Da Capo II Wallpaper: No Ecchi for You!

Naru Nanao, Circus (Studio), Da Capo II, Yume Asakura, Minatsu Amakase Wallpaper
Naru Nanao Mangaka Circus (Studio) Studio Da Capo II Series,Visual Novel Yume Asakura Character Minatsu Amakase Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

lately this has become a problem.


edit | thank you for the elite xD. and i now realize than DC II and da capo feature different charas, so its weird that i put the girl from da capo in the pics but w.e, deal =]

wee, i know two submissions in one day O_O?

DRUMROLL: kit-chan and i bring you a collab XD. i was very excited to do this since i've come to know kit-chan so much better in the last few weeks. we scan hunted for quite some time and finally agreed on this one because its just so cute and the expression on yume's face is priceless.

so i did the vector, it was such a pain in the ass because i hate cellshading--its nice to see the final result and discover that i'm not too horrible at it, but i would rather just paint from now on --". look at those thin thin outlines, who loves me for finally doing some XD (actually they were thinner before but i make another layer because they seemed too thin --"). and lastly, those photos are screenshots, i did not vector them because i'm not that crazy --"

and of course the wonderful background is painted gorgeously by kitten. <3 the birds and i wish i could paint clouds like her T_T. oh i just heart collabs.

original scan: animationking
time: 4 days

(all that being said though, da capo has too many sexual references and randomly orgasming girls for me to handle)


vectory vector-wallers


thanks in advanced for comments/favs i probably won't be sending out thank you cards =[ gomen gomen

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  1. Koboshi93 Nov 05, 2008

    Woww very clean vector!
    Lol and the little pic make me laugh xD
    I like the color the white hair
    and the sky is so smoothy

  2. EevaLeena Nov 05, 2008

    a cute character... and a funny expressions! I love it! (not to mention a perfect vector! >.<)

  3. hartidoctor Mute Member Nov 05, 2008

    hello nice wall I like the effects you used!

  4. chrisp Nov 05, 2008

    cool! the vector you did is really great! i love the hair! and their expressions are just to cute!
    wow and the background is really beautiful! kitten did and amazing job like always!
    really i love your both works! thanks so much >.<

  5. Pulver15 Nov 05, 2008

    This looks cute ;)
    Actually I don't like this series but but if the wall is beautiful I make exceptions XD

  6. kuryuki Nov 05, 2008

    wow ur back to your complex v!

  7. Chloe Retired Moderator Nov 06, 2008

    Ahaha! Love it!
    The vectoring is very strong and neat, I love your confident style. And of course, Kitten's bg is awesomeness! Fab job, you two!

  8. YENESIS Nov 06, 2008

    CuTE! da capo girls soo kakkoi! i like the hatcow is Geniall!

  9. Straawbeeryy Nov 06, 2008

    I`m right, you just have an overactive imagination. Your shell shading looks just fine. :P
    And what`s this? Bright colors? O_O I never though I would see bright colors and shell shading in one work from you (since you seem to dislike them)!
    Actually, I wanted to do Da Capo too because Otome is so beautifully designed. XD
    Of course, Kitten`s background is wonderful. Don`t we all wish we can paint like her?

  10. chefmike Nov 06, 2008

    what do you mean no ecchi. Is this such a prudish site. Face it Ecchi is a big part of the anime scene

  11. ShanaFlare Nov 06, 2008

    the wall is nicely done,i like everything about it!^^

  12. sasaki Nov 06, 2008

    Really nice wallpaper!
    Good Job!

  13. YoruAngel866 Nov 06, 2008

    very nice job you two
    vector is beautiful, so well done vita chan
    and background is absolutely gorgeous, so excellent painting you two :D

  14. maurospider Nov 07, 2008

    Excellent man, awesome wallpaper!
    Thanks and good job!.

  15. eykaze Nov 07, 2008

    Posteo en espa

  16. filo05 Nov 07, 2008

    This is very cute haha I love their faces haha The vector is really well done and the background fits it perfectlyXD Great job!

  17. minamiyukihimenonaka Nov 08, 2008

    Wow! Nice title for this wall! I love Yume-chan expression so much! Vector are so neat, not too sharp and not too blur. It's perfect! I think your cellshading not bad. BG are so smooth and fit perfectly. Overally, this wall is very OK>_<(kyaaa). You're amazing Vita-chan (and it collabs with Kitten too).
    I'll set on my desktop since it's in widescreen size. Thanks for your pretty wall! Sankyuu!

  18. EuforiaAmuritaNatsumi Nov 08, 2008

    woooa,Sugeeee,Sugoiii na Vita-chan
    I like this wallie,your vector is very great.I like yume and minatsu
    eventhought she die in first season^^

  19. Sinever Nov 08, 2008

    beautiful vectoring as usual & the bg looks nice :D
    well done vitaamin-chan :)

  20. IcyBlade Nov 08, 2008

    liao.....so nice, i really like them ^^,

    anyways, I'll be giving 5/5 stars for this ^^

  21. harti Banned Member Nov 08, 2008

    Really nice wallpaper

  22. Kairi-Hearts Nov 09, 2008

    you sure have been submitting a lot :)
    beautiful vectors. I love cellshading but yeah, it's a pain x_x
    and kitten's bg is so pretty as always!
    i'm a bit tired right now so excuse me for the crappy comment >_<

  23. Animezealot5140 Restricted Member Nov 10, 2008

    looks great...deserves in elite. Thanks! +fav. XD

  24. akika Nov 22, 2008

    very nice wallpaper...although i don't quite like how the bench looks, maybe a more realistic shadow?
    Overall well done!

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