Serial Experiments Lain Wallpaper: Close the world

Yoshitoshi Abe, Serial Experiments Lain, Lain Iwakura Wallpaper

1280x1024 Wallpaper

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This is me and my friend Kane's latest project. We decided to be as anti-mainstream we could and ignored all the sun rays, photoshop brush grass fields, starry backgrounds and glowing swirls. Instead we did this dark and grungy piece.

Kane writes: Sheqel, get the fsking collab-function back NOW!

Anyway. It all started when I wanted to make a wallpaper out of this picture. I showed it to Kane and he suggested me to put this scan on it. It looked good so we both started to come up with ideas. And this is the final result…

We’ve been working for 8 hours with this piece. So you better like it. :P We wasted 32 layers with this project (not that anyone cares :D).


EDIT: Fsking exhaustion. Couldn't write the comment right...bleh!
EDIT2: FINALLY got it right!! xD
EDIT3: Nope. Messed up a few thing. Now it all works.
EDIT4: panurur mentioned the part about the lock on the wrong side. How could we be so stupid?! It's Kanes fault though. ;) It matched the lightning in the background better but...bleh! And MT refuse to let me update the picture of course. Fscking bugs!
EDIT5: And now it finally allows me to update it. Dear lord! Well well...enjoy this upgraded version. :)

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  1. MissCz Aug 19, 2004

    Geez that is really good. The BG definitely has that moody dark techno grunge-y feel going on to it, and seems to go perfectly with Lain (I'm assuming that's her..never watched the anime, though I intend to.) and her haunted look.

    On a side note, not sure if html works here...could be xhtml which I heard that you have to do all the tags in lower case, but I haven't checked it out.

    But back on track, you two did a great job. Now if only I were as good. :) Rock on, niXan and Kane!

  2. Kane Aug 19, 2004

    OMG! This rulez! U guys rule!!!
    .......okay, I'll shut up.

    Well, I'm happy with the results and I hope you like it too.

  3. Ziggyz0m Aug 19, 2004

    wow great wallpaper! i havent read the mangas yet but from the looks of this wall i think i'm going to have to head over to Books-A-Million right now... got 2 hours before they close :) awesome grunge effects i cant think of any better way to do this one, kudos!

  4. Skillzpay Aug 19, 2004

    Very nice. The dark grungy setting is fitting for Lain. The perspective of the character scan doesn't quite seem to matchup with the bg's though. Besides that, great work! :D

  5. saitoh Aug 19, 2004

    nice. it really does have a dark feeling to it.

  6. wiesel Aug 19, 2004

    I like it. It has a nice dark feeling.

  7. panuru Aug 19, 2004

    sweet. nothing new on the dark/grungy... it is Lain afterall, but whatever inspirations you had are worth it, 'cause this is definitely one of the better Lain walls i've seen.

    though... one thing bothers the hell out of me - and this is the only reason it's not a "Favourite" wallpaper... is that Lain is horizontally reversed. her lock of hair is supposed to be on her left (our right) side. it would completely irk me to have as a wallpaper knowing her lock is on the wrong side ><

    great job though and thanks for sharing!

  8. soryane Aug 19, 2004

    lain has the most frightenning eyes i have ever seen ! this picture makes me feel nervous ! that's why i really like ABe's work ^^thanks

  9. Distortion Aug 20, 2004

    sweet! I've been looking for some good lain wallpapers!, woot to you!

  10. GundamZZ Retired Moderator Aug 20, 2004

    the mood u created in the wall is awesome!! it really fits the series well.....keep it up! :D

  11. Haibane2k Aug 22, 2004

    Woah, This is one of the better interpretations of Lain i've seen so far XD

    It's Innovative in the sense that you guys manage to flawlessly merge two pieces of work and ideas
    to produce this enigmatic masterpiece. XD *Bows down & clap hands*

    Anyway, I would like to say that you and Kane make a fine team Imo :D
    Rave on Guys. :)

  12. Rex Aug 24, 2004

    looks pretty damn good nya~~~

    the wall really matches the whole lain atmosphere~~

  13. snx Sep 19, 2004

    Good work l3375!

  14. aquiles Banned Member Sep 22, 2004

    Excellent Background!!! is awesome!!! + Fav, you captured the essence of this series.

  15. polar Oct 09, 2004

    cool background~

  16. zyan Oct 23, 2004

    Incredible wallpaper. I really like the mood it creates. The background has a great 3D feel to it as the road slopes down. Great job.

  17. mentis Nov 11, 2004

    ...I love it. I love Lain. "let's ALL LOVE lain, let's ALL LOVE lain, let's 'a'lakjsdl;kfj;lkasjd..." ...sorry...the Lain chip in my brain malfunction again. Sigh. No matter where I am, I'm always connected :P.

  18. Li-Mei Dec 20, 2004

    ^^ amazing wallpaper. the background is nicely done and seems incrediably realistic. the text is placed in the best spot and i like the backwards lettering that you included also. the character really fits into the world that you created, great job.

  19. Sindizzy Jan 26, 2005

    Very dark themed wallpaper, and Lain's expressionless face adds to the atmosphere of the image. The background is cool as well. Nice work.

  20. ZKyoy Apr 20, 2005

    WOW. just wow.
    her face is so vivid, never knew her eyes were green.

  21. obsidianwings Oct 22, 2005

    the background is great! it goes with the image and series really well. it feels like i'm getting pulled into the wallpaper.

  22. softcode Dec 19, 2008


  23. lain-san Nov 09, 2009

    I love how you combined two very well known scans to form an entirely new, and deeply gorgeous wallie!

  24. daniticha Dec 29, 2009

    Love the backgroud of the wall, with her *_*
    Thanks a lot!

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