The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Lizalfos

The Lizalfos race, as their name suggests, resemble bipedal Lizards with a long tail and a green hue to their skin. Their tongues are forked, and their mouths are filled with sharp teeth. They wear few if any clothes, usually only a loincloth and a few pieces of armor. They are about the same size and strength as an adult Hylian, and are considered an even match for one in a fair fight. Due to the fact that they are cold-blooded, and depend on their environment for heat, Lizalfos are known for their love of hot climates, and are therefore most commonly found either on the fiery slopes of Death Mountain, or scattered around in the region of the Gerudo Desert, as well as more temperate forests.

Lizalfos are remarkably nimble and swift, and very strong as well. However their exact strength varies between games. They are also easily known for their aggressiveness and brutality, making them perfect candidates for Ganon forces. Most of them group together in small numbers, or even form small clans. They are considered a barbarian species, and not widely welcomed into settlements of other races.

They returned in Twilight Princess and were notably different than their Ocarina of Time counterparts. They were slightly bulkier and darker scaled, and were often clad with thin leather armor and various tribal jewelry. They were typically armed with scimitar-like swords, squared bucklers, and axe-heads attached to the end of their tails. Some variants wore goat skull helmets and bone jewelry. The most dangerous were larger and wore heavy armor to protect them, being all invulnerable save from the back.

They were persistent foes and appeared in a large variety of dungeons and overworld areas. They also were capable of taking much more damage than the OoT versions. They were light on their feet and used their swords and axes to damage Link, and their bucklers were often put to good use. Save for the armored varieties, they were still very susceptible to Link's special sword skills.

One particularly large Lizalfos appeared as a mini-boss in the surprisingly cold Snowpeak Ruins, called Darkhammer. It wielded the Ball and Chain as a weapon and was covered in protective armor.

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