Clannad Wallpaper: Toki wo Kizamu Uta

Kyoto Animation, Clannad, Nagisa Furukawa Wallpaper
Kyoto Animation Studio Clannad Series,Visual Novel Nagisa Furukawa Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

For all my friends, sorry I can't name...way too many
but you know who you are and so heres your early x-mas gift

I haven't been feeling in a good mood but
since I'll be busy in Dec, I wanted to make sure I
made something for all my friends. I know it's not my best
and I can cetaintly make something much more better but I'm sorry
this is all I could come up with.

I first had a Aoi Nishimata scan in mind,
I thought it was perfect since it featured a cat girl and
her art is very beautiful. However after extracting I found that
the girl was too well blended in the original bg and she just didn't fit
in the background. So quickly looking around I saw a Clannad scan
and decided to finally tackle vectoring the eyes. For whatever reason I could
never make them but I really like the scan and I thought it would fit perfect so
I pushed myself to finish it.

After finishing the Nagisa vector I applied it to the bg and
then made some few adjustments, the bg was very plain to me so I added
mountains in the distance (Maple suggested). Put my sparkles since I've been
having a very big fetish for them and I couldn't leave them out, especially for
a Clannad wall. Painted the field and clouds, used brushes for the front
grass and thats about it all.

Well hope you all like it and I'm sorry but
this is all I can come up with until I get out of my slump.


Special Thanks to Vitaa and Maple <3

More Resolutions at: EDD!


Yellow Sky

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Browse Clannad Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. KingdomofHearts Nov 30, 2008

    never heard of this anime but she looks rather cute so I might check it out ^^

  2. hakkaigensui Nov 30, 2008

    i really appreciate this lovely nagisa chan ^^ ty to u friend

  3. Straawbeeryy Nov 30, 2008

    Yay for Clannad~ :D
    Your vector of course, is beautiful.
    Background is also perfect. Everything is perfect really. lol. Sparklies are awesome.
    I loveee the yellow version more though. =]
    lol. My comment is so generic.
    Did I tell you I love your new avie?

  4. EevaLeena Nov 30, 2008

    Lovely wintery wall ^^
    I love those painted background! And the snows! >.<

  5. IcyBlade Nov 30, 2008

    as expected again, a superb work from you, I love the way you vectoring it and it's completely took my heart xD

  6. Sinever Nov 30, 2008

    WOW thanks for sharing such a gorgeous wall with us kitten-chan *hugs*
    the outlines are very neat & the background is amazing as usual :D
    the sky, mountains & the grass are perfectly done & the sparkles added a nice touch to the wall :)
    well done & its a fav ;)

  7. SkilledNinja Nov 30, 2008

    Very nice, lots of detailed and very soothing. Really great wallpaper for this winter. Informal designed is implemented in this wallpaper, the background has lots of contrast as well. Great job! Nice work again.

  8. sasaki Nov 30, 2008

    Simple background but looks nice!
    Good job!

  9. Chloe Retired Moderator Nov 30, 2008

    The vector is fabulous but it's the background that I really love. It's extremely well done. Fantastic job!

  10. ShanaFlare Dec 01, 2008

    wow the wall is simple but just brilliant XD
    awesome job and thanks for sharing :D

  11. akika Dec 01, 2008

    so pretty! maybe a little too many fireflies~ ^^;; a little odd that it's all sunny in the background, but nonetheless, it's fantastic!

  12. akaonda Restricted Member Dec 01, 2008

    excelente wallpaper esta muy lindo

  13. xay09 Dec 02, 2008

    nice and calm

  14. ASH-Hikari Dec 02, 2008

    Kitten-chan did a Clannad vector! And it turned out great ne? I love the colours and the blush, and you did a good job with the eyes! I love Clannad eyes. Even though they take up half their face :P
    Aw, does that make it my X-mas gift too? Well me and all the rest of us thank you ^^
    Background looks lovely! The sparklies are so fitting with Clannad. And I think I'm going to have to make a wall based on Toki wo Kizamu Uta too ^^

  15. Kairi-Hearts Dec 02, 2008

    Clannad~ XD
    You did a great job vectoring Nagisa! I like how you did her eyes :3
    Aw, I absolutely love the background! Your backgrounds are always so amazing! >.<
    Am I on the list too? :P It's really a nice gift! ^^ and yay for sparkles!

  16. shurei-KO7890 Dec 02, 2008

    expected from kit-chan.
    i love your works!they are just too cool!*hugs you.*
    a cg(code geass ) fan right?ifyou are,ill call you evangelina vi brittania
    i call chiristabell =christabella VI Brittania(im on progress with a doujin called:
    britannia's prince and princesses)
    i need people to take a look at the concept-looks.(still not done!)
    ill let you know if its uploaded!
    :: CLARA LI Brittania

  17. AngelKate Dec 02, 2008

    This is really pretty! I love the sparkles ^^

    Clannad is such a cute anime, I need more wallpapers from it. I'll be adding this to my collection :)

    Lovely job!

  18. angel26278 Dec 04, 2008

    Wow U'R the queen of vector walls :D
    I like all your walls :nya: :)
    Thanks U for share

  19. wind-lunar Dec 04, 2008

    ore ha nagisa no goto ga suki da

  20. YoruAngel866 Dec 07, 2008

    omg so that means for me too?
    thanks kit chan its adorable
    i love the grass and those hills - vector is beautiful as well so great job :D

  21. sashaswim1 Jan 09, 2009

    oh she is just too cute! you're just too good. :D

  22. Evangelynn Jul 22, 2009

    She seems to be saying "I've lost my earring", the position of her hand too. Lol ^^''

  23. CrazyMialuvsAnime Oct 28, 2009

    you are really good and she is really cute i agree with Evangelynn that it looks like she is saying shes lost her earring

  24. AirJack Mar 22, 2010

    I love the sparkling in the background

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