Vampire Knight: ~That Enticing Smile of His~

Matsuri Hino, Studio DEEN, Vampire Knight, Zero Kiryuu, Vector Art
Matsuri Hino Mangaka Studio DEEN Studio Vampire Knight Series Zero Kiryuu Character Vector Art Source


Artist Comment

Yup, it's another Vampire Knight vector XD
But this time, it's just ZERO >_< (<3 <3 Zero-sama >.<)

Anime: Vampire Knight
Featured character: Zero Kiryuu
Duration: 3 days :)
Layers: 30 layers
Source pic: -HERE- It was a screenshot from VK ep10...I immediately fell in love with Zero's smile >_< He rarely smiles, you know X-P So when I saw this pic, I immediately got to working!
Difficulty: Easy^^ I find vectoring screenshots quite easier than vectoring scans... ^_^'
Listening to: Natasha Bedingfield's "Pocketful of Sunshine" The song gave a part of the total inspiration on this vector ^^

Anyways...if you guys are planning to use this vector in any ways, please inform me first or credit me, ok? Oh, and please DON'T rip too!
FULL VIEW too, onegai XD

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Browse Vampire Knight Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. lovelylayla Nov 02, 2008

    oh gorgeousness! is that even a word? :)

  2. inume27 Nov 02, 2008

    Oh my god I love Zero...and I love you for this...he's beautiful

  3. sasmith20 Nov 02, 2008

    WOW this is so charming and beautiful. You did a really nice job with this vector, it's truly refreshing and I'm very honored to have it, lol, seriously thanks for the great work!

  4. Lupindk Nov 02, 2008

    UH! Zero!
    This one is just great!

  5. Aiira Nov 03, 2008

    yeah! it's my husband besides from Kira. his one of the cutest anime guys and you did a good job vectoring him Luna-chan ^^

  6. vampireprince Nov 03, 2008

    soooooo coolllll

  7. Sinever Nov 03, 2008

    nice vector :D
    zero is looking so sweet with his smile XD
    well done & keep it up ;)

  8. Koboshi93 Nov 03, 2008

    very nice vector!
    He is so cool here!

  9. kirei23 Nov 03, 2008

    another one that goes into my faves!
    GOSH, I might DIE if i won't see Zero's smile again! *cries again*
    kyyaaa! if I'm right, this is the part where he was tutoring yuuki..and telling her his neck hurts.

    *overwhelmed* kyaa!
    yes, ZERO-SAMA.. >.< :nya:

    merged: 11-03-2008 ~ 04:51pm
    i can still remember when i first watched that episode in youtube, I keot pausing on that part! LOL. xD. In fact, I played it, then paused it again, played it, went back..paused again..and so on. xD TOTALLY ADDICTED..O_o

    merged: 11-03-2008 ~ 04:53pm
    by the way, i have been having this problem ever since i got involved in mangas. WHAT IS A VECTOR?

  10. mali15 Nov 03, 2008

    I actually dislike Zero,but he looks really nice on your vector,and the vector itself is great,so you fet a fav+full view from me! :)

  11. selemental Banned Member Nov 03, 2008

    This is the best photo! i'm gonna use it for my ava on MSN lol You are the best at vectoring, luna-cha! *favs* THE BEST

  12. KuraKaze Nov 04, 2008

    He is beautiful~ So pretty ... *sigh* This is one really hot picture of Zero. Almost make me like him more than Kaname, almost ^^

  13. sakurazuka Nov 05, 2008

    zero, no exisitisss, aguante kaname :$

  14. PinkRoseLacus Nov 06, 2008

    Quote by maomelook at his prety face! dont you just want to kiss him?

    I agree agree agree XD
    Oh such beautiful eyes, face and smile looking at my way! I think I'll faint *LOL*

  15. YukiHaruhi Nov 07, 2008

    WOW! Zero could have such a gentle smile... Never imagine that he had such a simple yet gentle smile...

  16. anicraze Nov 09, 2008

    zero is so hot!:)

  17. Animezealot5140 Restricted Member Nov 10, 2008

    Excellent vector...u light up my day...seeing Zero-sama's charming smile! XD X-P :D +fav. Arigatou! :)

  18. Reikuclyne Nov 13, 2008

    waiiiiii...such a charming smile, Zero!
    Luna-chi's so in love with Zero, ne? >.<

  19. kahliente Nov 14, 2008

    not hot, he'r rude and bitter....but dont mid the brother
    what about the teacher w/one eye

  20. rizacaga Dec 08, 2008

    nice vector luna-chan....love the outline.....

    im late again give comment for ur works........u know me...almost all of works that i saw are GS /GSR works.......sorry......

  21. OctaDiamond Dec 11, 2008

    Amazing work.. Thank you!

  22. yukieirisans Apr 11, 2009

    He does have an enchanting smile.
    I wish he'd smile more.

  23. AkihikosLover Apr 28, 2009

    I really like this pic. I create layouts for VK so I hope you don't mind me using it. And its also my wallpaper on my computer, lol.

  24. animes-4eva-rox May 08, 2009

    ahhh zero's looking @ someone !
    someone he likes !
    Oo ooooooo
    that must be yuki without a doubt!

    bet yuki would blush to death if she saw him this way !

    man wish he would do this more often
    but that will kinda spoil his perfectly cool image

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