To-LOVE-Ru Wallpaper: A Beautiful Day

Xebec, To-LOVE-Ru, Yami, Vector Art Wallpaper
Xebec Studio To-LOVE-Ru Series,OVA Yami Character Vector Art Source

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Been awhile since I've made a wallpaper... My computer has been taken away for such a long time. I made this on my parents crappy 1024 x 768 resolution screen computer. I hope it still looks ok... I had to make this wallpaper because Yami is incredibly sexy and I wanted to have a wallpaper with her exclusively in it for my computer and PSP...


Size: 81.0 MBs
Resolution: 300 Dpi
Original Canvas Size: 3000x1875
Time: couple of weeks off and on for vector and 2 hours of BG and finishing touches.


Original Picture: [link] (yeah tiny as hell...)

Bigger Size: [2560x1600]

Since people who make stuff for Code Geass or that Hitman Reborn show always say the people are so hot. Well here is me arguing Yami from To-LOVE-Ru is the hottest. She is, end of story.

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  1. christabel92 Nov 08, 2008

    Really nice work :)
    I like the soft colors and the petals...
    The colored lines look really cool,also :)
    I wouldn't say she's hot,she's more cute to me..but since I'm a female...guess I think differently then you guys XD

  2. EarthAngel1 Nov 08, 2008

    I've often wondered what Yami-chan does in her free time!

  3. vitaamin Nov 08, 2008

    lol i agree with christa, shes more cute but i mean if you are a lolicon... thats ok with me (omg jk i dont even know you --")

    my only complaint is that the right side is empty, i wish you had vectored more of her hair and moved her onver but you got such a great vector from such a tiny scan -amazed- lovely gradients, you really have a way with them. =]

  4. BlackSponge Nov 08, 2008

    Golden Darkness is so awesome, and soooo kawaii.
    Excellent wall dood.

  5. Warlh Nov 09, 2008

    Really good wallpaper ^^.
    To Love Ru Powaahh !

  6. ShanaFlare Nov 09, 2008

    omg! fantastic wallpaper!^^ thanks for sharing :)

  7. hidekeitaro Nov 09, 2008

    Really a beautiful wallpaper. Very nice work. I liked it ^^v

  8. puraimu Nov 09, 2008

    Amazing wall. Excellent work!
    I really love it. +fav

  9. warrior-of-dream Nov 09, 2008

    Fantastic wallpaper. Lovely effect with these pink small elements on the sky. ^^

  10. tsuki-akari Nov 09, 2008

    i really love the colors of your wall :D
    vector is great...and i love the colored outlines
    well done! XD

  11. YoruAngel866 Nov 09, 2008

    beautiful colors :D i havent seen your works lately
    and once again you made great job.
    i love those petals and clouds the most.

  12. akuma2002 Nov 09, 2008

    Excellent work, simply beautiful :)

  13. Koboshi93 Nov 10, 2008

    soo cute!
    I like the colored pastels like-
    Nice petals of flawers too

  14. shadowxlink2 Nov 11, 2008

    i love the soft colors, and also her expression, its priceless

  15. Haven100 Nov 11, 2008

    Awesome work! The cloud and petals look really well done^^ And I agree she looks really hot :D

  16. sasmith20 Nov 13, 2008

    Those petals are to die for and adds such a nice touch to the wallpaper. Awesome job, the colors are bright and stunning and the vector is very nice. Thanks for sharing this awesome wallpaper!

  17. SpaceFrog23 Nov 13, 2008

    Very pretty wall, nice work with the colors and the concept.

  18. 00snake00 Nov 22, 2008

    vraiment styl

  19. akika Nov 22, 2008

    very week done~ i love the feeling of it~ thanks!

  20. brazing001 Nov 24, 2008

    it is from to love ru

  21. MissLi Nov 29, 2008

    Very pretty. She's so cute :D

  22. kyon92 Dec 10, 2008


  23. shino7258 Jan 08, 2009

    muy buenos efectos, la verdad te kedo bien

  24. Gawain Jan 16, 2009

    very cute

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