall
    anyway, i put in my fav :)

  15. vegita Aug 22, 2004

    like the wall,very nice effects,and the moon isn't so bad.Overall a very good wall keep it up :)

  16. GlassPetal Aug 24, 2004

    Very pretty. I like it much more than the brighter one.

  17. Fieryhost Aug 24, 2004

    I like it... pretty girl and the colour is fabulous... great work. :)

  18. char2002 Aug 29, 2004


  19. ange-argente Oct 22, 2004

    eeeeeeeekkkkkk, that's soooo pretty. Nicely done. The colors blend so well together and she and the bg match so well. It's soooo well done!

  20. MirageA Oct 27, 2004

    Nice Wall
    Very Bright
    and the backgrounds are excellent!! :)

  21. MikiKoishikawa Nov 05, 2004

    wow its great! Its wonderful!! ^____^ !!! LOVE it!!!!! Great WALL

  22. zerocool1122 Nov 26, 2004

    very nice. good job :)

  23. Mishikaiya Dec 31, 2004

    Oh, it's wonderful! I love it. The scan fits SO well in that background.

  24. EaZy Dec 31, 2004

    fantastic magic girl........
    that wings....... and that colors........

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