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-dies- lulu you are so gorgeous

wow never gotten an elite so fast before, thank you!


vector #34 // scan courtesy of cutesherry
215 MB//136 layers//~12 hrs


so this is not the neatest/best vector i've done. it was just kinda shotgunned but i've been soooo uninspired to do anything that i just started vectoring this after kit-chan shared the scan with me ^^. lines are messy, body looks weird, no keys since they were ugly etc. etc. so don't give me to much of a hard time about this XD i also couldnt figure out what was going on down there so just dont stare in that area XD

stained glass background is vectored from kuroshitsuji manga. and i didnt really feel like painting an outside so i just left it bright.

there's an image of rollo in similar clothes that i wanted to do but i should really get back to my kuroshitsuji project ^^.



vectory cafe-tb celestial-luminesse

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  1. lastwilight Nov 15, 2008

    Beautiful vector! And I agree, lulu is gorgeous!

  2. milla-chan Nov 15, 2008

    I love it XD

  3. hayashinomura Nov 15, 2008

    LULU-SAMAA~~~ What a great vector Vita-san ^^
    Congrats for elite too and keep the good work ^o^

  4. YoruAngel866 Nov 15, 2008

    wow :D this is amazing :D
    vector is great and so detailed and i love glass window in background
    great job :D

  5. tsuki-akari Nov 15, 2008

    vector is beautiful...i love your bold lines^^
    it's so detailed, love the backgound XD
    well done!

  6. Pulver15 Nov 15, 2008

    That's really fast!
    and lulu looks good here ;)
    Great job as always XD

  7. barara Nov 15, 2008

    Woah! Vitaamin-san! Another CG's work! XD This is absolutely amazing, I haven't words to express it.
    Lulu~~ The vector is great, and the background surprised me, because it's wonderful! :D
    Congratulations for the elite, eh? (like C.C.'s vector :))
    +fav desu~

  8. athrun-yume Nov 15, 2008

    ok. this is really damn nice. he looks just too hot here.

  9. shurei-KO7890 Nov 15, 2008

    that was so fast!
    gorgeous oh my gosh!
    i need to draw.
    =thanks for the inspiration. vitaamin-chan!=

  10. kuryuki Nov 15, 2008

    wow u work fast! and it's the detailed v too!

  11. Scampi Nov 15, 2008

    I just saw this scan a few days ago and you vectored something detailed so fast o_o. I was thinking of vectoring him, but good thing I didn't started it immediately. The vector is superb and Lelouch looks really high class there. Keep up the excellent work!

  12. Fenafir Retired Moderator Nov 15, 2008

    Dang vitamin, that was some super fast vectoring you did. Even though you said it was not the best or neatest, in my opinion I think its its greatest. The lines and coloring are flawless and perfect! I like how you added the stained glass background it look really cool. Well vitamin, keep up the super work, love to see more vectors by you!

  13. AnimeRoxz Nov 15, 2008

    O_O I love this! and it totally suits the whole atmosphere thingy! :P great job!

  14. Sinever Nov 15, 2008

    WOW girl, i just love your vectors :D
    the bold outlines are just amazing & this vector is very neat & clean :)
    well done ;)

  15. CaMiLi Nov 15, 2008

    woah your really fast in vectoring haha ^^

    love it as well :D you did a great job! the vector looks neat!

  16. MiMi Nov 15, 2008

    lol this one was recently submitted and is now in the popularts XD good job vitaamin!

  17. lovelylayla Nov 15, 2008

    hayai! you're waaaaaay to fast! loving the bg you used for this
    *fantasizing about having lulu as my servant*
    ahem, excuse me!

  18. chrisp Nov 15, 2008

    oh my gooood! how perfect! and you did it in a really short time! great!
    lelouch..your're just too cool...but you should eat more ;)
    i think he's to thin hahahaha

  19. yuriarrow Nov 16, 2008

    wuaaaaa! I love Lulu-sama! how perfect vector! wiii! downloading...

  20. Lunariha Nov 16, 2008

    Oh yes indeed XD Lulu-sama is truly one gorgeous HOTTIE >_<
    I sooooooo love your vector XD
    definitely going to my favs :)

  21. Koa-chan Nov 16, 2008

    waaaa~ Lulu-samaaa, i'm youuurs~! XD

    fave fave fave

  22. weissdarkangel Nov 16, 2008

    omg he looks so awesome!

  23. akchan Nov 16, 2008

    woooow sooo coool

  24. angel26278 Nov 16, 2008

    wow so lovely art............
    Lulu lokks awesome..........
    But he always looks great
    go on....
    go to favorites

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