Lelouch of the Rebellion: Captivity

Sunrise (Studio), Lelouch of the Rebellion, C.C., Vector Art
Sunrise (Studio) Studio Lelouch of the Rebellion Series C.C. Character Vector Art Source


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Happy Birthday Kit-chan! You have been such a great source of inspiration and support in the past few weeks and I know I am blessed to have gotten to know you. Keep your head up high and know that no one has the right to bring you down. XD


vector # 26 // scan thanks to fenafir
time // 7days
filesize // 360mb
favorite things // the colored lines, the hair


i've actually been finished with like 90% of this for a while, but i was waiting for it to get nearer to kit-chan's bday to submit. i know its still early but theres a chance i might not be able to submit in the next few days.

why the title? ok so i still dont care for titles at all, but this image is captivating indeed! and she looks all tied up and in captivity, so there :)

THOSE COLORED LINES | you will not believe how long it took me to match all those colored lines up. i almost died in the process. oh yes i also spent alot of time vectoring those lines in her hair which if i do say so myself are absolutely fabulous! i am sorry if the lines are overblurred, they were kind of jagged to begin with. but i do have to say that the vector definitely needed them

THAT PAINTING | forgive my mouse painting =]. i had to do her kimono a couple of times, and some of the parts still look odd but I literally couldnt do it anymore XD. i hope the painting looks good enough that it isnt too distracting. I do think that the hair could have been painting a bit more neatly.

THE BG | I had several ideas but decided to keep it as simple as possible. the rose petals were vectored and painted individually, although i dont think i did a very good job blending them into the background --" and i was going to put some on her as well but didnt get around to it. and shes supposed to be on some tatami mats but i didnt spend too much time shading or texturing it. honestly, her pose is really awkward and its hard to picture her anywhere, except like floating in the sky. i was going to do something abtract but this is just not a vector for abstract --". I wanted to add maybe a gas lamp or a full rose but the file is.. impossible to open, save, crop or work with in general so its a lost cause T_T.

THE THINGS TO IGNORE | god i tried, i really really did, but the shadows of the ribbon and her body on the floor look awful, but without them she literally looked like she was floating, although she still kinda looks like that. the original scan didnt have any shadows below thee body so i had no clue what to do. where is the light coming from you ask? i dont know, somewhere above her. also although i do like how her face came out, i couldnt really capture the original expression that she had properly so gomen =]

special thanks to beeryy-chan for helping me spot leaks etc.

thanks in advanced for favs/c&c!


wallpaper version at AP


vectory celestial-luminesse cafe-tb

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  1. pirupirupi Nov 12, 2008

    very beautiful vector! the colors are really nice
    yeah the face is difficult >< Clamp is the BEST for drawing expressions <3<3

    yours is not the same than the original but its not bad! like a different drawing
    i like it~
    thanx for this good job!

  2. Kitaan Retired Moderator Nov 12, 2008

    Aw, This is so beautiful and I love the details.
    I think this is my most fave scan of C.C, even though
    I don't care for her I love this image and when she's not
    showing more of her body I like her more :3
    The hair is so well done and I'm dying to play with it,
    I like the soft colors of the painting look and her eyes are very
    Thank you so much, I really love it <3

  3. ashleefen Nov 12, 2008

    Pretty and breathtaking. I love her position and expression in this =)
    Details are awesome and the colors are very matching.
    Love this ! :D

    Even the hair looks very good :D

  4. royaldarkness Nov 12, 2008

    Absolutely beautiful :)

  5. lovelylayla Nov 12, 2008

    this is a really gorgeous pic of her, your vector's awesome as usual, the eyes (i'm repeating myself) look weird though, and although the orig bg looks better, the tatami ain't so bad i guess, it's more the lighting that's weird, putting her on a tatami requires shadows, but just ignore me, it's not like i know anything about how to put shadows anyway
    loving this!

  6. Pulver15 Nov 12, 2008

    This vector is brighter than the other works of yours and it is really something different!
    I already love the scan and didn't think that you would be the one who would vector it!
    Great job! I always like kimonos ;)

  7. tsuki-akari Nov 12, 2008

    she is so beautiful XD love the colored lines and the painting look ^^
    you did really well in the details
    bg is simple, but it's great! the petals and the color of the bg fits her :D
    amazing vector, really love it ^^

  8. KiyanaIkebana Nov 12, 2008

    Very great and cool vector!
    It's so clean and neat! I love the colors on her kimono with the earring!
    C.C is so beautiful! Good work and job again!

  9. jns Nov 12, 2008

    Great job with it ^^ I really like how u've been coloring the hair! It's so subtle
    Just one thing.. There's a line from the hair that's over the face other than that it's perfect ^^ I have the wall version u put on AP as my desktop wall

  10. agneslee Nov 12, 2008

    Pretty ..i love her face well match with the body language.....thanks for sharing....

  11. Fenafir Retired Moderator Nov 12, 2008

    vitamin, I must say this vector just blew my mind away. Its just so very beautiful and I like how it turned out. I really love how you colored it and how you used the colored lines. The background is simple which is good and the colors give out a warm look to it. Its simply gorgeous. Excellent job!

  12. Koboshi93 Nov 12, 2008

    WOW very nice present and very nice vector!
    Yeah the hair are very nice I love those green line...
    Her kimono is so lovely ?
    Anyway nice vector as always
    keep up the good work : D

  13. Sakura-Dust Nov 12, 2008

    It's finally done <3
    I almost forgot you wanted to vector this scan, until I saw it on the Main Page and I knew it was your work.
    Lovely vector~
    I really like the colored outlines and the smooth shadings, no too sharp or jagged outlines and basically no flaws (at least none that catch the eye).
    I knew you'd make a fabulous job =3=

  14. barara Nov 12, 2008

    I love your work! >.< Colored outlines looks great, and the complete effect is really beautiful. I want to see this scan like a vector, and you make it! :D

  15. christabel92 Nov 12, 2008

    Nice vector,as always...I like the soft shading and the colors :)

  16. chrisp Nov 12, 2008

    greeeeeaaaat! i love it! everything! it's perfect! +.+
    you vectors are always so great! T_T

    thank you so much!
    I'm waiting for moooore XD

  17. dslassey Nov 12, 2008

    Wow, lokkin' fantasterific. Hot damn, lookit that hair! Marvelous! *.*
    The details are so clear! This is an awesome vector.
    And the colors are beautiful. I'm see you fixed the color problem you showed me. the new color looks nice. :)
    Great job!

  18. Keiyan Nov 12, 2008

    Wow.. that is so Gorgeous! I love this sort of image, the Kimono looks great O.O
    this must have been a Huge task ^^; congratulations it come out Awesome!
    Thank you for sharing!

  19. hayashinomura Nov 12, 2008

    Realy really beautiful and elegant, great vector as always! ^^

  20. Straawbeeryy Nov 12, 2008

    Look at how much comment and favs you got already! I feel like I`m so late. XD
    Your vector is beautiful just like I`ve already said. The background looks fine. I told you that you shouldn`t get all fussy about it. Just your overactive imagination. :P
    Gosh, I can`t take my eyes off this vector. Also love the rose petals too. :]

  21. sailorchiron Nov 13, 2008

    That is am amazing vector, the colors are beautiful, and CC looks very elegant.

  22. YENESIS Nov 13, 2008

    Yes is awesome! The The clothes ! ohh I love Hair!
    the expression of the is is amazing!
    Sugoi!C.C. Is BEauty!

  23. angel26278 Nov 13, 2008

    so lovely... That's great this vector congatulations
    Go to favorites

  24. YoruAngel866 Nov 13, 2008

    beautiful vector. I like those soft colors, especially color outlines.
    background is nice as well.
    lovely job

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