Vampire Knight Wallpaper: Eternal Love

Matsuri Hino, Vampire Knight, Zero Kiryuu, Yuuki Cross, Vector Art Wallpaper
Matsuri Hino Mangaka Vampire Knight Series Zero Kiryuu Character Yuuki Cross Character Vector Art Source

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment


its been been a while since I submitted my last wallpaper & Im back with a VK wall :nya:

first of all I wanted to make a beautiful,magical,imaginary & romantic wallpaper & I was not aiming for a realistic looking wallpaper so please dont tell me that the shading is all wrong, the moon is too bright, the sky needs more details & such things ^_^' *sorry*

okay when I first saw this zero & yuuki picture I immediately decided to vector it. I completed the missing parts & I know that zero's body looks weird *sorry* because the scan was not clear enough & just recently I saw a complete black & white version of the same pic x_x & my Zero's lower body part is completely wrong T_T & Im too lazy to fix it ^_^' *so please enjoy it as it is*

& as for the bg I wanted to make a background that looks similar to what Hino-sensei draws for VK scans, so I ripped some parts here & there & vectored them :)
I added snow *used a snow brush* & a pretty moon to make the wall looks more beautiful XD
okay I think Im done & this time I couldnt provide more resolutions....sorry -_-

oh & one more thing actually quite few people told me that I always vector yuuki & zero & never try vectoring other vk characters especially kaname ^_^' well since I love zero & yuuki a lot I always vectored them but I'll promise you guys that in the next vk wall i will add kaname for sure :)


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  1. tsuki-akari Nov 15, 2008

    when i saw this wall...WOW! it's amazing...i knew it was your wall, sinever ^^
    i love those two XD love zero's face and you vectored their hair beautiful :D
    the backgoriund fits really wel by those two ^^

  2. kirei23 Nov 15, 2008

    oh my goodness! this will surely go into my faves! kyaaaa! XD At first glance, I thought that was Kaname. I dont know why, but the structure of his eyes, and his facial expression look like kaneme's. XD I don't know if it's just me, but I think so. lol. Anyway, I love this waaaaayyyyyyyy too much, so it will be hard for me NOT to put it in my faves. This is FANTASTIC! [Zero-SAMA >.<]

  3. CagalliYulaAttha91 Nov 15, 2008

    OMG! Sin-chan! Your my hero! XD i loved this scan! but since i can't vector to even save y life, this brightened my day straight! XD can't stop staring at it! Keep up your good work!

  4. temarigenius Nov 15, 2008

    You know the thumbnail looks like a picture from the manga... XD
    I wonder if Zero is cold o_0

    The full view is much better~ Awesome details :D
    You really made it look as if it's an official picture XD
    I'm glad that I was waiting to see this wallpaper~ It's really nice!
    I can't say much for it's too perfect!
    When are you going to teach me the skills~ >_<

  5. vitaamin Nov 15, 2008

    look at how many comments this already got, i dont understand how i havent seen it until noww. i feel so late!

    this seriously just looks like a scan, like you cannot tell its a vector at all (except for the fact that its HQ but seriously i just thought it was a scan) hmm i think you need a horizon, but honestly all those mistakes you mentioned are not visible because i'm just focused on how amaaaazing this vector is. howwww do you paint like that, everytime i try to do any semi sharp shadows it just looks fugly *so jealous*

  6. chrisp Nov 15, 2008

    oh my god! this is truly a masterpiece!
    i really love it! the background looks so awesome...so real...and the vector is neat and clean...just perfect!
    the details are really awesome! ...boa i just have to love it!
    thank you so much for this!

  7. Straawbeeryy Nov 15, 2008

    OMG, it`s that scan. I wanted someone to vector it cause I was afraid of it. I have no courage to vector tough scan. -.-"
    You never cease amaze me at your vector. The way you shaded the clothing is the best. I can`t believe you vectored such a crazy scan since it was pretty blurry to me.
    The background is really nice. You painting is always wonderful. I love the stones. I love how it`s snowing.
    Gosh, I love everything about this wall really. :]

  8. princessmeyrin023 Nov 15, 2008

    Wow! I love it... Yuuki with her long hair *just like her childhood hair* with Zero looks just very adorable... 5/5! Perfect~

  9. Pika-Pika-Pikachu Nov 15, 2008


  10. Susan-chan Nov 15, 2008

    actually i dont like this pairing, but u did an awsome job! it could be soo hard to do the missing parts etc *_* i would have given up it after the first hour XD

  11. ChibiChika Nov 15, 2008

    Wow O_o' AWESOME :D

  12. lovelylayla Nov 15, 2008

    the scene is beautiful and the vector's perfect

  13. Spongepop Nov 15, 2008

    Oh my goodness this wallpaper blew me away when I full viewed it. I honestly thought it was just a cleaned scan but it appealed to me anyway so I simply had to have a closer look, thank goodness I did. What a great work, the vector is flawless and the concept is perfect. Lovely colors and a spectacular wallpaper all around. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  14. barara Nov 15, 2008

    Waaaaa! Sinever-san! I love it! I love this work! XD Yuuki & Zero... I am so happy for this... Your job, as always, is amazing. The vector is clean and elegant, like the background, too. Snow's effect is great, and I really like Zero's expression face.
    +fav desu~ Thanks for sharing with us your lovely job, Sinever-san :D
    PD: I love ZeroxYuuki, too XD

  15. Fran Retired Moderator Nov 15, 2008

    Damn Sin-chan, I just don't know how can you color in such an amazing way *___* I need to know. As it has been already mentioned, your vector looks just like a manga page. It's gorgeous!
    The background is very well done, it fits perfectly with the vector.
    Excellent job, Sin-chan!

  16. uffy-chan Nov 15, 2008

    Why do you think Zero's body is weird? You did a wonderful job, I like face's expression and the atmosphere you were able to creata in such a gorgeous way!
    +FAV obviously

  17. Koboshi93 Nov 15, 2008

    OMG very high quality vector!
    love the hair the color just like the real scan!
    amazing! very good job

  18. CaMiLi Nov 15, 2008

    OH MY GOD.... THIS IS AMAZING! Zero looks sooo HOT ! x____X *DEATH by NOSEBLEEDING*
    I love you sin! this looks soo great and you did a perfect job!
    your vector is as great as always! also yuuki is soo cute.. haah--- can't wait to see your next VK work

  19. athrun-yume Nov 15, 2008


  20. YoruAngel866 Nov 15, 2008

    beautiful sin chan :D its perfect, the atmosphere, the vector, clouds, moon, trees, just amazing :D

  21. MoonFangs90 Nov 15, 2008

    Oh my God Sin-chan it is amazing and beautiful and don't know...amazing?! I already said that ^_^'
    Congrats on the elite you deserved it asolutely!

  22. nisnoopy3 Nov 15, 2008

    Aw.. Yuki and Zero, they could never be separate.. I must say Zero is the most outstanding in this wallie. His hair is so beautiful and I love his face to top. Hm.. his lower part is a no-no but overall this is a good wall. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  23. monster33 Nov 15, 2008

    With such details...the background is also great ^^

  24. epsilon86 Nov 15, 2008

    Im also semi drawing and vectoring it.... But mine version will be quite different from yours....

    The face is beautiful!

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