Kuroshitsuji Wallpaper: Moonlight Phantoms

Yana Toboso, Kuroshitsuji, Ciel Phantomhive, Sebastian Michaelis Wallpaper
Yana Toboso Mangaka Kuroshitsuji Series Ciel Phantomhive Character Sebastian Michaelis Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

lately this has become a problem.


dedicated to camili because she uploaded the beautiful scan and because we both love this series ^^.


vector #33 // scan // bg reference
140 layers // 70mb // 1 week (?)
textures from photoshop cs2


thanks to kit-chan and dev for helping with some of the finishing touches. i have a larger, vector version of this but i probably wont upload it. if for some reason you want the vector (without bg) you are free to ask for it but i dont know what you would use it for >_>

the vector wasnt too hard, i tried to do thinner lines but i guess i failed epically again (those bold lines are just so attractive!). those stripes on ciel's outfit were a pain in the ass and painting sebastian's clothes is always so annoying. there are still some parts where the painting is weird but just ignore it.

and i am very proud of my bricks and my moon, even though they arent amazing so don't make fun of them ^^. and yes their skin is rather pale but i think it fit with the atmosphere better



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  1. Pulver15 Nov 20, 2008

    That's amazing!
    Love both of them here!
    the vector is great as always and I like the bg too
    but I don't know if that white part there should be the moon?
    anyway GREAT WORK!

  2. Koboshi93 Nov 20, 2008

    Very amazing job!
    omg Ciel has very strange clothes xD (girlgirlgirl ^^)
    I love the moon behind and the two chara are very god :)
    nice wall

  3. chibimisao Nov 20, 2008

    I really like the way you vectored both Ciel and Sebastian.
    Paint+Vector together always works out nicely. =3
    The buildings in the background looks kinda faded though. I assume that you made it faded to show some distance between the character and the building. But i still think that it should be less faded and slightly more solid. Nice wallpaper overall though. Keep it up. ^_^

  4. ariadne Nov 20, 2008

    thanks 4 d hard work :)
    the chimney thingy is a bit weird, but overall GOOD JOB
    keep it up

  5. Omone Nov 20, 2008

    very well done.. again XD nyaa, i didn't expect less from you. nice vector/painting =D
    in my opinion the building in the background is a bit overblurred but just my opinion..

    and hellya! I totally love your moon.

  6. angel26278 Nov 20, 2008

    wow so dark work that is amazing ^^
    I add to fav

  7. ExFinity Nov 20, 2008

    Nice, I like the dark blue colors. The background is missing something, but other than that it's good.

  8. chrisp Nov 20, 2008

    great like always! XD
    i love your vectors from kuroshitsuji! they are always so clean neat...perfect!
    i like the background too XD

    keep it up! X-P

  9. Sakura-Dust Nov 20, 2008

    Ohoo, moar Kuroshitsuji loveliness *Q*
    I love the bg too, I think the moon needs to shine more, but it's hella awesome as it is ^^
    Of course the vector is great, I love Ciel's high heels X3
    Sebby's left eye looks a bit strange, but except that, the vec is flawless.
    I really want to start my Ciel vector, but I have to make the New Year one ;___;
    *huge sigh*

  10. lovelylayla Nov 20, 2008

    not really liking the image design itself (seriously, is that kid a guy or girl?) but the vector's great as usual

  11. uffy-chan Nov 20, 2008

    I think the whole is right as it is, vector is really well done and I like the style and above all the blue amosphere^^

  12. kuryuki Nov 20, 2008

    interesting wall!
    the style's cool!
    it's like painted <3
    the bg's awesome too

  13. barara Nov 20, 2008

    XD I adore it! Wow, vitaamin-san, you're working all the time, right? 'Cause everytime I watched the galleries, an job like this calls me :P
    Your wall is amazing, the colors are very nice, and the complete effect is lovely :D
    +fav desu~

  14. CaMiLi Nov 21, 2008

    uuuh HONEY it looks SOO AWESOME... and way better with this bg :)))) so happy to see how you turn out the scan so well :)

    thanks for the dedication ... wah i'm really touched :D

  15. Straawbeeryy Nov 21, 2008

    Aww, I`m sad that you didn`t continue the other background but I like this one too. The moon looks fine so stop complaining now. :3
    I love your vector. My favorite painting is still from Sebastian. I`m glad you toned down the colors because it was a bit too bright in the original vector. Did I tell you I love stripes? Well, I love stripes and your stripes are awesome. <3
    The only flaw I see is the background seems a bit too overblurred in my opinion.
    Good job, vitaamin-chan, you vectoring machine! XD

  16. hayashinomura Nov 21, 2008

    Awesome work as always Vita-san ^^
    Can't comment too much since I agree with they who had comment first ^^
    Tee~hee~ Keep it up and great job, Vector Machine ^o^ (copy from Straawbeeryy-san ^^)
    And congrats cause get elite again ^^

  17. dslassey Nov 21, 2008

    I knew the bell tower would look good! :3
    As I said last night, your vector is fucking amazing (though I realize I did not use that exact word usage).

    I love the moon so much! It's a hundred times better than I could ever do. And I love the misty clouds - adds a feeling of mystery to the wall.
    Very nice wall! :D

  18. YoruAngel866 Nov 21, 2008

    yay another kuro wall :D
    nice job :D

    vectors are beautiful especially the soft painting coloring.
    the building in the background is also nice, and i like blur effect cause you made those two in the first plan.
    moon is very good as well :D
    great job :D

  19. hellooo36 Nov 21, 2008

    i didn't see the anime but i read a manga chapter and i was totally attracted to it; it is a real pleasure to see walls with this characters;
    oh, my! and this indeed a very beautiful one :)

  20. Alcyndore Nov 21, 2008

    Well, everybody here just said all the things I wanted to say...but I'm just going to get boring ....again :-)
    First of all I love the combinations blue-black and red-black because black just seems to emphasize the other colour and to create the effect of mystery. I have to make a difference between the characters and the background: the characters are absolutely amazing! Your vectoring is just great, clear details, great drawing, beautiful colours. I like the stripes on Ciel's amazing dress, the skull head of the walking stick, the fabulous shades on Sebastian's clothes (boring or not they are well done). The dynamic pose is also nice (I expect them to jump out of the picture).
    Nevertheless, on your last works you seem to be a bit "not happy" about your background (remember the table in the Undertaker piece and here the bricks and the blur effect, even though I like the moon - It's all right to me). Because your vectoring is so great I think you should concentrate more on the background.
    I personally think that the vectoring here is so good that I didn't notice these other problems at first. So you've got a clear fav here! Again! (I remember that magnificent C.C. vector - sigh! Thank you! For all )

  21. ShanaFlare Nov 22, 2008

    oh awesome wall! the dark colour is just amazing^^ great job:)

  22. Kairi-Hearts Nov 22, 2008

    yay it's finished XD
    and it's great as I expected~
    why am I always "late" to comment your works? XD everyone pretty much said everything by now
    nah, don't worry about thinner lines. they come with...time, pratice, etc... XD
    vectoring is good, what I really like is the coloring and the bg. the stripes, the moon~ <33

  23. Kayote Nov 23, 2008

    Very nice! Very clean and cold look to this. Fav!

  24. Sinever Nov 23, 2008

    Im speechless right now.....I have to say that your Kuroshitsuji walls are the best :)
    well done & keep it up vitaa-chan ;)

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