Now (Series): Rin & Cho Ryung

Sung-Woo Park, Now (Series)
Sung-Woo Park Mangaka Now (Series) Series


Scanned personally by me, walkure245, from an ad in chinese manga, 'Top Speed', for the manga, 'Now'

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  1. chidix Aug 19, 2004


    hehe...i know that i (we) can expect a wall from this soon enuf -^.^-

    <~ not lv10 >.<

  2. bandowyn Aug 19, 2004


  3. griffin Aug 19, 2004

    Beautiful character and scan

  4. rycerz Aug 19, 2004


  5. kanoko-witch Mute Member Aug 19, 2004

    Very cute scan :D ... I love it + fav

  6. hidekeitaro Aug 19, 2004

    Cool scan XD

  7. Meg Aug 19, 2004

    wow.. i like how tshe's illustrated on this one. thanks for sharing =)

  8. wakkoloco Aug 20, 2004

    its really cute

  9. Strawberrychu Aug 21, 2004

    Weee! The girl's kimono is beautiful! It's so detailed :o! Great scan!

  10. jcampbell0073 Aug 22, 2004

    nice scan!

  11. hz0079 Banned Member Aug 23, 2004

    this good,I love it

  12. SullenMoon Sep 17, 2004

    I love the wrapped arms, they reminds me of the assassins from Ragnarok Online.

  13. AnimexXxHolic009 Oct 02, 2004

    dude dat aint bi ryu dats cho ryung and rin,now bi ryu is the guy wit silver hair...and whered u get da pixy ^-^

  14. NagiSouichiro Banned Member Oct 06, 2004

    shes hot

  15. ny0g4n Oct 11, 2004

    Beautiful scan and cute girls :) nice scan!!

  16. SanitysSacrifice Oct 15, 2004

    Yayness! Another NOW scan. :D

  17. spectrum Banned Member Oct 20, 2004

    i like this one because it has good anime drawing i would like to download it because it sexy.

  18. Noir1223 Mute Member Oct 21, 2004

    great scan sexy awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait to get to level 10

  19. Alas Nov 04, 2004

    Whoo hoo! now!!! Great art work! ^^Y

    Oh and about the Haru x Kisa thing... I think it's just an act of concern on both their parts. I think that Haru gets with Rin and Kisa gets with... that one ram... gah! I forgot his name... ah well... But yeah... I don't think that they get with each other in the manga/anime but I personally want them together...^^Y but that's just me... and as we say it in my family... "It's just Alas. Not like what she thinks matters anyway..." lol...


  20. daklewijd Nov 08, 2004

    This scan is nice! I like the drawing, also the character, the color... dam.. I like everything in ths piece of artwork! Do you know which anime is these characters from? Oh man! It inspires and motivates me to do CG-ing now.

  21. Noctum Nov 15, 2004

    I never heard of that manga before, but the art is certainly nice looking.
    Thanks for sharing this rare piece with us. :)

    Btw, do you know the name of the mangaka? The way the faces are drawn seems familiar to me, but I can't come up with the name.

  22. Lictor Dec 08, 2004

    i know that girl! she is from the new Manga that is out. its called NOW. i love that manga. its really good. the art is great and the story is ok. everyone looks kinda "plain" in the manga but still its a good Read.

  23. Verbeek Jul 10, 2005

    Nice scan. I like this one.
    *adding to favs*
    Thanks for sharing it!

  24. KAI09 Dec 10, 2005

    Very Big WP 0o0"

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