Lily Hoshino Wallpaper: ...As Long As It's About Me

Lily Hoshino, Mahou Zaiku, Vector Art Wallpaper
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I don't care what you think
as long as it's about me

The above are the chorus of Fall Out Boy's newest single, appropriately named, "I Don't Care." The concept of the song is simple: anything goes as long as it gets attention. If you've seen the video (I reccommend it, it's hilarious) the guys spend the whole thing doing really awful crap to people just for the attention. As you can see, our pretty redheaded boy is about to be jumped by our manly brownhaired boy. They're in school uniforms, so the implication is that this is happening infront of their lockers in a school hallway. Darkhaired boy isn't picking the hallway to jump red because he's so passionately in love, it's because he wants people to see him jumping the pretty boy. I mean, he's even looking at us like "yah, you're seeing it, whatcha gonna do about it?" Public displays of affection are one thing, but public displays of lust are only about marking someone as property and getting other people to talk about it. That said, I really don't care about his motives as long as I get to indulge in yaoi fan-girl goodness. *drool*

Lily Hoshino is a very talented artist who writes really interesting yaoi stories. I like her style because it's so lush, colorful and painty. Her people have really organic lines (especially the lips) and look very emotional (sometimes anime/manga/game art is pretty but the people look like the only emotions they have are happy and pissed). It's obvious, that even if Mr. Manly is jumping his boyfriend in the hall for attention, Pretty Boy is aroused by it from the way his lips are parted, his eyes are unfocused and he's blushing like crazy. Actually, both of them looked downright sunburned in the original.

Scan from here, of course. Vectored then painted. The shirts were originally grey and the ties lime green, which is a cool color scheme for a school uniform. I was going with a theme, here, though, and the first release of "I Don't Care" was on the CitizensFOB manifesto mixtape, and the picture that went with it in iTunes was of the guys from FOB in a exaggerated old-time election campaign stage with multiple patterns but mostly in the red-blue-beige color spectrum, and the lead singer was wearing an argyle sweater vest. This lead my sister, the world's number 1 FOB fangirl, to develop and unhealthy love of argyle, so I used it in the wall. Sort of an homage to her obsession.

Time: ? Days? It takes me forever to do a wall and I seldom have uninterrupted time to work anymore, so I can't say "hmm, 5.8576 hours." Just, like, a month of off-and-on work while in the process of breaking up with my boyfriend, covering for the other supervisors at work being on vacation and sick, being sick myself, and getting ready for my sister to move in with me.

Layers: ? I merged them down to paint, so NOW there's like 40 but there were a lot before, so I'm going to say close to 500.

Soundtrack: Well, Fall Out Boy, but a lot of other stuff too, like Death Cab, Panic, Fragments, Olivia, misc emo stuff and jpop.

Groups: Yaoi Heaven, Vectory, The Planning Board, Vector Wallers, Chaos Cross, Paint-o-rama, Dark Wallies, Depths of Sound, Celestial Luminesse, Wings Lovers and Oldsters.

PS: I made the argyle myself.

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Browse Lily Hoshino Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. dslassey Nov 27, 2008

    Musicaly inspired walls just tickle my fancy! XD
    And they especially blow my mind away when they are both skillfully done, and tie in more than just a song. I mean, I love how you used imagery from music videos and live performances to help you make this.

    Your vector/painting is so good! And I love multi-colored lineart; drives me crazy with love! :nya:
    The color scheme you chose is quite interesting - it's one I've not really seen together. Well, I've seen red and blue together with beige, but not in the hues you've used.

    Great wallpaper! :)

  2. FallenAngelZoicyte Nov 28, 2008

    i know i was there for the creation but it is awesome to see it up on MT and in the Elite Gallery! of course my obsession with FOB is contagious and has led to this....... love it!

  3. maristefo Nov 28, 2008

    wow very nice pic. very beautiful and lovely couple!

  4. vitaamin Nov 30, 2008

    omg yay for yaoi walls! we need more of them at mt muahahaha.

    anyways great job on the design of the bg and the vector, its awesome to see such lovely work from you!

  5. ROSEANA Dec 01, 2008

    Lovely wall....I Love coler on this wall...
    thank you ^o^

  6. animelover901120 Apr 29, 2009

    It's really beautiful...
    The color are so sweet...
    great art...thanks for the share.

  7. Hitoru Oct 10, 2009

    Soo cute ! <3 I love so much <3

  8. Nayoby Mute Member Dec 04, 2009

    esta preciosa, es muy linda, impresionante y bella

    me gusta muchisimo

    bl kawai

  9. XxEliDarkangelxX Nov 04, 2010

    Lolz, totally adore plaid and the ties look really good on them.

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